Chicago’s Best Pizza: Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

Chicago’s Best Pizza: Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

this is our most requested episode and
to celebrate we’re bringing some of you guys along to eat at some of your
favorite spots and our first stop in this show is a place that comes up time
and time again whenever we ask you guys about pizza
we’re in Wicker Park at peace this episode we’re going to all the most
requested locations and apparently pieces on that list
peace is a pizzeria and brew pub and our pizzas modeled after the pizza that I
grew up eating in New Haven Connecticut the New Haven style I just love how they
it is a little lighter it’s fun to pick up and fold it you get a thin slice of
pizza that’s delicious and you don’t feel like in the face on Twitter at this to say
deep-dish ain’t got nothing on piece when I came up with this idea and I ran
it by some people the naysayers said it’s the land of deep-dish if it’s done
the right way people will embrace it I’m the record I love Chicago South
pizza but this is my mistress this do we don’t judge on this show now normally I
would ask you what you and I are gonna go back in the kitchen and cook but I
understand that another one of our most requested is waiting back there for me
huh so she’s pretty gonna make more weight back in the kitchen yeah okay
gotta go back all the suppresses the surprises encased you have no idea who
this man is I see what he did there Greg on Facebook
says that his favorite pizza is the atomic pizza which is the creation of
this man right here it’s hot dog now Doug’s a sausage man so
pizza isn’t exactly his forte you not to make this I’ve seen it done I
can see I was really hoping you know how to make this I did show up for the beer
but we’re gonna make the best of it all right yeah it goes on the board I think
yeah it looks like you made it yourself Wow a little bit of sauce okay all right
I think it goes on the dough stuff yeah some of the pepper jack cheese on top of
the red stuff we got some of the caramelized onions how much we talking
here um some and a little bit of the hot dogs atomic sausage this is your forte
what’s in the atomic sausage it is a pork sausage with a whole lot of peppers
in there now that’s more like it finish with a sprinkle of shredded palm
and a splash of olive oil I think it’s ready to go in the oven you think so
no but let’s take a shot yeah thanks Doug you’ve been very helpful
it’s about time I head out for a bite with our superfan so I told you guys though on this
episode we will be joined by fans now this however right here is a super fan
gotta help correct gotta have it what’s your name again I’m Rick Nielsen
from cheap trick oh I’m kidding of course of course we know you are would
you mind signing something for me sure yeah like maybe would you mind
signing that maybe that one and maybe that one okay we’re done after you oh
come on help you do that one too now we go by embarrassing stuff out of the way
let’s talk about this now it’s thin crust pizza in a thick crust town is my
favorite as my grandkids favor as my kids favor is fabulous oh my good god I’m so frickin good then
crust made well and look at the size of the pizza is huge the basil right the
pizzas all right company’s a little bit weird fired first time you get it right

43 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Pizza: Piece Brewery & Pizzeria”

  1. Hot Doug and his Atomic Sausage Pizza….CHEAP TRICK!?!?!?! Later Doug. Sausage and pepperoni time. WOW! Just like that. Didn't even eat the pie he made with Doug!! Elliot gets more looney every show. BRING BACK TED!!!!!!!!!

  2. sorry rick most of us have no fuckin clue who you are and you aren't signing shit, except Elliot's balls. fire Elliot, he's shit.

  3. 1:33 I think that the owner might be Eliots legitimate father. It is uncanny how much they look alike. Whats even more uncanny is how much Eliot looks like Phineas from Phineas and Ferb

  4. Ironic thing is that 90% of the pizza you order in Chicago is thin crust. There are plenty of great stuffed and deep dish too, but we mostly buy thin crust.

  5. Chicago, you’re spoiled Times a Thousand when it comes to Choices of Pizza Places. Imagine people like me have no choice but to pick the Common Dominos, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, etc? 😭

  6. Best ny style pizza in Chicago I’ve had so far, I think wood or coal fired pizza when I think new haven style though

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