100 thoughts on “Chefs Vs Normals Reviewing Kitchen Gadgets Vol. 8”

  1. The candy floss machine, you should let it run so the centre part heats up, then while it’s spinning add a small amount of sugar

  2. 5:00 In South Africa (Afrikaans) we call that "spookasem" wich directly translates into "ghost breath".

  3. Yep. If it had instructions you would not have put the stick down into where the sugar was spinning out of the heating element. You hold it above the element to spin the cotton candy onto the stick. it also takes a while so I don't thing you left it on long enough.

  4. I do have a candy floss maker which was really cheap (i think about 15€) and it works really good 🙂 but cleaning takes like forever haha

  5. Here is a situation where it is useful: you went to a different city to attend a wedding for people that you hate but you still have to show good manner and you bring your outfit and then someone spill coffee on it because you do not drink coffee and you think it taste muddy and youre not going with dirty outfit because you hate them and you cannot buy another expensive outfit or have the time to look for something cheap and good..so you look in your huge pocket and you find this device…i say it is most defiantly useful

  6. I had a fairy floss maker as a kid. It was pretty shit. They don't make much floss and they're really annoying to clean. I ended up just chucking it

    I'd totally buy that pineapple thing

  7. I went oot and bought one of them pineapple things for the princely sum of £2.97 including postage and it really works and it takes the hassle out of cutting up a pinapple

  8. You should do these videos in your own kitchens and explain why you have certain gadgets and utensils and why you think we should purchase them? 😊

  9. I know this cotton candy machine failed but Vat19 sells one that can use hard candies to make candy floss. Buy that and try sometime 🙂

  10. definitely used the candy floss machine wrong, that being said, it doesnt look like the highest quality one…

  11. Things Barry Forgets:
    1) He's allergic to pineapple
    2) To turn off the hob

    This man is a menace to himself and others.

  12. i had a much better cotton candy maker at home. it worked similar but better. theres also a bit of a knack to the gathering of it that takes some practice

  13. I wish you guys would feature some really cool stuff and keep away from the junk. I think most of people want useful gadgets, stuff that is actually cool and ingenious. Try to make it worth the time that people are giving up on watching your videos to learn about new gadgets that we can benefit from. Okay? Thanks. Hope you have learned something!

  14. Having made candyfloss at a festival before, I can tell you that thing doesn't make you NEARLY sticky enough to be legitimate.

  15. I watched someone else test the candy floss machine (also without instructions) and the first run went just like that. Second try (after it was properly heated, I guess), it worked great.

  16. We had to replace our plastic pineapple core with an all metal one. It doesn't ratchet, but it can be handed down as a family heirloom for generations.

  17. With the cotton candy mixer your supposed to get a little on the stick then hold it above the makier and spin it in your fingers you can also use any hard candy that you crush down

  18. That first product is useless ride makes a product similar but it's the size of a marker and it actually gets rid of the stain

  19. Dad walks in while they"re doing the pineapple and goes "What the hell are you watching?!?"
    Me: Guys cutting pineapples.
    Dad: That's not what it sounds like.
    Me: 😂

  20. Cotton Candy is crap….. why buy a machine to make crap?… I make crap myself 3-4 times a day without a dumb machine.

  21. The washing machine one drives me nuts, because detergent pens already exist and they work perfectly well enough. And they're a tenth of the damn size

  22. I think the pocket washing machine might be for period stains, since blood is way easier to get out when it's fresh and you can do a lot with just cold water. But they were too discreet to market it as such.

  23. So this video is basically James getting shirtless and couple minutes later shoving a wet, long thing into Jamie's mouth. Hell yes

  24. I feel like they pigeonholed the washing device to being on a night out, rather than something like a business trip or weekend away and it can be in your bag.

  25. The potato masher sure work nice if you use it in a bowl with rounded bottom. Little dissapointed you did not get that 😉 congrats for great channel.

  26. I don’t understand the whole fake anger bit. I know it started with the first video but it’s fake and gay. Not funny or entertaining.

  27. Did you guys ever try making floss with turning on the machine BEFORE you add the sugar? The heating element in the middle needs to get hot enough to melt the sugar. Also, the local humidity really affects the results. If the air is too humid, you just get sticky goo. source: worked at a cotton candy booth many years ago.

    The reason your discovered instructions said to add the sugar first is that they were likely for professional machines, which have a large sugar reservoir in the center.

  28. instead of that useless bloody mini washing machine i want a tiny hairdryer because i can get a wine, chocolate or coffee stain out using hand soap but then i have a very wet shirt and there’s only so many times i can stand without a top on in a restroom hunching over the hand dryer and praying nobody walks in

  29. You could pay ten pounds for a Spudnik…

    Or you could get a cheap electric hand mixer, use half the effort, have something more useful because it can also be used for baking and have enough left over for a cup of coffee.

  30. That first gadget is all well and good for carrying with you, but if it started going off by accident in your bag, your date would think you were into some really kinky stuff. Or a creep.

  31. The cotton candy machine..
    Turn it on first
    Then after a few moments..Add sugar
    Then spin the stick and catch the cotton candy … the element needs to be hot first before adding sugar.

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