100 thoughts on “Chefs Vs Normals Review Kitchen Gadgets | Ft. Rhett and Link”

  1. Thank you guys for putting Hero Veg in general sale! I can’t afford to be a member of the club (broke student lol) but have wanted at least one of the books for ages! 😁

  2. Those wine condoms (while kind of fun) are so useless?? Like, there’s already corks/stoppers you can put on a wine bottle to seal it of you don’t finish it, and they’re not all individually wrapped and single use!

  3. Put a wine condom on a BEER or soda bottle! See how long it lasts with the carbonation! WILL it blow up like a balloon? What will happen??

  4. My favorite youtubers all together again! Yayy! I love you guys all so much. I actually found Sortedfood through GMM and have been a follower ever since!

  5. Rhett and Link intentionally making faux pas to try to stay entertaining/relevant is super cringey. It's a huge part of why I don't watch their videos anymore.

  6. While typing sortedfood on youtube, intending to check them , I was thinking about Rhett and Link and I don't know how to feel about this !

  7. All of these gadgets were stupid af, but the pealer and the wine condom were extremely dumb. P.s. wine bottle comes with a cork. You can stick it back in. Maybe the condom could be used for some shampagne as it has a cork that won't fit back in. But still stupid af.

  8. Pretty sure the peeler is another disability item designed for those who have difficulty putting pushing pressure with their hands. Thus, this automatic peeler minimizes the needed pressure.

  9. I will never forget the "I'm gooey in the middle baby let me bake" intro. It was perfect… and then y'all got stock royalty free music

  10. I want to see another pass-it on video 🙁
    With something new, something borrowed, something old as a theme.
    Like an old fashioned dish, that gets a new twist. Borrowed = use an item from the previous chef and do something with it (no throwing away food).
    Order = hand size (small first)

  11. Can you please just do this with Sorted guys? Kitchen gadget review is my favorite content of yours but your guests are just distracting. I don't go to this channel to watch other people. If I want to watch others, I'll go to their channel. NO more featuring other people, no more colab.

  12. Guys, you can't just have Mike say "That's a munchable cylinder!" while Ben is waving around a bright red tube of watermelon, you just can't do this to me.

  13. I think this is marketed as a food gadget for tax purposes, and, possibly, discretion. There's really only one use for a dildo, and everybody will recognize one. However, wine bottles are quite common place in the kitchen, and you could legitimately claim these are for saving wine. cover with some hand lotion, after-shave gel, or the like, and you've an evidence-free evening of spelunking.

  14. I'm convinced that the watermelon cutter was designed for my mother. She eats enough watermelons to justify the purchase.

  15. I think that vegetable peeler is for people that wants to "enjoy" themselves without alerting anybody that are able to see their purchase history.

  16. "I can get out of the bottom" "I prefer a plug" "let's take off the condom and enjoy ourselves" this is the content I was looking for

  17. wine condom…if only there was something that i can put in the bottle to stop from spilling…like a cork or something. A wild idea, i know

  18. I love the links reaction to saying that it won't meet his needs because Rhett & him bisectes(not how you spell it I know) but any they can't have kids

  19. 5:02 I don’t care about what was the original purpose of that thing. The only thing that really comes to my mind is that to buy that thing you must be reaaaally desperate for a vibrator or that as a chef, you might as well want a chefy vibrator.

  20. Was I the only one staring at the cork on the table during the wine condom section? You can reuse the cork. You can reuse the cork. You can reuse the cork!! Why the hell would you buy a wine condom when you can reuse the cork??

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