100 thoughts on “Chefs vs Normals: Reviewing Plastic Alternative Food Products”

  1. While Mike was talking about policy changes at the end the national anthem started playing on my TV and it felt kinda fitting

  2. Organic biodegradable washing-up brush from Australia must be better than a plastic one made in China – no?
    How is a £16 (granted it's non-plastic) bread wrap a "single use" item?

    I avoid as much plastic as possible, and re-use/recycle that which I can't.
    We should all be doing what we can, and keeping ourselves updated and educated about hte products and the politics.
    Great video – thanks!

  3. We have our own bees and I make my own beeswax cloth wraps for around 25 ¢ for a 20×20 inch wrap. We have been a zero waste, zero one use, home for ten years. We avoid ALL plastic in our California kitchen.

  4. Wow Mikes political rant was perfectly said! I agree 100% and this whole video was so refreshing on YouTube! We need more content creators using their platform for these important issues, nice one guys!

  5. the waxed cloth stuff is uh…..literally medieval; that was the go-to before plastics for covering things with a flexible wrap.

  6. i would use pretty much everything. i've heard horror stories about getting mono from drinking out of improperly washed cups so the straw thing is a big one we need to deal with.

  7. Are scrub brushes single use items? I've used the same plastic bristled scrub brush for something like 5 years now. Kinda gets away from the theme of the video doesn't it?

    I also note that we still try to avoid the topic that the 'plastic waste in oceans problem' originates from "recycling" which is actually "selling garbage to China/India under the premise that they can refine it into raw materials and sell it back to us".

    The takeaway there being, what are the unintended consequences of THIS new green revolution?

  8. I'm in Atlantic Canada were some towns and Municipalities have already banned single-use plastic items and it's coming Provincially very soon.
    Just as a personal view – I think the paper straws are awful and many leave my teeth with a strange sensation. I'd prefer (and encourage) that the straws not be given out routinely but rather only when requested. Most adults sip their drinks without straw perfectly well all the time they are home/at work. I'm sure we could cope without a straw for most drinks in a social setting too.

  9. I'm trying to go plastic free, but it is important to really were out all the plastic that has accumulated in my house. If it is something I really can't use I donate but yah I'm trying to were out my stuff, my mother's stuff, and my Grandparents stuff. I live in the house my Grandparents bought when my mom was 4. I keep thinking oh tiny houses, oh this new green thing or that new green thing , but it is greener to use up what you have and also to refurbish rather than replace, so I'm not cool with all the new stuff I'm using hand me downs and antiques lol

  10. Definetly straws! On an average evening i use 5 straws in a bar…times that with every costumer and its a ton! And they like to stick out of turtles noses….🥵

  11. I really can not tell you how much I personally appreciate videos like these. Please please keep up this amazing work! You really are making the world better!

  12. I am so proud of you for the team you are ! I ve been a subscriber for about 4 years and are so happy in the direction you are going. Bringing awareness in this subject is important and more important bring it with joy. Being green and finding sustainable options should be fun and you are bringing that to the table! Thankyou! 😀

  13. Yes Mike, I loved that preach at the end! 🙌 You're so right, as consumers we can all make small intentional changes that can add up to a big difference, and we all have power to speak up and help change wider ranging policy. I really enjoyed this video, and enjoyed that you featured my dish brush

  14. Fun thing about the "Bio"-Plastic. It does not decompose normally in a compost. It needs a verry high temperature to do that.

  15. That coconut brush…my grandmother has been using one of those(bar the handle) since i wasnt even born(I am 33 yrs old btw). And currently, it costs only SGD2 each in Singapore..

  16. Bioplastics and compostable plastics aren't all equivalent.

    Also compostable plastics have to be composted in specific temperatures, conditions and lengths of time.

    If you just put this on your own compost heap in the garden it will not compost.

  17. i've heard that youtube messes with videos that uses beeps to hide swears
    your intro has one
    this info might be partially incorrect or completely wrong
    take a look

  18. Don't want to be the bearer of bad news but: Here is why using this stuff is total crap, Any hard or plastic material that is "compostable" won't be composted by your separate trash project,
    anything harder than cardboard will get filtered out and thrown into the normal trash furnes, and if it end up in the compost pile it wont compost in time so a gen it will get filtered out and thrown in with the regular trash. I know it gives you the warm and fuzzies inside but your just doing it for yourself and not for "nature"

  19. I hate the paper straws.
    Unless you want to inhale your drink..you end up using more then one.

    THANK YOU FOR SPREADING THE KNOWLEDGE ON HOW GLOVEDS DON'T EQUAL CLEAN!!! I worked in a fast food kitchen..the contamination that happened because of gloved hands…its not just they cant feel it. Its "oh I'm wearing gloves ..all good."..

