100 thoughts on “Chefs Vs Normals Taste Testing Pretentious Ingredients | Vol. 3”

  1. I actually have a recipe in the book (tres leches for the win!!!) so I naturally want to buy it because I’m a part of it and I want to see what others have done, but I’m a broke college student living in the states….. time to ask for it for Christmas maybe?

  2. The best part about the chocolate avocado is that chocolate and avocado is a wonderful combination of flavors.

  3. this is great, this actually become my fav channel on youtube… i've learnt a lot from these guys… well done, please do more videos 👍👍👍

  4. i think inherently nothing here is all that pretentious , but for nearly all of them the price is so high that it’s grossssss
    the jam is probably worth it, but everything else? nah

  5. This is total copyright I don’t know where this is from but think of this if a woman sleeps with ten men she is a whore but if a man does that he’s gay

  6. its like that time when i saw a lemon humidifier at the mall
    to only realize it was a regular humidifier that is shaped like a lemon
    not lemon scented

  7. I actually like rosepetal jam, but then I'm pretty girlie. The rest of that? Ack! And, really, you need to ask "What do you think this cost?" rather than "What is it worth?" Don't you think??? 😉

  8. Lol for Jamie that 24,99 pound honey jar is about 3 crumpets worth of honey so then even regular honey would be quite expensive.

  9. I make that turmeric thing myself, just buy the ingredients and it’s cheap as chips. I make it in almond milk; yummy.

  10. My aunt made dandelion jelly when I was a kid and I use to think I was so fancy when she'd serve it on toast for breakfast…then go out and mow a whole yard of them over when I cut the lawns. XD

  11. The worst one was the prosecco thing. The moment they said "poor water in the bottle" I knew this was going to go horribly wrong.

  12. That turmeric latte bollocks is complete bullshit. Straight off: "an alternative to modern chemical medicine". EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS. EVERYTHING. AGHHHHH

  13. Probably the only way I'd ever eat avocado and $23 seems about right but yeah pretentious but than so is avocado. Also giving Jamie grief for keeping up continuity xD

  14. The mysecco kit is pretty pretentious to my mind. You could make your own wine, or beer, or even mead, but to make your own prosecco is far too hipster.

  15. The rose jelly made me think of Fentiman's rose lemonade, they should totally review Fentiman's on this. Maybe I'm pretentious for drinking their Cola instead of Coca Cola? Haha

  16. I haven't actually tasted Rose petal jelly, but in India we have a rose petal preserve called Gulkand which is strong enough to flavour ice-cream.

  17. I'm sorry but vegan latte mix? Latte literally gets its name from milk. That is the equivalent of vegan beef stew

  18. Turmeric Latte Blend is the most pretentious thing ever considering I have been forced to have it ever since I can remember. It’s haldi doodh

  19. 2% isn't a small amount at all….. For example the spices and seasonings you'd put on steaks or something make up less than that I reckon, Jaime is just an idiot

  20. Think you guys did the wine wrong.
    I'm not a drinker but I've looked up these kinds of kits for presents and read a lot.
    14 days for ferment isn't a lot, and…. you did nothing else. Didn't rack it, didnt give it time to develop flavor.

    I could be wrong. Maybe you did everything right and it just sucks. But I think some errors were made.

  21. That tumeric stuff could definitely be made with stuff you most likely already have in your cupboards for a heck of a lot less.

  22. So that's what a crumpet is. Now I think I know how english muffins got the name over here.
    Or not. Had that totally wrong.

  23. Mm I just had the idea at the moment (Far past the when this was published of course and even after watching it a couple times), and I couldn't help but look through the comments to see if anyone said anything of it. I scrolled for a bit and saw nothing so I thought I'd give it a a shot as some idea of sorts. I will agree that there was a huge opportunity missed with the Chocolate Avocado. Now, I'm not a fan of avocado seeing as I struggle hard to get it down my gullet BUT I find myself extremely curious… can you make an Avocado Chocolate? I can imagine it'd be pretty creamy. Would it be worth attempting?

  24. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is less than 2% cinnamon. How dare they put it in the name! Either just call it Toast Crunch or make it out of at least 50% cinnamon.

  25. The turmeric latte is pretentious as hell. Turmeric is a medical fraud and doesn't do shit. It's just very reactive and creates false positives in lab test

  26. I ALWAYS feel so much better when I watch your videos, new or old! Thank you, Lads, you perform a great service to the world. Maybe everybody would LIGHTEN THE HECK UP if they watched you cook n clown! Blessings to ya! : )

  27. As rose can be a highly allergenic ingredient it wouldn't be approved if it contained a big amount of rose petals. Not to mention even if you're not getting allergies, it would be highly pungent. It's actually a traditional delicacy made throughout by the people of Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and one of my most favorite jams. Yum!

  28. I think they often confuse value for money and and something being pretentious, just because something is pricey doesn't make it pretentious.

  29. OMG YES ROSE JELLY ! Usually rose stuff (macarons, jelly or jam) tend to be a bit expensive but this is just so good.

  30. I drink a turmeric latte with some coconut milk almost everyday with the same spices out of my cupboard. Cheaper, delicious and since I started drinking it my skin has improved significantly

  31. That Preseco… that disappoints me. You're supposed to pour off the wine into another bottle, one without yeast, let it set and let the flavors combine. That probably tasted soooo much like yeast. What you folk drank was shitty ass, yeasty mead…. Fuck's sake.

  32. The turmeric mix for thehot milk at the 7:41 mark is called golden milk and is so easy to make and less expensive.
    SikhNet has a YouTube video from January 2012 called Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe that we make weekly.

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