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  1. Just had a thought about this segment… instead of trawling Amazon for new gadgets… how about some historical kitchen gadgets? Put them to the test and see if they’re ‘No great loss’ or ‘loss to life’… (older the gadget the better methinks!)

  2. I liked the scale thingy… I find it would be useful… I always make a mess trying tho measure the ingredients… 😶

  3. I'm a Psychologist and I actually work with young people in the autistic spectrum in residential care. Added to their autism, they have very severe learning disabilities and most have other challenges such as cerebral palsy, Sturge-Weber Syndrome and other conditions which make their motor skills and grip suffer. I try to get them involved in a weekly cooking session and something like that salad bowl in different sizes would greatly help them for chopping just about anything if it were the right size.

  4. I have a popcorn maker — not that one, but another type. It's not bad, but not necessary. Super loud though. Also — I'd totally use the scale/measuring jug.

  5. I had a popcorn maker as a kid, didn't know it was done in pan until adulthood. Suprised you hadn't seen one before.

  6. You guys showed off the popcorn machine like it's new <3 my grandparents have had one for longer then iv'e been alive and i'm 26

  7. Wait, they haven't seen an air-popping popcorn maker?!

    I have one that I swear my mom picked up in the 70s it's so yellowed and old. You know that yellow colour old appliances have? Yeah that. Still makes perfect air-popped popcorn like it was brand spanking new. We even have a little dish on top that uses that hot air to make melted butter.

  8. That popcorn maker I don't consider a gadget as that was what I grew up using and thought that was how you were supposed to make popcorn.

  9. There's a new nonstick pan. Hex something or other. Supposedly, you can use metal utensils with it. Can you review that?

  10. I feel like the salad cutter would be really good for young kids learning to cook. Keeps them safe and teaches them out knives and cutting ect.

  11. Kitchen gadget review suggestion: citrus mister. Green silicone pump thingy that screws into a lemon / lime / etc. for spritzing citrus juice on food. 7 quid on amazon.

  12. The popcorn maker can also be used to roast coffee. You may need to extend the spout going up with a can. You don’t want the coffee beans going out.

  13. Are air poppers not common? I've had one since I was a child, as have seen them at friends houses as well…

  14. People don't know how to use a knife any more. That's why they need safety features. Also cutting yourself on a sharp knife isn't that bad.

  15. The measurement bowl is useless…how many times are you only weighing or measuring one thing? There is probably a zeroing function, but measuring separately is beneficial. There is a lot of value in a scale that you can use with any bowl or container…why would you only limit yourself to one?

  16. We used a hot air popper at daycamp. Inside the lodge we set the kids around it, took the top off (that directs the popcorn down to the bowl) and thus it shot popcorn in all directions. Anything they caught they could eat. It was much fun.

  17. I'm Australian and I have a popcorn maker. They're pretty dope. I've had mine for like eight years and it still works fine, got it for like $15AUD (I think that's like £8) at kmart

  18. I don't see the point in reviewing an air pop popcorn maker. They are pretty normal as far as I am aware. Are they not common in the UK? There are a million of them in the US and are basically the best poppers you can get. Use a paper bag instead of a bowl and it will catch all the popcorn. You can also close it and shake in salt and melted butter. Perfect.

  19. Grew up with an air popper in the house, and it was fantastic. At some point, my mom stopped wanting to use it/wash it, and we switched to microwave popcorn. I miss the better taste of freshly popped with no weird chemicals… and melted butter and salt to taste (I use less than pre-packaged)… That said, Orville's does a decent job and doesn't taste artificial… but burnt and/or unpopped kernels happen still… So air popper, at that price? TOTALLY GREAT.

  20. I have one of those popcorn makers, though I'm pretty sure mine was a more name brand one, absolutley love it. The cup it has is a 1/2 cup, but barely 1/3 of that cup is enough to fill a fairly large bowl for a large yet very healthy snack, no oil, low calories, high fiber. Absolutely love this thing, I use it fairly often whenever I'm a bit peckish.

  21. I have one of those hit air poppers. We call it hate popcorn because the machine screams and vomits up popcorn.

  22. I had an air popcorn machine and the taste was nowhere near as good as pan popcorns. How did you people like those popcorn that much? I used to eat them because I wanted an healthier snack but I knew the taste wasn't going to be all that great.

  23. I like things like the popcorn maker, does exactly what it says on the tin, no messing about, no over prices novelty stuff added on, just makes good popcorn

  24. Before microwave popcorn, hot air poppers were in every American household. They used to run $30 USD. I just saw the Part-time model for $5 at the store the other day.

  25. I knew the measuring jug my mom just bought reminded me of something…
    I look forward to her buying the Party Time.

  26. The Air Popcorn makers are really useful if you get a decent one. My family had one for about 20-something years(some of those years were before my time) and finally had to get rid of it in the late 2000s. The thing lasted for over 30 years and made thousands of bowls of popcorn that you don't need to watch to make sure it is done properly…10/10 would recommend even if you rarely eat popcorn.

  27. I have the CAMRY jug and I didn't pay nearly as much as what you guys paid, I think it was only like 2-3 quids here

  28. Are popcorn poppers not a common thing in the UK? I thought everyone had one growing up, while making it in the pan is the mark of a poor student 😂

  29. Hot air poppers are magical, we have used them for literally decades (our family has gone through 2 in the last 20 years, so they have a good life cycle) and they are great. The popcorn you get out of an air popper is both fluffier, and more tender than any other method, and it is easy to use only a small knob of butter to flavor a massive bowl if you want just a little something extra.

    10/10 can recomend.

  30. I actualy have a fatless popcorn maker at home from like the 90th so the Idear isn't new but they work you can melt butter to pure over the corn with them so I dont think they are useless plus its a lot easyer then doing it in a pot and all unpoped kernels stay in the gadet

  31. The air popcorn maker is not new. I had one about 25 or so years ago. They were 1st introduced in 1978 that 41 years ago. I looked it up on the interweb (I know it is the internet).

  32. I need a popcorn video guys.. i tried making it in a pan for the first time and it was awful. Oil got everywhere, including on me. Some of the popcorn was burnt and also didn't pop. It was a whole lotta effort with very little payoff. I ended up going to my fave shop and refilling my tin as usual.

  33. This is the first "kitchen gadgets" video I've seen where I might actually buy some of the products. The air popper and the volume/weight measuring cup seem super useful.

  34. are air poppers not common in the UK? theyre very common in my area of the states, cant speak for the rest of the country though.

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