81 thoughts on “Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.7”

  1. Just in case anyone wanted to watch the horrific Sia parody video, you can catch that whole episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW1YOwD1ueo

  2. Omg I own one for the gadgets…I got the egg timer to help teach my kids to cook eggs. It does work when eggs are from temp same as the egg timer. Much love from Australia

  3. I just subscribed to your channel as I love all of these videos! Great job you guys, I look forward to more.

  4. i love watching your videos they are entertaining yet rewarding, but i must say i also have to follow on james and say that the rub away is bloody useless and to also just get a bar of soap or even liquid soap

  5. That stirrer looks worse than useless. Useless means having no use. That thing looks hazardous. Stick it in your pot, go away for a 'wee' (I had to lol at that), and then come back to a burnt pot.
    And for porridge? (which I call oatmeal). Sooo easy to cook. Pour 2/3 cup water into a glass bowl, add 1/3 cup oatmeal and stick in microwave for one minute. Done.

  6. Stainless steel rub bar…use your stainless pan or knife. I have one and I just rub on what I am washing up. Much easier!

  7. if you rub half of a lemon in your hand before you wash them it gets rid of the smells… and lemons are waaaay cheaper (and useful) 🙂

  8. Thank you for showing the Stirr. I have an old Stir Chef which DOES work but is finally wearing out and I was eyeing that to replace it. I guess I'll keep looking.

  9. Does anyone know the name of the background music at 6:50 – 7:00 ? Tell me please if you know. Much appreciated 🙂

  10. Actually rubbing your wet hands against the stainless steel parts of your sink will work just as well to remove smells from your fingers. The only thing that matters is that it's stainless steel.

  11. To remove the garlicky smell from my hands I just use the edge of my (stainless steel) knife to rub my hands while in soapy water (the blunt edge obviously), works to some degree. (only lost one finger to date luckily that was a really garlicky smelling one so .. win-win). I think that the stainless steel acts similar to the block of metal (which is also stainless steel too).

  12. I luv the way James just HAD to pull a spoon out and stir the cheese sauce properly 🤣 utterly useless gadget, although I really wanted it to work lol


  14. That pot stirrer is completely useless. It doesn’t stir the bit in the middle which is generally the hottest from being in the center of the burner. So you have to manually stir things anyway.

  15. I watched this at work on my lunch break with earphones. Someone came to talk to me when Jaime and Mike were smelling James' fingers. They stopped talking looked at the screen then back at me, then left. Yup, that wasn't weird at all.

  16. The best way I have found to get the smell off your hands is to not wet them before putting the soap on. Dry hands rubbed well with a good liquid dish detergent is the way to start. Then keep rubbing while slowly wetting them under a running faucet a little at a time.

  17. in regards to the metal soap thingy..i used to work at a fish counter in a supermarket about 15 years ago and they had ones of these things and it was bloody fantastic. really did work.

  18. gotta say all these gadgets are rather useless. no chef would let any of this stuff into their kitchens. even more so an automatic stiring device.

  19. I love what u guys are doing, I wish you guys would review real stuff from your kitchens. I am a sushi chef/restaurant owner. I enjoy you guy's channel bkuz of the reactions after using stupid gadgets. Its priceless. Me personally I want to see what u guys actually use in your kitchens. I have only owned my restaurant for 7 months…. u guys seem super badass in the kitchen.

  20. I always wash my hands with anything thats stainless steel. It definitely removes the garlic and onion smell even without using soap 👍

  21. I feel like it would have been really easy to design the stirrer in a way that it also stirrs the middle…

  22. for the auto whisk… because it doesn't stir the center its useless. IF it had something that would draw the center to the sides and such… it MIGHT have a use for the disabled. but because it doesn't do that you burn the center every time and it makes it useless.

  23. how the fuck is Ben a chef if he cant use a simple can opener? My 4 year old Niece knows how to use a can opener haha

  24. I love my egg timer. Perfect each time. The stirring thing would also be good for those who can't stand around too long. Or get up regularly to stir something

  25. Im confused about the metal soap not working

    I remove garlic smell from my hands by rubbing my stainless steel knife and it works flawlessly

  26. stainless steel really does work to get rid of the smell of garlic (can't speak for other smells like anchovies, but I definitely can for garlic!), but you really don't need a stainless steel "soap bar" for that — most faucets have stainless steel bases, so as you're washing your hands you can just rub your fingers/fingertips over that stainless steel base, and the garlic smell should be gone from your fingertips. for me it has worked every time!

  27. If the automated can opener was for people with mobility issues or people who are handicapped, it really shouldn't leave the top of the can all sharp and pointy

  28. There’s only one way to test the “rub away” fairly; get those fermented fish from Barry’s Food Hell and see if it works on that

  29. I still swear by the stainless steel soap bar. it's more for when yes you've washed your hands with soap and water already, but you have a lingering garlic or onion smell that can stay on for days. When that's happened to you, just use the metal soap bar under a running tap without soap and it takes care of the odor.

  30. Why on EARTH haven't you guys made an Ultimate or Chef's challenge where you have to use these Wonderful inventions 😀 That would be Hilarious!!!

  31. As I have the egg timer, here are the instructions.
    Put timer and eggs in empty pan.

    Fill with water.

    Boil to desired hardness.

    You're welcome.

  32. I'm sure this has happened before, but you already did this.

    EDIT: There is no point to this run with the first reveal.

  33. The automatic can opener I use leaves the edges smooth, not sharp. Thank you for pointing out that it is great for people who have problems with their hands. An automobile accident left me with two bad wrists. Having been a chef for many years, I am incredibly frustrated; but, little gadgets like the can opener have helped.

  34. The stirring gadget was totally useless. It does not stir all of the pot, so food on the sides and in the middle are not incorporated; and, most likely burned.

    Stainless steel will remove onion and garlic smell from hands. I have used stainless steel sinks for years to get rid of these odors. Rub hands on sink for a few seconds, then wash hands with soap and water. No onion smell. If no stainless steel sink, almost any stainless steel can be used for the same thing. No need to buy a stainless steel bar of soap.

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