    You can make your own reusable cling wrap clothes..using beeswax… and cotton clothes.

  20. I'm from Indonesia and brushes made out of coconut fibers are just so common, I never realized that in other countries all people use the ones made out of plastic

  21. yes mike!! please can you do a video about how the sorted kitchen will limit and change the single use plastics, maybe about food waste etc and composting? would love to see that, been watching since the beginning and for you to grow and change along with the rest of the world be amazing ❤️

  22. I wholeheartedly support the idea of replacing non-biodegradable products with eco-friendly ones as they need replacing. Do what you can within your power to at the very least slow down if not reverse the damage we are doing to our planet. That being said, we also need to realize that the message that we as individuals are the sole or even the leading cause of environmental pollution is entirely false. Large corporation and industry produces the vast majority of pollution and waste, and unless something changes on a global scale to regulate dumping, our planetary health will continue to steadily decline. Yes, by all means, do your part, but if you really want to make a difference on a massive scale, band together and let's figure out a way to stop corporations from deflecting attention away from their destructive practices.

  23. The thing with the straws is that some paper straws aren’t biodegradable. So some aren’t really doing what they are meant to do. I guess that are preventing the turtles from being hurt but I think that those brands should have gone the step further to gain my respect.

  24. Thank you for this video, shared. The straws are incredible and it should be mandatory that they be used instead of plastic in every country in the world. I'm not usually for additional regulation, but I'm for this.

  25. i wanted to get the brush, i found it on a website so far, but the shipping to my country is quite a bit since im a student, but will keep looking for it IN my country! definetly worth thinking about 🙂

  26. The coconut brush has been in market forever and it's the cheapest brush you can get since I remember….at least for 30 years, I bet my parents would say the same

  27. Thank you, Ben, for mentioning how many people with disabilities and illnesses still need plastic straws. It's become a problem in some places with the movement to get rid of them, and it's important that people keep in mind why some of these things are still very necessary and shouldn't be completely replaced

  28. Anyone that says straws aren't necessary and we should just learn to drink from a cup obviously doesn't have dental problems or sensitive teeth 🤷

  29. Vegware products are not good. There's only 1 waste company in the uk taking them because they degrade even slower than plastic.

  30. My problem with the wax wraps is I live in the desert where temps can reach over 100F. I don't want to unwrap my lunch and eat a layer of wax that's melted all over my bag and car

  31. Bio-plastic… is still a plastic, you idiots. Plastic is simply one any of numerous organic synthetic or processed materials that are mostly thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers of high molecular weight and that can be made into objects, films, or filaments. It's a broad spectrum catagory of material based on molecular bonds. It's not "teh evil thing of evils that ruins planets oooo!" It's just a long-chain polymer that's soft warm and hard at room tempature and can be deformed when warm into any desired shape…

  32. The brush kind of upsets me. Brushes made out of natural material exist for ages, we just don't go out of our way to purchase those anymore! It's not a new idea and doesn't need to be produced in Australia for people to buy in Europe.

  33. Okay so I live in Italy and what annoys me the most is that in supermarkets at the fruit and veg section you're expected to wear the provided plastic gloves and most shops don't have a plastic recycle bin and when or if you don't wear them people look at you strange like just wash your fruit when you get home

  34. Warning to those with pets DO NOT use this type of wax wrap for and food stuffs. If the Pine oil is not completely removed from the pine wax it can be very toxic to animals.

  35. when you browse pinterest (im a writer we do this a lot) it gives you a LOT of suggestions for random kitchen gadgets and I would love to see you guys do a video on the ones pinterest shows a lot.

