100 thoughts on “Chefs Vs Normals Taste Testing Pretentious Ingredients | Vol. 2”

  1. Dont worry bro….
    We use hands and dont hesitate to say we cant use chopsticks!
    I mean if i cant be loyal to my stomach and think what people will think, then i am even lesser human than i think!
    Just enjoy…..

  2. Are we really sure Mike and James aren't together. They're practically soulmates, and are ridiculously in sync!

  3. I like all of you guys except the chef dude that’s always in the black chefs coat. He’s just so very annoying. My favorite is the other chef the ginger chef dude. He’s just funny as shit. The lisp is funny too lol 😂

  4. After having saffron candied pears, I have come to the conclusion that saffron has turned into a pretentious spice/herb despite once being a wonderful aromatic addition to a dish.

  5. I really want to slap the guy that made that cocoa stuff.

    They made a perfectly good product and then jacked the price and ruined it by adding the literally flavorless and useless gold.

  6. James: I am such a good chef!
    Me: Nah don’t be pretentious now James
    Ebbers: Look at that little pretentious smile on his face!

  7. I've seen "organic MSG" from mushrooms, etc., sold in Asian supermarkets. So I don't think the product is inherently pretentious. But marketing it as a tiny "umami pot" … kind of is. MSG as a seasoning isn't used to sprinkle on top of food at the table. But added in the cooking process by a spoonful or two. It's not meant to be strong enough that a light dusting would have a discernible impact.

  8. Most of the things in this episode seem like they are not things pretentious people buy, it's just gifts you buy for someone you don't really know or like that much, but you have to get them something

  9. jesus that hot chocolate is expensive, I can get some amazing italian hot drinking chocolate for 19 dollars a Kilogram

  10. i have the flowering teas, and there are so many better ones that are cheaper as well. although this is from when i lived in hong kong so i dont know how well they have traveled

  11. I'm a bit late to the party here, but you can make your own (possibly better) drinking chocolate for far less than that, and add your own spices.

  12. The guy with the beard is my fave. At first I was gutted because he wasn't being the Normal tester, then I saw him in the background and decided to continue watching 😁

  13. They literally just fed the guys MSG powder lmao. Using MSG to cook, not pretentious. Highly recommend trying it.

  14. As a person with a BAD mushroom allergy who doesn’t react to synthesized MSG, I hate the major backlash against MSG, because the “natural” replacement is usually just mushroom bowser and beef stuff. So I now am finding new foods that I used to be totally fine with until they started advertising as MSG FREE

  15. "I think tea is one of the things that is actually worth paying money for" -James Currie

    Could there be a more british sentence?

  16. I could go to my favourite store and buy a 3lbs bag of msg for like 5 bucks. Its just umami in a bag that's cheaper.

  17. I'm done.
    So here I am, right? Lying on my side?
    It gets to the poin th where Barry is saying he knows what this is at around 7:24 ish. And my phone turns off, because I accidentally hit the button. I'm not thinking, and it cuts out at just the right time that I think they made a cliff hanger. It took me five seconds to realize this.
    I'm done.

  18. Omg Mike’s face on the “seven…teen pounds” is one of the single best close ups in Sorted History. Thank you for blessing us with that moment.

  19. Why the gold though? It literally doesn't make the drink any better. It doesn't change the taste and the human body hase absolutely zero use for gold, you're just gonna crap it out eventually. All it does is make the powder and drink sparkle a bit whilst ramping up the price. This is pretentiousnes incarnate.

  20. I don't get why do the British steal anything and everything,
    Tea is grown by India,and it's our
    Just do something original,even your world cup of 2019 isn't achieved by your own men ,Ben Stokes is born in New Zealand and
    Jofra Archer is born in Babylon.
    We know that you think you are the smartest and greatest but the reality is that your people are idiot enough to get out the EU
    Fuck you England to the hell and moon and back

  21. Any food with gold leaf is SO PRETENTIOUS it makes me angry. You can't taste it, you can't digest it. You're literally just sh*ting money for the sake of sh*ting money. That is the epitome of pretentious.

    Yeah it looks pretty, but so does sprinkles and pyrite and loads of other fake gold things. Meanwhile, gold is a unique and crucial material in medicine, science, and technology. Wasting gold is just making gold rarer, more expensive, and difficult for scientists to make new innovations like prototype microfluidic devices with gold nanoparticles for detecting cancer, etc.

  22. As much as I enjoy (and have learned from) your cooking episodes, your "pretentious ingredients" ones are "kick back and relax" shows for this viewer and fan.

  23. Where the fuck did you get that umami?!?!?! I get umami in a good sized bag at the asian market all the time for like 3 dollars. THAT IS HIGH WAY ROBBERY!!!

  24. I knew the Aztecs hot chocolate when they meantioned spiced chocolate, because I work at a bistro. But there's no need for the gold flakes. There's nice Aztec hot chocolate for much cheaper.

  25. a pot of Umami ?? seriously ? seeing as how there is NO such thing as Umami..this takes the cake !!!!! Umami is something some ULTRA PRETENTIOUS chef invented to make them selves look even more so … just another buzz word.. like UP TOP .. MAKE IT RAIN ….FISH IT OUT……if i had my own restaurant and heard anyone using these words they would be FIRED immediately !!!

  26. The thing about collagen is that, when heated with water, it dissolves and becomes gelatin, which is already something found in the kitchen. So…why not just eat gelatin?


  28. based on my own thoughts on the "pretentious scale" (1-10)
    Umami pot: 3, i could see someone using it to decent effect
    Caviar 'crisps': 7.5, you're just being a 'wanker' now
    True collagen: …seriously? 9
    Tea Flower: 2, kind of neat really
    Aztec hot chocolate: 7, like hot chocolate, but this is just unnecessary…

  29. Take protien suppliments depending on what part of your body you work out? Well not according to anything I ever heard or read anywhere that really confused med

  30. lo,l hilarious how they call things pretentious yet call potato chips "crisps"!!! literally the most dumb and pretentious thing ever!!!

  31. How the hell are kettle-cooked potato chips pretentious? All it is is just a potato chip fried in a different way. It should be the flavor that's pretentious not the chip.

  32. How big was the jar of the gold leaf hot chocolate? They mention the serving size but I didn't see the jar size

  33. Any proteins will be breaks into amino acids in your stomach. I'd rather spend 27 pounds on wagy than on that bottle of powder 😂

  34. " I thought umami is a taste, like sweet, salty,…"
    Well… Yes….?
    You know you can buy things like… I don't know… Sugar and salt ?
    I don't know how you can base your judgment on that, you use these constantly in a kitchen, so why not umami ? Just because it's been discovered "recently" and we can isolate it ?
    It's 528948651% NOT pretentious, if it is, salt, sugar, and vinegar are.

    It's the peoples that will use it for shitty ideas like "smoked umami" that will make it pretentious

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