Chicago’s Best Brew Pubs: Corridor Brewery & Provisions

(upbeat music) Chicago is known for its pizza. And what pairs better
with pizza than beer? Southport is home to a ton
of restaurants and shops, but it’s also the home of Dave’s favorite
brewery, Corridor. They’ve got beer,
they’ve got pizza, and I hear they even
put beer in the pizza. – [Electronic Voice] Aw yeah. – Try to describe the
interior of the restaurant for someone who has
never been here. – Cozy. – I think it has its own vibe. – It just feels like home. – It has this, like, European
biking kind of theme to it. – I’m here all the time because I think I love the atmosphere. – It’s a neighborhood
spot, but they are doing world-class beers. – Why do you think
you have so many loyal customers, so
many repeat customers? – Because our beer is
the best in Chicago. (upbeat music) – Just taking your home
right here in Southport. – Great beer, great pizza. – Pizza and beer seems
like what Chicago does. – Pizza and beer goes
so well together. – But the flavors, they’re
just easy to mesh together. – I think it’s
just All-American. – I believe you’re having the
Barbecue Pork Pizza today, and the barbecue
sauce has Nine Lives, our latest hazy offering
that we have on draft. – Pizza and beer are
best friends anyway, but when you find a
way to put beer into my barbecue sauce on my pizza, that’s like a
next-level friendship. Alright, so of course barbecue
pizza needs barbecue sauce. – That’s right. So we start with some
traditional ingredients. So we have ketchup. – Worcestershire sauce. – Worcestershire, that’s right. – War-cha-cheser-shire sauce? – That’s better, I like that.
– That’s a fun one. – [Ryan] Champagne
vinegar, brown sugar. So, this is our hazy beer,
it’s going go give us some of the citrus
characters, some of the fun brightness in
our barbecue sauce. So this is our beer
that we brew in house. – [Marley] You went
a little crafty. (laughing) Ba dum bum. – So then we have
some soy sauce, and then the last thing is
we put a little sriracha in. What we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna put it on the heat, marry everything together. And now we’re going
to season our pork. – [Marley] Good.
– [Ryan] It looks llike we’re
there. – So now we’re there, so
let’s build a pizza, huh? – Yeah. – We’re just going to
kind of let gravity do the work for us. So, your knuckles
are the key here. – Oh my knuckles are
ripping a hole in it. – Well, I mean, – Just a small one. – We can fix these
things in post. We can fix it in post.
– We’ll just fix it in post. – What hole?
– What? – And we’re going to use
some Dijon as a base. What, have you done this before? – I’ve done a pizza
episode, okay?
– Do you need a job? I won’t forget the cheese
this time, I swear. – [Ryan] So we’re just
going to take the pickles and kind of spread
them around the pizza. – [Marley] I hate pickles. – Do you hate puppies
and rainbows too? – No, I love puppies
and rainbows, and
cats and all animals. – [Ryan] So now we just
pop it in the oven. – Alright, you still
get a high five, even though it has pickles. – Thank you. – Let’s dig in to
your deliciousness. – Let’s do it. – The beer in the sauce gives
it almost a fruity taste. – Totally, like the citrus-y
notes really come through with the hazy. The hazy is just so
juicy, and it really cuts through the pork
and the pickles. (laughs) – There were no pickles
in that bite, to be clear. Why is Corridor Chicago’s Best? – We just do good food
and good beer simply, but using great ingredients
and a lot of love. – Cheers to good food, good
beer, and a lot of love. – Thank you so much.

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