Chicago’s Best Brewery 2018: Smylie Brothers Brewing

Chicago’s Best Brewery 2018: Smylie Brothers Brewing

– We’re gonna start the night with how every
night should start, a pint in your hand. These are the nominees for
Chicago’s Best Brewery. – Kind of the secret
dish that everybody needs to order on here is
our Nashville hot chicken. – Gonna make the Chi-Town today. – It goes great with
beer, A plus in my book. – I love our duck poutine. – The shrimp tacos,
reel big shrimp. – Baja sauce they have
on there is phenomenal. – Definitely the brisket,
’cause that takes about 13 and a
half hours to cook. So, plenty of time to drink. – And, the first award goes to, can I get a quick
drum roll guys? (drum pounding) Smylie Brothers Brewing. – All right. Amazing brisket,
even better beer. Perfect combo. – Cheers to you Smylie Brothers. – Cheers to you. (phone ringing) – Thanks for calling Smylie
Brothers, this is Mike. Can I help you? – I’m hiding outside
Smylie Brothers because my team’s inside. They’ve told them
they’re filming something for social media,
when in reality they’re about to win
an award from me. Let’s go surprise ’em. – [Mike] Hey, how are ya? Good to see you again. – Yeah.
– How’s it going? – I wanted to surprise
you with something. You are officially
Chicago’s Best Brewery. – We won?
– You won. – No way.
– Yes way Ted. That’s why I’m here. – Wow, is that awesome. – Congratulations. – Hey, look at that. – How do you feel right now? – I feel pretty terrific. This was a setup. – This was, this is what
we call a setup, indeed. – Hey, look at that. – It wouldn’t be right
to be in a brewery that does barbecue to
not go and toast now with some briskets
and beer, right? – Yeah, I think so. – Okay.
– Let’s get to it. – And, that’s why I
chose to come to Smylie. ‘Kay, come Mike, let’s go. – All right.
– Let’s go cheers then. Here’s to you being
one of the Best of 2018 on Chicago’s Best.
– Thank you. – Tastes like victory.

2 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Brewery 2018: Smylie Brothers Brewing”

  1. I’m sorry to say that this show will take just about any and all suggestions nowadays and call it the best. I can understand the selection based on food, but this video does absolutely no justice to what beers are being produced by these breweries. More brewing will pack 500 ppl around the block for a weekday release, 350 brews amazing stouts and ipas, 18 street is in Indiana… not even in the state of Illinois. I love their brews but it’s not “Chicago’s” best, if that’s the case then give Three Floyd’s a review. Seems like any place can get a video with one comment. This missed the mark completely and it’s not even close. Any true craft beer drinker in Chicagoland will agree and I mean no disrespect to the owners, operators, and brewers involved.

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