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  1. The metal tray thing could be useful, because I have a habit of forgetting to get some meat out of the freezer in enough time to defrost, and I don't really like defrosting in the microwave. The pizza oven thing could be great but would mean you can only cook one pizza at a time, and if you have friends round you don't necessarily want to have to be keeping an eye on how ever many pizzas you're cooking, you just want to be able to chill. That's my view anyway…

  2. I use to use a pizza oven to cook anything I wanted to have a crispy bottom, broil the top quickly without wasting gas(in home not commercially, that’s what a salamander is for), samosas, pastries, even to steam some veggies you can cook ALOT with it but in restaurants it’s practically useless

  3. My dad had one of the defrosting trays years ago and it totally works. We would flip the meat half way through to be on the safe side because we really weren’t sure if it would work. But an ice cube turns into a puddle rather quickly.

  4. The defrosting tray is perfect for when you forget to take the chicken out the freezer like your mom told you to

  5. Why aren't these videos in a playlist on their own?? Would be really helpful cause I'm addicted to them but I have to sift through everything else…

  6. Definitely need to try fresh dough with that pizza cooker there's no way such an expensive appliance is going to work well with a frozen pre-made equivalent

  7. The physics of the metal plate defrosting things is true of any conductive metal. Due to metal being a conductor, and heat transferring much easier through contact than ambient temperature in the air, The metal plate is able to transfer heat to the meat much faster than the air would. This is exactly why metal feels cold, its pulling heat from your hand and spreading it throughout itself and whatever its touching. You can test this at home by putting an icecube on a piece of conductive metal vs a plate. its pretty crazy to watch. like watching an icecube melt in a timelapse.

    unfortunately, this means the product is literally just a metal sheet with ridges.

  8. The mandolin thing at 4:13 I remember mum having one when i was little (early 90's). The plastic container broke before the rest at the end. Ours was a burnt orange colour, bought at a tupperware party probably. Was useful tho. Esp when lil hands wanted to help in the kitchen

  9. The thawing tray could also be used to quickly bring refrigerated temperature meat to room temp by warming the tray in warm water. I wonder if using it in reverse would be helpful at all. Such as freezing it and then cooling things down with it. Possibly making an ice cream or something like that.

  10. Its called the "Gebrauchsanleitung". Lol. Gebrauchsanleitung is german for Instruction manual btw

  11. Much better pizza cooker is Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Pizza Oven. $50 US. Plus it's great for cooking a variety of oven – based items and raw veggies.

  12. We make fresh pizza’s on the red pizza ven and this is restaurant quality. Not frezen stuff offcourse, in 7 minutes you got a restaurant pizza quality

  13. While science explain heat move from a hotter place to a cooler place, its basically the same the other way around.
    But basically since the metal is a good conductor of heat, it absorbs surrounding heat then transfer the heat to the meat.
    Or the dummy explanation is that the metal sheet absords the coldness and release the coldness into the surrounding.

  14. Interesting show pity it's hosted by a couple of retards. I bought the vegetable chopper 18 months ago Tried it out on a few different vegies and threw it in the bin . My one looked exactly the same as the one here and cost the same, came with all the different cutting doobies . Chopping a tomato ended up with a squashed tomato on top of the uinit .When I tried to make chips it broke . Pure rubbish

  15. I missed this the first time I watched this. But then Jamie goes "It is actually called…" and then goes on to torture what I now believe to be the German language it sounds like the word he might be saying could be Gebrauchsanleitung. This translates to user manual. No Jamie that is not the name of that thing 🙂

  16. You can just put your meat in an aluminium pot and it does the same thing. It is just a sheet of metal that has a good thermal conductivity (like aluminium).

  17. Given their designated purpose, they each accomplish their task well (except maybe the pizza oven, I know some people who enjoy burned pizza crust, but many don’t) so they aren’t useless, but with exception of the multi-cutter, they only have one task they can do, especially the spice pen, though given the low price that’s not unacceptable

  18. Yea, no mate. It's not called Gebrauchsanleitung. That's just the german word for manual (well… Gebrauchsanleitung is. It is in fact not pronounced Gebraugshshanleithhungch).

  19. That defroster tray is legit more useless than a baking tray, because you can do the same thing with that

  20. 8:21 The metal tray heats up the food faster due to thermal conductivity. In theory, any surface that's made of metal, would do the trick, just as good. Thermal conductivity is also the reason why metal often feels cold – It conducts heat away from your skin more rapidly that say, wood. Because of this, the tray transfers the low temperature away from the frozen food faster, and thereby defrosts it in much less time.
    More a more indepth explaination, watch Veritasium's video on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqDbMEdLiCs

  21. @myvirginkitchen does a disclaimer for the viewers that some of these gadgets could be useful for people with disabilities so while it's funny to see the chef's opinions, it's important to keep in mind they could bring the joy of cooking to people's lives

  22. I do agree with Ben. You guys should do some experimentations with the pizza maker or whichever it's called. With frozen pizza, homemade pizza, any buns or breads which require same temperature and time to bake. Or probably with grilled cheese sandwich.

  23. My nan has one of those mandolin choppers because she's registered blind and it helps to get everything into one place and her fingers don't get in the way of the knife. It's useful I'd say the only downside is it's impossible to clean!

  24. My nana has the mandolin chopper (well the generic version) and it was very useful for her after she had a fall and pulled something in her shoulder where she couldn't lift her arm basically at all. Instead of having to ask my poppy all the time to help her she got one of those

  25. I have the king mandolin thing. I'm handicapped and it makes cutting vegetables and stuff a lot easier on me, I love

  26. You guys should make a video where the two chefs have to face each other in a cooking contest using only gadgets you’ve tested on the show. With no access to traditional kitchen implements.

  27. The second gadget is the one you would find in almost 60% of the Indian households 🤣🤣🤣😅 (of course other brands)

  28. I have a defrosting tray and have done for a few years. I’d be lost without it because I’m terrible at remembering to take things out of the freezer. It works even quicker if you run the plate under warm water first and flip the thing your defrosting half way through

  29. The defroster tray actually does kinda make sense, because metal is a good heat conductor, so it basically makes pulls gives it excess heat energy to the food. Physics!

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