  36. cling wrap needs to be replaced. along with gloves. the food service industry contributes pretty damn heavily to that area of pollution

  37. Straws don't compare to the plastic waste that restaurants are contributing, change what you want at home, but until Costa and starbucks stop using the one use plastic cups for their cold drinks and takeaways stop using the cheap plastic tubs to send their meals in, then whatever the minority do, its not really going to make much difference. the plastic i throw away compared to me reusing it in some way, is very small, and if i were to make it smaller its not going to have an impact. compared to the streets in a busy town littered on a friday night with plastic food waste, literal bags of it coming from one takeaway location is astounding. corporations need to make changes if a real impact is to be made, and we have to be the ones to push them to do it. its all well and good no name brands creating these tools and replacements, but we need big name brands to do it first, and the others will catch on. paper straws are waxed anyway and cannot be recycled. yes they break down quicker, but its still destroying trees to make them, which is far worse for the environement.

  38. Love this video! 🙌🏼 id love to see you use some of these products in your videos to continue to raise awareness and get people talking about these products! Well done guys 🙌🏼

  39. My sister made and uses non-plastic food wrappers. They're super cheap to make, just some cheap cotton and beeswax. Also, the coconut scourers are brilliant, everyone in my family has swapped to them now!

  40. judging by the amount of people in love with mike in the comments below, the next pass it on challenge HAS to be done in the order of who has the most fangirls

  41. the wax wraps are interesting, it's great to see that people are almost rediscovering historic ideas, they were originally linen cloth soaked in beeswax used in medieval times in much the same way as clingfilm is used

  42. I personally despise paper straws. I am all for having more sustainable options for people, too. But I am always a little concerned about unintentional consequences of switching to some new thing that is being secretly manufactured. What are these manufacturers hiding?

  43. I massively disagree that single-use gloves are unhygienic. The issue of people not washing their hands after taking off the gloves is not the fault of the gloves. It is an issue with the operation not training people and reminding people enough about how to stay hygienic.

  44. I don't mind not using a straw but if you want your drink to be portable it really helps to have a cover on it so it won't split everywhere. So straws make a big difference for that.

  45. "Stop sucking and start sipping" is the best advice of the whole video. STOP giving me s straw if I don't ask for one, no matter which material it is mad out of!

  46. It absolutely bugs me when people use plastic straws for their hot drinks in coffee shops, let alone cold. Why the hell is this a thing? The lid is literally made so you can drink out of it…why then put a plastic straw in there. This seems to be a big thing in Eastern Europe, when I went on holiday to Cluj, Romania, everytime I would order a latte to stay in it would be in a tall drinking glass with a plastic straw…I don't get the need. I ended up ordering flat whites for the rest of my visit. Seriously though there is obviously alternatives now. I am more than happy to clean the metal ones I own.

  47. Or, crazy idea: stop running around like crazy alarmists, cool the hell down, and let industrious people come up with VIABLE alternatives.
    I swear it's like having to deal with children. Me me me me now now now NOW.
    Screw policies, let us do the work, and CHILL. Policies never solve a problem, they only create new ones.
    The only problem they solve is policies makers and their friends not having a big enough pile of money. Kindly sit down, and shut up.
    Stop throwing money in half-backed "alternatives". It's like you've been hypnotized. Paper straws? Just die.

  48. That’s very idealistic mike, it’s a very simplified way of looking at a very complex problem. Which is not a bad thing, and I hope it’s a step in the right direction.

  49. Ohhh i am loving this video
    If they can make fake plastic gloves and cutlery surely they can do the same with bags
    I try my best to be more aware and recycle as much as I can
    BUT there are still a lot of plastic that can't be recycled
    In this day and age it's about time that the companies start to get on board
    I don't like paper straws but I do reuse the plastic ones I have as I wash them out
    I have not had to buy anymore for about 12 years baring in mind the box did hold 100
    Keep up the good work boys
    I love watching your videos
    Entertaining practical and very helpful
    I follow another channel that creates meals in mug in a microwave perhaps you could do some videos using a microwave as not every one has a cooker

  50. I'm so happy that hou show people they can make their own small changes, it does not have to be much but it is what a person can do in their own environment. It's something you have an influence on and for example the food wrap (cheaper if it is made with beeswax and not vegan) is reusable and therefore cheaper on the long run. I would love to see more of these video's and to know where you buy this, it helps even if its just a little.

  51. I use glass for containers , straws and reusable coffee cup. Reusable is the best in long term anyways . Glass is better alternative to plastic

  52. I’m allergic to avocado. Wonder if I’d react to those straws. The wrap is ultimately unhygienic because it’s too difficult to clean.

  53. Eco-friendly plastic replacements nerd to 1.) somehow become more mainstream. 2.) be lazy person proof. 3.) somehow cheaper than the original plastic product.

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