Chicago’s Best Poutine: 18th Street Brewery

Chicago’s Best Poutine: 18th Street Brewery

(upbeat rock music) (engine roaring) This is our brew pub episode and you guys know that I will
travel just about anywhere for good beer and good food. So when Nicole on Facebook
said we had to check out 18th Street Brewery
in Hammond, Indiana, I thought to myself, it’s a prefect opportunity
for a brew pub road trip. – [Men] Road trip! – Oh and Nicole,
definitely worth the trip. (upbeat rock music) Drew, I love that this
story starts at home, just brewing for fun. – 2010 is when we got
our federal permit and I can actually sell
beer with this permit, out of my garage. – Is that the awakening moment, it’s like (beep), I can
sell beer for a living. – Yeah. – [Homer] Woo-hoo,
beer, beer, beer! – [Elliott] What’s
the vibe here? When people turn up,
what can they expect? – Really just a really
cool, chill vibe, awesome music, awesome food. You know if we can
achieve those things then we’ve done something right. – Okay and if not you
just give people more beer and they’ll forget that they
even had a bad experience. – [Drew] You’re onto
something right there. (laughing) – Seeing as you’ve
been so gracious to furnish me with some
delicious beer today, I should be cooking for you. So what would you like to eat? What’s on the menu
that you really like? – I love our duck poutine. It’s really rich,
it’s flavorful. (duck quacking) Who the hell doesn’t
like duck poutine? – The ducks. – Your despicable. (glasses clinking) (bright music) – This is Emmanuel,
Chef Emmanuel, but
to me, this is E-man. So we’re gonna make
your famous poutine. (bright chiming) And no poutine is
complete without? – Gravy.
(boxing ring bell dinging) – [Elliott] E-man’s
poutine gravy starts with a butter
and flour roux. – Okay imma sprinkle a
little in for you, whisk. Yeah get in there, get the
butter in with it, yeah. – [Elliott] Add in our
pho-spiced stock. – That roux should
start thicking up there. – Oh yeah. – You feel it,
it’s digging it up? – God, sometimes I work really
(beep) hard in the kitchen. – Go on, keep whisking it. – One second. – Oh yeah. – While I regain
feeling in my arm, I think it’s about time we
get to building our poutine. (upbeat rock music) Alright so our double
E-man gravy is ready. Our fries are now ready. – Of course. – [Elliott] And we are ready
to poutine this baby up. – This is a 60-minute egg. You crack it right
in the middle. Alright, now it’s time to
put the good toppings on. – Alright. We load up on our
homemade gravy. – Can’t be stingy
with the gravy. – [Elliott] And of course, a
heaping portion of duck confit. – [Emmanuel] Yeah. – [Elliott] It’s ready to go. – Ready to eat. – That’s a double E-man poutine right there for you
my friends, okay. (bell dings) (upbeat rock music) Tell me about the poutine. – The poutine is delicious. It’s different. And it’s very, very good. I’m a big poutine guy. Poutine here – great! – Have you tried the poutine? – I have. – You okay, why, you looked
kind of last answer about that. – No because I can eat
a whole bowl by myself and that’s a problem. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) – You go to a brewery as
phenomenal as you guys are but you do expect still
to get your wings, your plate of fries, your
nachos with liquid cheese. Duck poutine. Alright and what
have we paired it with. What are you drinking? – I’m drinking Patio Pils. – Okay and what have
you paired me with? – [Drew] Candi Crushable. It’s easy, it’s refreshing. – [Elliott] Shall we? – Shall we. (upbeat rock music) I hope my doctor’s not
watching this show right now. – Screw that guy,
just give him a beer. (bright music) I’m conducting the
happy taste-buds. (bright music) That gravy is rich as hell. The duck confit strangely
adds to that too. So it becomes a decadent,
indulgent, perfect companion to your Candi Crushable. – Or the Patio Pils. – Beer and fatty, rich food. That is a happy
marriage right there. You guys should get down
here, celebrate Indiana. – Cheers. (epic music) (whooshing and banging)

19 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Poutine: 18th Street Brewery”

  1. Don't get me wrong, this really looks good, but it's not a poutine. You're missing one of the three core ingredients that makes a poutine a poutine, the cheese curds. There's not even any cheese in this. 🙁

  2. I'm from Quebec, Canada, where poutine was invented. Don't get me wrong, that looks delicious, but it's definitely not a poutine. Maybe a Frite Sauce with duck, but not a poutine!

  3. That is not a poutine. The fact that its advertised as poutine is ludiciris and actually false advertisement

  4. The only time that the owner emits a smile and acts genuinely friendly is when there's a television host and a cameraman walking in the door.

  5. Missing cheese curds is like, a huge faux pas but it's also the first place on this show I've seen that made a gravy from scratch so there's that. Maybe just call it disco fries.

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