Chicago’s Best Brew Pubs: Exit Strategy Brewing Co.

Chicago’s Best Brew Pubs: Exit Strategy Brewing Co.

– [Homer Simpson] Mm, beer. (upbeat music) – When our viewer Terrence
heard we were doing a brewpub episode, he
said we had to check out Exit Strategy because
they have beers that both he and his wife like. Well, my husband’s not
with me, but I’m gonna Enter anyway. When will I exit? That’s the question. (upbeat music) So, a lawyer, a teacher,
and an exit strategy. And here we are. – And here we are. We knew we wanted to
make a place that was part of our community,
part of the neighborhood. – [Man] The old TV show Cheers. I feel like I walk in
here and everybody’s like, “Hey, Terry, how are you?” – I’m here frequently. I’m not going to say
how many times, but it’s a good place to be. – My husband and I
actually came here the day of our wedding. I showed up in my wedding
dress and we had a drink. – It’s a great brewpub,
it’s very comfortable, kids, families. – Got a little
something for everybody. – Absolutely. – A lot of the beers
are named after either like, things in our lives,
friends or families, dogs. – Your dog has a beer? – Our dog does, it’s Rufus. He’s a curmudgeon of
a French Bulldog, so our robust porter
is named after him. (dog barking) – [Marley] So what are we
going to be making today? – You guys are going
to be making a buffalo
chicken poutine, which is amazing. – [Marley] What
is in the poutine? What are the ingredients? – You’ll have to ask
Katherine that one, actually. – I like that. You’re like, “I
defer to my wife.” – I’m going to defer
to my wife on that one. – Alright I will- – We’re keeping
this one a surprise. – Oh, I love a surprise. Alright, so Chris wouldn’t
tell me what’s in the poutine. – Obviously. – So I’m here to learn. – Lovely. Alright, we’re going to start
with these house-cut fries. We do these fresh every day. They’re wonderful. – [Marley] How
long do we stay in? – Just a couple of
minutes on that. Enough time for like, – Enough time for a cheers. – A thing. – For a thing. (swallowing) – [Katherine] We’re just
going to grab some chicken. – [Marley] A hearty portion. – [Katherine] Midwest, baby. – Is that enough, is that
hearty enough? – Uh, a little bit more. Alright, so next, so we’re going to dig into the buffalo sauce. Ah, I would do one more. And if one more doesn’t
look like enough,
do another one. Not the world’s
most exact science. I come from a family of
“Does it look right? Cool.” – I love this. – Now we build. These, bottom. Next, all of it. Dump it, get it’s saucy
goodness all in there. Next. – Yes! – I know, cheese sauce,
it is a thing in our lives that we love so much. – [Marley] I want
to swim in you. – I know, if it were socially
appropriate, I might. Next, we’ve got to garnish with blue cheese and our green onion. There it is, buffalo
chicken poutine. It is stupid delicious. – We should go eat it, then. – We should go to town on this. – Let’s go to town. (upbeat music) – Thank you. So this is Exit, this is
our American pale ale, and if I could make
a beer into a candle, it would smell like this and
I would burn it everyday. – The, like, gentle
sweetness of this beer pairs so perfectly with
the gentle spiciness of the poutine. – And it’s just, it’s
going to cut everything and it’s going to
bring, like, just a nice sharpness to the table. – Why is Exit Strategy
Chicago’s Best? – Our heart. I mean, our food is amazing,
our kitchen game is on point. Chris makes amazing,
amazing beer. But the bottom line
of our place is heart. – I’m a fan of any
meal that ends with me having two beers on the table. – I mean, I’m not going
to lie, this doesn’t suck. – Here’s to this not sucking. Cheers. – Cheers. (upbeat music)

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  1. As a Quebecoise this is not Poutine. Where's the cheese curds? Where's the brown sauce? Name it something else beside poutine, suggestions blue cheese buffalo fries.

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