Chefs Try Microwave Meals

Chefs Try Microwave Meals

Though great care has been taken to remove all bones, Some may remain. I don’t own one, I never have And every restaurant that I’ve been the head chef And I’ve thrown the microwave out I wouldn’t go near [a microwave] It’s like all preference really You can’t boil pasta in a microwave- actually maybe you can They denature food What you put into the microwave and what you take out of the microwave are massively different. If you’re going to serve me terrible things, it’s It’s you that I blame Good heavens God almighty It looks a bit swampy It has a consistency more like a stew carvery, canteen, school lunches The vegetables, non toxic Your ma and da would be making this s*** all the time anyway like used to hate it If I was served that in an airplane I would be pleasantly surprised That’s ferociously overcooked kind of, a wet coat of something nutrition-wise, I doubt there’s any Irish beef dinner Poor Ireland It does have a sort of, grandmotherly feel I don’t wanna knock my grandmother’s cooking terribly ashamed a cow died for that Out of ten I’d give it like, four. It’s either a six or a three depending on what everything else is like I don’t know what’s coming so let’s give it one and save one bullet The dreaded microwave burger Like microwaved bread, who’d microwave bread? It’s actually in better shape than most double cheese burgers you get at a Mc Donalds And it’s all soggy on the bottom Can I see the meat through the bread? Is that why that’s brown? No That’s much worse than I thought it would be. It’s like the meat’s like a stiff foam One eighth as much meat as bun So it’s like chewing a pocket of air. It tastes like a science experiment Chewing it, I can hear it squeaking in my ears It’d be my nightmare, I’d rather starve Doesn’t taste like it was ever an animal. Maybe it wasn’t I don’t think it’s false advertising that this, isn’t this Because you can see this, sitting inside here I mean you know what your’e getting I give that like two I have to give this a three Zero This is trickier to do Okay, don’t tell me what it is I have no idea what this is though Is that kale? Don’t answer that These are crunchy They are very likely cooked not 100% sure it has pasta I mean that’s not bad, I’d be surprised if that came from a microwave I wouldn’t serve this to an enemy You could well get away with putting that on a plate and saying you made it yourself I think you can eat healthy and not torture yourself but I think that’s a fair dish I would go to bed hungry, if I finished eating this bowl.. of thing It’s actualy not that bad let me taste it again Give it an 8.5, or a 9. I think that, I think you won’t do much better out of a microwave six, out of ten definitely three, no, three- two Please say that’s a dessert and not a chunk of beef again You’re having difficulty getting it out of the containers Because I was thinking that it could only be a slice of heart or something, if it wasn’t. Sticky toffee pudding like it’s not glam Wow, you’d never serve a piece of sticky toffee pudding that size You’d kill somebody It looks better than it, feels I might want to read the box on that ’cause there’s a fat that coats your whole mouth like wallpaper paste I would, in the desperate hours of the long and lonely nights, eat this it’s respectable for what it is. You buy it in a box and you stick it in a bing bong Seven, seven maybe eight give it seven seven That’s enough for me I’m not converted, and I’m a little concerned Subtitles done by -Source- and Keith Anderson So that looks like that was probably the top You know, I can’t reassemble it No amount of surgery can put it back together

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  1. When people say they'd rather starve when eating something I do I want kill them because in Amy situation you would eat anything rather than starve

  2. What is one dish that you don't cook with a microwave? The salad chef. Of course you don't put fuckin salad in the microwave you fuckin idiot!

  3. They are chefs, they should know how to show respect to any kinds of food, even if they are tasted bad. they should know that fkin simple thing. Every thing you consuming were kept your fukin bodies alive.

  4. If that bald guy, as a chef, threw out the microwave of every restaurant he's ever worked in then he is a complete moron and a total shit chef. Obviously you don't use it to cook main meals but as a time saver, it's fucking priceless. They're wicked useful or thawing an ingredient or heating a ramekin of sauce before it goes out. To arrogantly say that the microwave has no use in a kitchen only means you're an idjit.

  5. They should try American microwave food. Like Healthy Choice meals. Some of those may surprise you. Like Asian dumplings or Basil Chicken with rice.

  6. Three chefs eat "Star Trek" Replicator meals. (No wonder Captain Archer had a chef on "Star Trek:Enterprise"!) Gordon Ramsey on Facts!? Are you insane? He'd have a meltdown of "Kim-Jong-Un" intensity, and the whole set would be "nuked." ("Hello, I'm Simon Whistler and today I found out what happened to "Facts" when Gordon Ramsey arrived for a food critique. Warning: some "sentient beings" were harmed during the course of the program.;)

  7. Have been a Red Seal Chef for 30 years…and I would have tossed these pompous assholes out of My kitchen in a heartbeat… ramsey would have been forced to bob for french fries before his pale ass was tossed out.

  8. Why do chefs have to act so pretentious? Sure, it's not "haute cuisine," but not everything has to be served on a bed of watercress and dressed with a sauce made from unicorn farts.

  9. LMAO: "the vegetables? Non-Toxic…"
    That is the most glowing praise of microwave food I have ever heard. And the best that I would ever expect.

  10. You know those chronic liars secretly love the microwaved food. Probably were checking the back of the packets to steal the recipes.

  11. We already know what we're gonna get with a microwave meal nothing amazing but easy and time efficient and often I enjoy microwave meals anyway

  12. He’s a fucking weirdo he said it tasted like a science expierment how hell does he know what that taste like lol

  13. The balding chef seemed so pretentious. Furthermore, I've never heard of a kitchen that doesn't have a microwave. Even fancy restaurants will use microwaves to heat up things like small batches of sauce that don't break when heated in a microwave.

  14. "You don't serve {insert} that large." This is why I kinda dislike European chefs. They oversell the value of the food on the plate. You spend pennies on the dollar for most of the ingredients unless you're making something like New York Strip, but then turn around and complain that people like having big portions.

  15. Why are all these chefs English-men , this review is so one sided this video sucks and what’s with the frozen food who’s ever heard of these brands

  16. 90% of the comments are about Gordon Ramsey reacting better than this
    8% of the comments are about the chefs
    2% of the comments about the burger

  17. Microwave is actually the most efficient way to cook food.
    It, by far, preserves the most nutrition in the food than any other method of cooking rather than eating raw.

  18. This video would have been a lot better if you didn't tell them it was all microwaved. Once chefs know somethings microwaved they woul NEVER admit they liked it even if they did. It's already in their minds that they hate it which ruins the real reaction you would have gotten otherwise.

  19. After watching this video, well I should be more grateful with my own country because our microwave foods are way farrr better than that 😅😅

  20. Cooking is expensive now days, I eat this crap 3 times a week either lunch or dinner or both I'm poor as shit and £2 is doable.

  21. Aw. This is unfair. There are many microwave "hacks" that are indistinguishable from foods made with other preparation methods.

  22. Gordon Ramsey- Steaming in the middle, bland, overcooked to hell, shit on a plate, what the fuck is that, I wouldn't feed that to my dog. Not even going there

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