100 thoughts on “Chefs vs Normals | Taste Testing Pretentious Ingredients Vol. 5”

  1. Catch this week's podcast where we talk 'How Much Is Too Much When It Comes To Food?': https://sorted.club/s5e2/

  2. im sorry to say it but. when is it not enough to pay for good food.btw i dont get paid a generous amount but enough to live on. but not as low as living paycheck to paycheck. ive spent $200 per person for sushi. and everyone that knows me dont get me started on steak. easy have spent $170 for an amazing aged streak and dont regret spending it.food is culture and refined in to an art every bite has s new sensation and ever texture is unique.

  3. Really 200 British pounds for 3 sorted boxes of Spanish presunto, we in Portugal buy almost the whole leg for that, that's a scam.

  4. The “but” in the intro should be an “and” and it has always bothered me. Like. It shouldn’t bother me this much.

  5. Can we get photos of the Guinea pigs?? Maybe they could be members of a future video!!…… Live of course….. Not as a dish ingredient.

  6. James is so awesome.300 bucks & 6 hours. Did his jaw get tired of chewing ? how much food was it ??

  7. If you do another Pretentious video (which you should) there is a guy in Queensland that sells bacon jam

  8. When James learned that price and said they could have gone out for drinks, he sounded so sad upon hearing the price.

  9. The ham I like. Pretentious: definitely. Overpriced: probably. But as a gift to someone that likes it, I think its not that bad.

    The ginger, though: just no.

  10. Really wish they would add a conversion into USD with the price tag popup. I dont really know if 20 pounds is alot or not and constantly have to Google each price to get a better idea.

  11. Look it's been like a month and I still can't get over HOW MUCH MOTHERFORKING GROUND GINGER that is. Just, like, from a business perspective, JFC. If that were an eighth of that size for an eighth of the price I'd assume it was worth it. But WHO, AT HOME is using 165 GRAMS OF GROUND GINGER? EVER! Even with a family of four! THAT IS SO MUCH GINGER.

  12. The way they make sure James puts the ginger down before they tell him the price…. 😂
    also, the "sassy" mug. My life is complete

  13. I can't believe it. I was actually spot on with 80 pounds for the paperweight containing fijian ginger.

  14. The euler diagram of "dishes which are better with caviar" and "dishes which are better with ketchup" are two separate circles, a mile apart

  15. Is giving people gifts of foodstuffs just standard in the uk? The box of ham, the chocolate avocado and myseco from a previous video

  16. Now imagine what these would cost in Canada! Exchange rate, plus importing fees. This is why I can’t have nice things. 😂

  17. That ginger is criminal! £80??? Granted, there are times when you trade up from the bog standard version of something, for example, forgoing four donuts for a quid at greggs and getting a cronut from Dominique Ansel, but that ginger is literally just ginger. WTF???

  18. I have tried true Iberico jammon – and it's amazing! That's why they have very split decision.One of them thinks some other food tastes better, and the first one just goes – ooooohm… Iberico Jammon is the greatest food ever, only vegans can fight me now! Bring it on!

  19. £200 for that ham!!! Gosh, that's why my in-laws love to come to Spain. +4kg of ibérico for that price

  20. I knew the ginger tea was going to be expensive just based on the container. When tea is in a glass container like that, with a bottom thick enough to bludgeon someone, it's expensive.

  21. £80 for that ginger powder… really..? That’s beyond pretentiousness, that’s just a scam for the stupid…

  22. When looking for food I have a metric that has almost always prevented me from eating fast food or getting chips. The question I use is.

    Would I rather eat a ribeye worth $X?

    Most fast food costs about a decent sized steak. Arbies is a massive steak. Everywhere else it is a toss up of mood. Even if it is a small steak it is going to be healthier and cheaper than fast food. This almost instantly makes you eat better. Get home toss frozen peas in a crock pot, rice in a bowl into the microwave and steak into a hot pan with garlic, salt, pepper. Change clothes flip steak get a drink get plate with rice. Let steak rest until peas are ready then serve everything. It is understating how low effort this is and how much it costs compared to fast food.

  23. There's 135 cups of tea in that ginger powder. If you only use a quater of a teaspoon.
    So that's £0.60p per cup.
    The price per cup of a 180 bag box of tea bags is £0.20p per cup.
    Then assuming a litra of milk is £1 and you use 5ml per cup milk is £0.05p per cup.
    Then we assume hot water is basically free.

    Adding all that together and a ginger flavoured cup of tea would cost £0.85p. 
    So the question is would you pay £0.85p for a cup of tea?
    If you're answer s yes then that ginger is worth it.

  24. Lol i love how mike ended it with "pretentious or not, and i'm talking about the video". I really think james was just borrowing mike's sassy mug! Lol

  25. Love to see a battle (either three way or pass it on) where each person has to pull from a hat and use a few pretentious ingredients with a few kitchen gadgets in the cooking process.

  26. Well the Iberico was terribly overpriced. A kilo of 3 years aged, acorn fed Iberico ham costs 65 euros. You can get an entire leg for nearly half a grand and eat that for months!

  27. £80 for ginger powder “made in paradise”? Where “paradise” is a steamy over-populated military dictatorship whose best-known exports are mercenaries, rainwater and the products of crowded garment sweatshops? Dunno which is worse, the price or the politics…

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