Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol. 2

Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol. 2

Hello we are sorted and this is our
beautiful fridgecam. Today it’s my new favorite thing, it’s us buying a load of
tat off of Amazon and putting it in front of two chefs.
They’re gonna hate it. Turn around. I think I’ve seen one of these
before because there’s not many things that would go in there. Oh but the best
bit of hotdogs this is like the griddle marks and stuff. I don’t think it’s
annoying me as much as you thought it would.
I’m willing to give it a shot. It’s the hotdog toaster I’m excited at this one.
This makes perfect hotdogs in minutes and it allows you to simultaneously cook
two buns and two dogs for the hottest hot dogs.
Oh it fits. I have a funny feeling this is gonna wind James up. No.
Oh it just didn’t work it just didn’t work. Oh something’s smoking already.
After the toasting time is completed the basket will automatically pop up. Do I
have to eat this? It had toasted the bun It has warmed the sausage all the way
through to the centre. It’s just a delicious hot dog. Why? I’ve
already got a toaster… in the other kitchen Yeah but can you cook hot dogs in it?
No. No. Or buns. Cost? 20 pounds. 32 pounds. What a veritable
bargain this is at 28 pounds and 17 pence. No I mean I feel like I’ve come
across in this video that I’ve got some love for it but I really don’t. He’s still eating the hotdog. Wineglass
with this sucker. I don’t know why I would have a problem with a thermos flask. Mighty mug. Mighty mug is the first
mug that won’t tip over if you accidentally bump into it but lifts
straight up like any other mug is the smartest drink mark you will ever own.
For Ben we’ve got something similar to the mug it’s a wine glass because…Ben. Here’s a glass of wine. That’s good. …Useless or
not from that I would say completely useless but did I do it wrong? Ok, you’re having a healthy debate at a
dinner party. Have a guess at price. There’s a lot of expensive water bottles
flying around the market. This was 35 pounds. 14 pounds. 15 pounds. Oh they come
as a two it’s 29 pounds 98. I am pretty good at this pricing lark.
It needs to look beautiful as well as be really useful. I’ll say it’s useful.
Useless or not you decide. It’s got a serrated edge and it’s got some little
flutes things on the top. It’s a very purposeful knife. Purposeful stainless
steel butter spreader and curler. You butter believe it
make quick sandwiches with one knife. Okay so you’re increasing the surface
area so that you get butter curls that will in theory melt quicker onto bread.
Now spread it. I mean it does appear to make a difference. Serrated for
cutting through stuff that makes sense. Once your butter holes are full
it’s just a knife. How much you think it’s for sale for? Eight quid. I’m gonna say
five pounds. Please don’t be more than five pounds. Don’t say it more than… if it’s more
than five pounds just don’t tell me. Just don’t tell me. Eight pounds 99. Now I’m gonna say
useless. I think it’s fairly useless but useless or not you decide. What the devil is
that? Looks like something I wanna put my foot into. Hang on. I’m gonna have a
terrible time trying to work this out. Okay.
Something about rolling something. It is something to do with fruit. Sushi! The
perfect roll sushi. This is the perfect roll sushi. Magic roll never before has
sushi being this easy to make. Fill. Pull. Done. If you’re struggling to work out how
to use it there’s some great instructions. I know. Little bit of that. I hope this works I really hope this
works cuz I kind of like it so far. The challenge with sushi is always getting a
tight roll. At least that’s helping cuz you’re pulling against itself and
forming a tight roll. I feel like with multiple goes that probably is quite
good because it is a nice tight roll. It is not clear with instructions but then
as seen on TV I did never see on the TV. How much? Fiver? Would I buy one? No I
would not spend fifty P on this but I imagine it’s probably about a tenner.
Twelve pounds ninety-nine. I don’t know I really want to like it so I need a few
more goes to work it out but I like the idea it doesn’t make me as angry as you
thought it might make me. Another gadget I just rather have the classic. Useless
or not you decide. If you’d like those gadgets as much as we did then please
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100 thoughts on “Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol. 2”

  1. I had one of the hotdog toasters, and if you use it two or three times in a row, a flame shoots out of it when it pops up.

