Chicago’s Best Spicy Chicken Sandwich: More Brewing Company

Chicago’s Best Spicy Chicken Sandwich: More Brewing Company

(upbeat rock music) (engine revving) (upbeat rock music) – The growl in this
Dodge Challenger has got me thinking
about one thing. Beer growlers. (engine roaring) We’re on our way to More
Brewing Company in Villa Park where they’re taking the
growler to a whole other level. (upbeat rock music) Cheers Evan.
– Cheers. – We’re here at More Brewing
Company in Villa Park. I hear you guys do something
a little bit unique when it comes to a growler. – A lot of people
do the growlers but we do a crowler,
which is a 32-ounce can that we can right
behind the bar. – Well it lasts longer than a typical growler.
– Exactly. (upbeat music) – Our viewer Garett said
that you guys have great beer and great burgers. But I hear you have
a better sandwich that you want us to
try while we’re here. – Yeah, kind of the secret dish that everybody needs
to order on here is our Nashville hot chicken. Hand-breaded chicken
breast that we do to order and then we’re gonna
basically sauce it with just a bunch
of crazy-hot spices. – On a scale of one to 10
of spiciness, where are we? – Ah, that’s a good question. It depends on who you talk to. – Like a seven.
(dinging) – About an eight,
(dinging) so it’s pretty spicy. – Oh a ten, I think.
(dinging) – A one.
(bright dinging) – One is your number? I think it’s a little
spicier than that. – “George likes
his chicken spicy.” – [Marley] Just one
thing left for us to do before we head in the kitchen and you teach me how
to make that sandwich. – Cheers. (upbeat rock music) – You promised me some
Nashville hot chicken. – I did, I did. Are you ready to make some? – I sure am. I think I need a sip
of beer first out. – That’s awesome. That’s yours with
the lipstick, right? (wolf whistling) – It looks like
your shade of pink but I’m gonna guess it’s mine. – Cheers. (engine revving) You ready?
– I’m ready. – Grab that bowl there.
– Bowl. – Some of our
pre-marinated chicken. Take about a handful
of the flour here, beat it around a little bit. (boxing ring bell dings) Don’t be afraid to punch it (fists punching)
a couple of times. Throw it in the basket,
boom, and drop it. And that’s gonna be
for about six minutes. – Six minutes. We better finish these beers and I’m gonna take off
my dirty gloves to do it. Stop making me look silly here. – I work in a brewery. – I’m new to the mom
juice, I just had a baby. (gulping) Six minutes done. Challenge accepted.
(bright dinging) Challenge completed.
(bright dinging) Beer’s done, time
to make a sandwich. – We’re gonna get these spices
all mixed up with the oil. Trade the whisk for the brush. – Slop it on there.
– Painting the house, yeah. – For all my house painting
experience, here we go friends. This is how you paint a house,
you just sort of dob it on? – My house that’s
how it looks, yeah. (Marley laughs) – This looks ready to eat. The rest of the plate
looks kind of empty. So I’ll fill up the beer
’cause I know how to do that. Why don’t you toss some
more goodie on here and I’ll see ya out there. – You got it. (upbeat jazzy music) – Alright I took
care of the beer. Thank you for finishing up the sandwiches.
– Yeah, my pleasure. – I think we do a sip,
a cheers, and then let’s try these bad boys.
– Boom. (upbeat jazzy music) – It’s a six when you start.
(bright ding) It’s like an eight, nine.
(two bright dings) You can really feel the cayenne, like sitting on your tongue. I have to take a sip of my beer. – And that’s kind of
why we paired it up here with our Double
Dry Hopped Dusty. The earthy tones from the hops
really pair nicely with this. – My mouth needs a cool-down. Stop laughing at
me, it’s very spicy! (man screaming) I was promised some crowlers
to bring back to the office. Not growlers people,
(error buzzer dings) crowlers, with a C.
(bright buzzer dings) So let’s pack some of those up. – Alright let’s get after it. (upbeat jazzy music) (whooshing and banging)

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  1. September 7th the nun ignore this comment if u see it before I delete it saw an ad for a movie I wanna see until I can write it in my notes it remains here

  2. Fry the Coop in Oak Lawn has a Nashville Hot sandwich with 5 different heat levels to choose from, great fries, great staff and great Chicken & Waffles. This place spent more time talking about beer than food. :-{

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