Chicago’s Best Burgers 7: Old Irving Brewing Company

Chicago’s Best Burgers 7: Old Irving Brewing Company

you can get your burgers a lot of
different ways in this town you can get them smashed you can get embroiled you
can even get them deep-fried and Jeff on our app set at old Irving Brewing
Company you can get them off a wood-burning grill tastes so good
because it’s cooked on wood so incredible first off cheers Cheers oh
they’re being Brewing Company you got it this is a very unique spot here about
this so there’s three different rooms and each one has its own field what
we’re standing in right now is kind of our tap room kind of feel it’s kind of
more the bar atmosphere and then the next room over you’ll actually get kind
of more of a beer garden feel and then finally we have kind of the game room
but I like to call it the backyard because it’s got a big fence that
surrounds my brewery and that’s kind of where you can play a game of bags hang
out have a couple pints and it’s a little bit more relaxed it’s more of a
relaxing place and that’s I think why we chose to come here we come we jam we
love hanging out and talking to each other and like trying some kick-ass
beers I’ve never heard anyone say no it’s an offer to come to a bourbon
brewery all right well it’s burgers we’re all
about burgers I love a I have to have a burger every week what am I going to be
making in the kitchen and who might be cooking with sure so you’re gonna be
cooking with our chef Brenden Robinson’s he makes a killer burger off of our wood
fire grill on top of that wood-fired grilled onions and then some aged white
cheddar on top of that and of course thick-cut wood-fired bacon wood fire
grill really makes it all about wood smokes anything the wood grill enhances
the flavor just yeah all right well I’m gonna make a perfect burger let’s Cheers
beers yes burgers yes and Chicago’s best and
Chicago’s best Cheers so chef Brandon we are going to be
making our burgers first step going to meet what we have in here is we have
Chuck short rib and brisket blend what is it about that combination that really
makes for a great burger well we use about 80% chuck which gives it that nice
beefy flavor then we use brisket in short rib they’re really nice and fatty
pieces on there too that just adds more flavor to this with our beef blended and
our patty form it’s time we had four old Irving’s very special girl this is our
wood-burning grill and it is hot back here I mean that’s intense
yeah it’s pretty warm we salt up and I find the perfect spot all right there we
are at the flame we want a fire there I don’t do fire we load up on cheddar
cheese thick cut bacon caramelized onion and top off with the house-made rosemary
bun this burger looks unbelievable we round
our meat we made our patties that would flaming grow back there I cannot wait
I’m hungry I’m ready to smash this into my face smash it into my face with your mouthful how does it taste
good we get a little into that rose Miriam the buns are supersoft the meat
is cooked perfect you get a lot of that smokiness quality from the wood-burning
grill on there that is a lot of flavor why are you Chicago’s best if you do a
burger on a griddle you’re not gonna pull all that amazing flavor you can
really only get that from the wood-fired I think that’s what really kind of sets
us apart from the other burgers and I think that’s what makes us Chicago’s

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  1. Cooked perfect?!? That thing is still mooing! They should be ashamed to have a wood fire grill and not be able to properly cook a burger.

  2. the sexy guy in scene :043 & 1:43!! haha! I'm famous! best burgers in the world! Chef Brandon Robinson is 👑 and so is Josh aka Top Chef!

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