Chicago’s Best Burger: DryHop Brewers

Chicago’s Best Burger: DryHop Brewers

(heavy rock music) (car engine revving) – I’m definitely one to
enjoy a good pairing, especially if it’s a
great burger with an
even greater beer. – [Woman] Mmm-hmm. – Or beers.
(hiccup) And our Facebook fan Noah led us right here to Lakeview,
at Dryhop Brewers for that perfect combo. (upbeat rock music) Okay Grant I’m so
excited to be here. Can we cheers? – We’re excited
to have you here. But before we get going,
I’m gonna need those keys. – Oh, fair enough. – We’ll have the producer
drive you home later. (upbeat rock music) – What is this, this
is so much beer. (gulping) And it’s so good. (upbeat rock music) One of my favorite pairings is a great beer
with a great burger. Tell me about your burger. – Well we’re a brew pub so the meat is made to
accentuate the beer. Tomato jam on there
which is awesome, the arugula to add a
little bit of spiciness. We want people to
enjoy the experience of Chicago’s best beer,
and also in my opinion Chicago’s best food. – That burger back
there is calling my name so I’m gonna need to get to work but while I’m back there you can go ahead and
finish that beer. – I’ll have no
problem with that. – Alright.
– Cheers. (upbeat rock music) – Alright Will,
let’s be honest, you’re probably gonna be
doing most of the work. So I came bearing gifts. (bright chiming)
– Thank you so much. I get the little one there. – I don’t make
the decisions here but I do drink the beer. – Cheers. – [Lauren] While Will
starts us off on the grill, I’m on bun duty. – [Will] You want
to flip the burgers? – [Lauren] Yes! – [Will] Go for it. (applause)
– Ooh, look at me, I went to culinary school. – [Man] Really? – Okay, that’s a lie but a few more minutes on the
grill means a few more sips. This is my beer, I
have the big beer. You have the tiny beer. – Just a little one. Cheers.
– Cheers. – [Will] You did a good
job toasting that bun. – [Lauren] Thank you. – [Will] Nice and toasty. You want to work here? We’re looking for somebody. – No I don’t want to work here. I have a really good job, I
don’t know if you know this. – [Woman] You know this. – Get that jam on that bun.
– Okay. – [Will] Get a little
bit of arugula. – I can do that. – No! – Oh.
(error buzzer beeping) – On top of the meat after,
I was just setting it aside. – I don’t belong in here guys. I’m just gonna
keep drinking this. (upbeat rock music) After Will fixes my mistakes we load on the cheese and I get one last
chance to redeem myself. So much pressure. (imitates explosion) This burger and this beer,
just missing one thing. We need some fries. – Alright. – Can you drop some for me? – Absolutely. (upbeat rock music) – [Lauren] Describe
this burger to me. – [Customer] This
burger is great. – It was one of the best
burgers I’ve had in a long time. – The patties are so juicy. That aioli sauce just really
marinates well on top of it. – It is my favorite
burger in the city. (upbeat rock music) – I have my beer,
I have my burger, I’m so ready to
dig in, but first. (glasses clinking)
– [Grant] Cheers. (upbeat rock music) – That’s really good. Now let’s see how well
it goes with this burger. Oh my gosh. Everything, the meat, the
arugula, pickled onions, it goes together perfectly. – I’m not gonna
disagree with that. – I definitely recommend
coming to Dryhop ’cause I mean’ what
else do you need? This is great. Cheers the burger, why not? (upbeat rock music) (whooshing and banging) (upbeat rock music)

48 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Burger: DryHop Brewers”

  1. I could be mistaken, but those look like frozen patties to me, and any place that uses Frozen patties should not be on Chicago's Best

  2. This establishment was created by and for whites of good character. We will be monitoring for reporting and deporting.

  3. Brittney Payton can be found on GOOD DAY CHICAGO… she a host for them now… great run Brit Chicago’s best will never be the same

  4. The whole served on a slate, fries in a little tin bucket thing is so annoying. Just put it on a fucking plate! "Why does this burger cost $25????" "Well, you get it on a state tile- with tomato jam that totally isn't ketchup!"

  5. this new host is so so fucking rude , if you all keep her , ur gonna loose veiwers the producer of this show should pay more attention to detail…. of how she comes across .. very ghetto , she said can u drop my fries and i have a great job, if u didnt know, WOW. , brittany is such a class act and so polite

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