CHIANG MAI: masterchef alla Thai Farm Cooking School 🍵🍲  (ENG SUB) | Travel Duo

CHIANG MAI: masterchef alla Thai Farm Cooking School 🍵🍲 (ENG SUB) | Travel Duo

Hello there guys! Today we tell you about one of the most enjoyable experiences we had in Thailand. Let’s grab some food! As anticipated in the video of Chiang Mai, during our stay in the north of the country, we have indulged in trying different experiences. Today we will bring you to the beautiful Thai Farm Cooking School, which is about 17 km far from the city. It is an organic farm that offers full-day courses. We booked the lesson from Italy on their website and, once arrived in Chiang Mai, we went to their office to settle the payment and above all to choose the dishes that we would then cook. The next day a white van came to pick us up at the hotel and we met our teacher Was and the other participants from all over the world. First stop to the local market of Ruamchook. There, Was introduced us to the basics of Thai cuisine, made of many varieties of rice, spices, sauces, coconut milk, fruit, a lot of colors, flavors and smells, which literally bewitched us. After this brief stop we left for the farm, crossing rice fields and green hills. Once we arrived at the farm we wore a red apron and a huge sombrero hat and followed Was in the garden to discover its wonders. Thai basil, garlic, lemongrass, small sweet aubergines, kaffir lime, which is a kind of small lime with a very rough and thick skin, used in many recipes, and then the terrible Thai parsley! Little curiosity, you will love or hate this leaf. A guy in our group, a biochemist, explained us that due to a genetic mutation, some people perceive the smell of this leaf in a pleasant way, while others perceive it in a totally opposite way, like a strong and unpleasant smell. Guess which way we smell it! It seemed to smell a bug! Unfortunately, yes, it’s true. Anyway, we were free to choose what to use or not in our dishes. So, of course, we have excluded it. Remember that the Thai parsley can have this strong impact on your food. Finally it was time to get involved, we all arranged around the wooden table that was set on the outside of the farm. There was a wooden cutting board, a mortar and some spices that we had to use. The first task was to prepare the curry paste from scratch. Ruben chose the red one that is the spiciest, of course, I chose the yellow one that is the less spicy version and then you could also try to make the fresh one, which is the green one, starting from the leaf itself. It does not seem hard but chopping up all the ingredients, crush them until you get a homogeneous paste, it’s not a quick thing at all. Soon after we moved to our postations made up of stove, pots, spatulas and everything, we put ourselves to the test, trying to prepare the Tom Yam which is an absolutely delicious soup, slightly spicy, but sweetened with coconut milk and enriched with shrimps or tofu cubes. Then we made our first Pad-Thai, which is perhaps one of the most famous street food in Thailand. It is made of noodles, eggs, shrimp, tofu, chicken, vegetables, bean sprouts and soy sauce, served with a strip of brown sugar, a strip of chili flakes and peanuts. If you want then you can season it with the various powders. It is a strange thing, but it is really good, such a perfect mix! In this case, however, the preparation is very simple and very quick. You just have to put in the wok all the ingredients depending on their cooking time. Here we had a first break to eat the pad-thai together and talk about our trip. At our table we were all randomly western, but it was really nice and fun to sit with people who came from different countries, like USA, France, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany. It was really fun to talk about our adventures in Thailand. In the early afternoon we went back to work to complete the second part of our menu. We prepared vegetables in the style of stir-fry, sautéed in the pan to accompany the white rice, which fortunately had been already prepared for us, and the curry prepared earlier. Thai curry is extremely creamy and very tasty, even in this case, add coconut milk and the result is such a comfort food, very, very good …you would eat lots of bowls of that. To finish in beauty, a typical Thai dessert, made with bananas cooked in coconut milk. Extremely sweet for Elisa but I liked it a lot! I also ate her portion! Small brackets, if you want you can also bring home the food you have cooked; if you are full and you have eaten too much, you have this possibility. I must say that we were really lucky because, in addition of having a super fun teacher, (great Was) so good, kind and precise, who helped everyone, while cooking (she first cooked and then it was our turn), we also had the good fortune to happen in a really well-formed group, we had fun, made jokes, we were able to communicate with so different people, coming from different parts of the world, so it was a fun day. At the end of this experience, you will be offered a cup of lemongrass tea, which that is really fresh and delicious, and you will be given a booklet, or a recipe book, where you will find all the recipes that you have also made, and some others made in other seasons, so you can reproduce them at home. It is written in English but it is very simple and we advise you to try it. Thai cuisine has conquered us so much, that as a souvenir we brought back home some ingredients and spices taken in various supermarkets or local markets, to replicate the dishes we tasted for the first time. In fact, we have already started to experiment something and maybe we could even replicate some recipes and make some videos. What do you think? If you are curious let us know! We will sacrifice ourselves for you! Let us know in the comments down below! Well I would say that is everything for today. In the infobox you will find: the link to the website of the Thai Farm Cooking School, so you can read everything and book. Time for goodbye, see you on the next video! Bye!

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  1. Per degli amanti del cibo come noi, sarebbe un'esperienza stupenda!! Quel curry in effetti sembra davvero cremosooo!! Unica pecca per me (Nicole) è il dolce, odio le bananeeee ahahah
    Aspettiamo le videoricette, così proviamo anche noi a riprodurre qualcosa Thai 😍

  2. Ciao ragazzi, mi fa piacere aver scoperto il vostro canale per il vostro modo di raccontare e per le info e curiosità che date.
    Un altro Like per voi e iscrizione fatta. 🔔
    Se vi va, passate a trovarmi sul canale, ciao e al prossimo video! 😉

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