Chicago’s Best Barbecue: Smylie Brothers Brewing Co.

Chicago’s Best Barbecue: Smylie Brothers Brewing Co.

(upbeat rhythmic music) – There are two things in life
guaranteed to make me smile. Beer and barbecue. That’s why today,
thanks to you guys, I’m getting these
pearly whites ready for Smylie Brothers Brewing
Company, in Evanston. (upbeat rock music) Grant, a lot of the time
when you go to places, you feel like you’re in
the belly of the brewery. Whereas here it’s
kind of refreshing, that it feels like a
dressed-up brewery. And that’s a
compliment by the way. – Then thank you. (laughs) – He wasn’t too sure,
he’s like really, what are you trying to say here? – They have great
beer, great food. – It’s a great atmosphere. When you walk in you kind
of just get a good feeling, you feel comfortable. – It invites everybody,
it feeds everybody, it’s people from
all over the place so it’s like the
best of both worlds. (country music) – [Elliott] What’s the
hallmark of your food here? What are you guys known for? – [Grant] Barbecue. – Aw, beer and barbecue. Who would’ve thunk to put
those two things together? Rossie on Facebook, who said
great barbecue and great beer. What should we get our hands on? That gives us plenty of
time to drink beer as well and be conversational. – Definitely the brisket ’cause that takes about 13
and a half hours to cook. (record scratching)
Plenty of time to drink. – Oh my word. (country music) – So this is a beef brisket. Beef brisket has
two muscles on it. You’re gonna do
the work on this. Have you handled a knife before? – Hmm, yes I have. – Okay. You don’t want to go too
far down into the meat. You want to leave a
good quarter-inch of fat on the top of it. Keep your hand away
from there dude. – Are you terrified that
I’m gonna cut myself? – Yes I am. – I can see the
pain in your eyes. (Grant laughs) Before Grant has a
minor heart attack. – Okay so we’ll make
sure no one gets hurt. – [Elliott] I hand the knife
over so he can finish the trim and then it’s onto the spice. – We’re purists, so we just
just a mix of salt and pepper. – [Elliott] Oh no like
barbecue seasoning or? – [Grant] No not at all. – I like that’s some
fancy (beep) right there. I like that. – Simple. – [Elliott] With our
simple brisket prepped. – [The Mask] Smoking! – Grant sends it for a
13-hour ride in the smoker. In the meantime, I’m
gonna head out front and kill some time with
some of the regulars. (upbeat rock music) What makes barbecue and
beer such a perfect pairing? – I’ve developed this
theory, the B theory of life. You can live on B-words. – Yeah the brisket’s phenomenal. – The brisket’s incredible. – Beer, books. – I had the brisket. – Barbecue. – Some of the best
barbecue you can get. Especially in Evanston. – Isn’t it bromance, isn’t that what the
word they use nowadays? – Dude! This is a bromance
happening right here. (country rock music) Do you guys remember
what I was saying earlier about this place being
aesthetically pleasing? There is thought and purpose
in everything that goes on here including the beer,
which you paired for us with our brisket. – This is our lager. So it’s gonna be nice
and clean and crisp. It’s gonna nicely
cut through the fat. – Should we jump
into that bad boy? – Let’s dive in. (country rock music) – If you’re going in with
just simple seasoning, purely salt and pepper, this
brisket better be hot (beep). That brisket is outstanding. – We’re always trying
to make the food better than what it already is. – I’ll drink to that. – Cheers. – I’ll drink to it
a few times tonight. (whooshing and banging)

14 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Barbecue: Smylie Brothers Brewing Co.”

  1. Elliot is keeping this show ALIVE man! Keep it up! The other hosts might grow on me, but they need to lighten up and be more creative – they look like they are reading from a script – Elliot is so lively and friendly – makes it so much more fun to watch.

  2. Looks delicious, how is it so juicy after being in the smoker for 13 hours?! I want to bromance that man.

  3. This is the first thread I’ve seen were Elliot isn’t being teared to shreds. He isn’t bad I enjoy him as a host.

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