100 thoughts on “Chefs Vs Normals Taste Testing Pretentious Ingredients”

  1. The smoked sugar made into a heavy syrup might just make for a fantastical take on an Old fashioned… I will have to try this.

  2. Please do some more of these taste-testing videos – love both the gadget and the ingredient ones!!

  3. I bet Jamie would buy the Prosecco shimmer if his child wanted it for their birthday (in a non alcoholic drink)

  4. Several times during this video James says that he wants to do more tests with these ingredients, when do we get to see these tests?😀

  5. "are you actually having a laugh?"
    I think sometime you should. Just have a laugh and make a fake product.

  6. FYI Himalayan pink salt has no health benefits to it. The beneficial minerals are only 2% the rest is good old sodium which is a mineral of course but I think you can see the point.
    It's all marting and hype just because it's pink. Yes I know it might taste a better but that's it.

  7. Hang on…But you're all pretentious. What with your beards, hipster shirts, dark-rimmed glasses, temple fades, etc. You all look like CAFE society (Common-As-Filth-Eccentrics). Actually, the chef is the least pretentious of the lot of you. He's got short hair and a work uniform on, he has a good sense of taste … all good attributes for kitchen work.

  8. Well, apparently both of you are pretentious enough to pretend like easy mac and cheese is some abomination. Whatever. I've lived in England long enough to know you guys' food is a million times more processed and shit than what you find in the US. Some working moms and dads don't have enough time to make a gourmet meal every single day, you know. Go choke on a Himalayan salt block. You can get one at the horse store. Here, I'll link you to it:


  9. When we were kids like 10 years old, we bought liquorish powder from the Pharmacy and snorted it as a dare. But also just to lick it, because it was delicious (I am from northern Germany, we like black liquorish)

  10. The beautiful people would buy the salt block and take it home and display it on their kitchen bench possibly on top of a piece of Cornish slate. When guests came over the beautiful people would gush about the salt block and invent stories of how it was carried by a Himalayan monk from the foothills of the Himalayas to the door of Waitrose supermarket where they would leave it outside along with some prayer mats and incense and a few bells,. The Guests would sit around the salt block and worship it and gingerly reach out and touch it and make little gasping sounds. Later on, they would all get sick and some would die of sodium poisoning because they licked their fingers and unknown to them the monk was a dirty unwashed heathen who had transferred all his bum and willy germs on to the salt . Waitrose would then increase the price to £30 per ounce

  11. Eating food off a block of salt is just going to ruin the flavour. You have no control over the seasoning and the longer the food sits on it surely the more salt will be absorbed.

  12. I used to think I knew what pretentious meant. Now I realize it means Barry uses it. I imagine he drives a Prius. Sorry if this seems stereotypical.

  13. funny thing about the smoked sugar, I went camping with a friend a while back and we were screwing around with my canteen and made it so that it permanently smells of pinewood smoke and so to this day if I drink water out of that canteen, it tastes like pinewood smoke and charcoal. So the smoked sugar just reminded of that because my friend and I joked about selling smoked water and apparently that company beat us to it lol

  14. I wonder how that smoked sugar would do for rimming glasses for cocktails. And whether I could do my own with some proper hickory smoke.

  15. Guys, I use salt blocks as a moisture controler and sanitazer in my air drying fridge for meat…and it's actually amazing use for it. I tried man different way, but this is flawless natural way to control your moisture and get an A grade mature meat or salami…

  16. Chefs Vs Normals
    The title of this video implies that Chefs are abnormal.

    Your average neighborhood psycho: "AM I a joke to you?"

  17. Y’all should to a pretentious ingredient battle where they have to pick one from the video and incorporate it into their dish

  18. The Anglesey sea salt ketchup isn't pretentious. Nothing from or made in Anglesey is remotely posh. I know… I was born and grew up there. Escaped as soon as I could and stayed away since.

  19. I started binge watching the videos 2 days ago and am now officially in love with James…..so calm and soft spoken 😩💕💕💕


  21. Except for the ketchup those are valid ingredients and certainly not pretentious, gold leaf is pretentious as it adds nothing. There's nothing wrong experimentation, there is nothing wrong with having money and spending it. This is reverse snobbery and millennials waging war against money.

  22. I've actually found that if you cook eggs with Himalayan salt that actually boosts the flavor I taste more of the egg and for those of you who cook eggs with milk you're an idiot not one chef on this planet Cooks eggs with milk

  23. You guys have got to do the 'a taste of paris' gold collection, gold covered pepper, salt, mustard, etc most pretentious thing I've ever seen

  24. ‘That’s the wankiest thing we had so far…’ I didn’t know there was a superlative for the verb ‘to wank’. 🎵The More You Know🎵

  25. New series suggestion: Pretentious or Not…Time to Decide – A challenge to create dishes using the potentially pretentious ingredients James waffled* on or has expressed interest in trying out further. A mash-up of Pass It On with a Pretentious Ingredient theme would also be acceptable.

    *I just nerded out and looked up the etymology of "waffle" (because, weird word) and want to be clear that I use "waffled" in the American sense of indecisiveness. The British definition seems to carry a bit more shade and no insult is intended here. I'm not trying to say James is a windbag or something.

  26. My mom used liquorice powder as an ingredient in the base layer of a cheesecake which was really nice! Not really pretentious to me, but very niche and arguably a bit expensive for what it is.

  27. I watched every one of these Pretentious videos before getting out of bed today 😂 they’re definitely my favorite, and Pass It On!!!

  28. The first one is not pretentious AT ALL, black garlic takes time to make, you need to let them rest in a working rice cooker (you can technically make it at home with a rice cooker and that's probably not how they did it) but this process takes way more time and electricity than mass produced tomato ketchup, the fact that it's probably made by an independant company with an original product does make it more expensive and honestly it can be used in so many ways, it's totally worth it ! (Sorry for my bad english, englishs)

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