  2. Ooooh. I have one of these hot dog thingies. I love it! I take it to work and while everyone is waiting on the microwave, I am heating the dogs and toasting the buns.. It works!

  3. What the heck is a quid? I know a pound is similar to a
    US$ and pence I think is change. But I thought quid was like $5 USD? And the one guy said 8 quid so was that $40 USD was his guess on the butter knife?

  4. that butter knife i fucking need, cause god know how many times ive mangled my bread trying to spread butter on my sandwich or toast

  5. The best way to cook hot dogs is by buying one of those hot dog rollers like they have at 711 and cooking them that way. Also I need them to review that ridiculous scissor knife.

  6. I don't understand why you force the chefs to say 'Usless or not, you decide'? Aren't they professionals wich should tell us the average cook/user if it's worth buying or not? This doesen't have any 'educational' purpose as far as kitchen gadgets go, it's just entertaining to watch, but in case of entertanment you could have any random 2 dudes (or girls) show me these things.

  7. No one in America has ever ‘toasted’ a hot dog. We boil them, cook them in a skillet, roast them over camp fires, bake them in “blankets” in the oven, and find them turning in perpetuity on a series of heated rollers at convenience stores. REAL PEOPLE IN AMERICA, HOWEVER, DO NOT ‘TOAST’ HOT DOGS.

  8. I'm not new to sorted but I noticed you don't a a mu shu chicken recipe? or Hawaiian food, help a girl out?

  9. The no-tip containers are asinine: you'd exert excessive force to lift the receptacle, and spill in the process.

  10. Omg if they tell me to decide it's useless or not one more time I'm going to Kms. Actually would be an enjoyable video if they didn't say that.

  11. wait, did this butterknife work? i cant eat butter anymore because every time i would shred my bread into pieces…this thing is worth hundreds if it works xd

  12. I'm gonna make my own sushi roller but design it like a massive cigarette roller, so making sushi can be super easy.

  13. Riddle me this America. Why is every actor and professional chef British these days? Are there no more American actors and chefs?

  14. This is the first review of a mighty mug I've seen where people don't just essentially poke it and say wow

  15. Everytime I watch someone test gadgets like this I feel really paranoid that they didn't wash it beforehand 😂

  16. I would like to make it known that most people here in the US do not make our hot dogs in the "American Hot Dog" style gadgets shown. I have a suggestion for a gadget to review.. it is not sold anymore.. but would be good for a laugh.. it was taken apart in a show on the youtube channel "bigclive" to see how it works.
    Here is the link:

  17. the hot dog maker would be great for my brother. he is autistic and LOVES hot dogs. this would allow him to make his own food, which I know he'd love to do.

  18. Hot dogs. I put the dog in the bun, wrap it in a paper towel and nuke it in the microwave for 20 seconds.

  19. 7:30 "No chemicals" is a very silly thing to say. "Chemical" just means "substance" or "thing": ,

  20. Smashed a glass once in a lively debate at a wedding — stood right next to stone pillar, that glass didn't stand a chance to survive this ordeal.

  21. Hey Sorted. Noticed that you use auto-translate to reach more countries. Noticed that german is off quite a bit. If you need a translator, hit me up. @Heatst0rm

  22. i had a mighty mug, soo good, could stick it to windows when it was full, but only works well on perfectly smooth surfaces, good for my computer desk i stopped spilling drinks on my keyboard

  23. 0:35 He bears an uncanny resemblance to the copper who got brutally murdered the other week may he rest in peace .When I first saw the news bulletin I immediatly thought of (Insert name here) Sorry but i dont know ytour names Anyway yoiur no deid which is a good thing keep cooking and testing

  24. i know i'm late to the game but that butter knife is useful for americans who usually keep their butter chilled in the fridge until they need to use it, instead of keeping it soft under a butter cloche.

  25. I've still yet to see a gadget on those late night infomercials that makes me think "this will change the way I cook"?!

  26. I know you said save your money…but i bought the hot dog cooker for my dad for fathers day and he loves it. He uses it about 4 to 5 times a week. (Yes he is fully aware his diet is horrible)

  27. I got my Friend Chris that sushi roller and he says it really works. I also foubd it for 6 bucks but I got it at a flea market lol

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