Chicken & chicken soup (Yeonggye-baeksuk: 영계백숙)

Chicken & chicken soup (Yeonggye-baeksuk: 영계백숙)

(chopping sounds) (upbeat music) – Hi everybody! Let’s make chicken soup today. We are going to make Yeong-Gye-Baeksuk. Chicken and chicken soup. This chicken is around a little less
than four pounds of chicken. This is going to be a
really delicious meal. This is how I make it for my family. We just boil this until
this chicken is very tender. All my family is sitting at the table and then we’re eating with the dipping sauce. Around the time we
finish eating all chicken then, the porridge comes. Chicken soup is ready! So that’s why this is
a really full meal with only one chicken. To make it really delicious,
I brought this ginseng. This is fresh ginseng. I got this from a Korean store. Usually, in the summertime, easily you can find it in a large Korean grocery store. And it’s quite expensive, but Once you make this, you will feel energized. This top part, always remove. Cut off, because we believe that this gives you too much heat. So we always cut it off. See, some brownish bruises. And, you see? Good. I will use one cup garlic, all washed and clean. So, left over ginseng, you can just wrap it in a paper towel and keep it in a plastic bag. And then you can keep it in the refrigerator
almost one month. But after that, if you still have ginseng, dry it. No problem, you can dry this. Place it in any place in your house,
and dry it out. Then you can use it later. Now, chicken. So this part. Remove. And this tip. Cut off. Let’s see around the neck area. Yeah, nice. Transfer it to a large pot. Garlic. Ginseng. Ten cups of water. Turn on the heat to medium high heat. And about 20 minutes over medium high heat
until it’s really boiling vigorously. Then I’m going to turn down the heat and keep cooking. And also I soaked rice. This time I used glutinous rice. Sweet rice is glutinous rice. So now it’s really boiling. 20 minutes passed. Let’s see! Turn down the heat to medium low. If chicken is too much
cooked it’s not tasty even though the broth is more delicious. But we’ve gotta enjoy both. I will cook this 50 minutes more. (upbeat jazzy music) My house smells so good! You know, garlic and chicken are boiling together, it
smells really, really good. Now time to prepare some side dishes. I washed these
green chili peppers It’s not very spicy, you know. Very crispy. I can dip this in Ssamjang and it is really delicious. It goes well with the Yeong-Gye-Baeksuk. Cucumber. Keep in the refrigerator. Next, sauce. We are going to make two
kinds of dipping sauce. First, these are just green onions green chili peppers, and onion. I’m using these. Slice this thinly. This is around a half cup. And green onions. Four green onions. Just slice them. Slice them diagonally and thinly. This is also around half a cup. Green chili pepper. This green onion, I will use later. Just chop them up. 1/4 cup soy sauce. 2 tablespoons vinegar. Sesame seeds, around 1 tablespoon. 1 teaspoon sugar. Korean Gochugaru (hot
pepper flakes), one teaspoon. And mix them together. Nice looking! I will keep it
in the refrigerator. Second dipping sauce is just a simple mixture of salt. Ground black pepper Sesame seeds. We didn’t add any salt to here. Baeksuk means just white and cook. Not only chicken but also fish are cooking without using any seasoning. And then later, you can dip it
into some salt like this. My chicken is almost done now. It looks so good, bubbling. The broth is milky. It looks so delicious. Let’s see! I need this wooden skewer. Whoaw! Yeah, it easily goes through. You see, nice! You know, there is no blood. And it’s nicely and well cooked! And also it’s very soft when I do this. So, I gotta transfer this. Chicken broth is really delicious. Garlicky and so yummy! But, there’s a lot of floating oil. I like to get rid of the fat. Turn off. Remove just the floating fat as much as we can. Remove this. Ginseng. Take it out. Really looks good, isn’t it? Wow. Delicious looking, milky! Now we’re gonna make chicken soup. Chicken soup with this rice. One cup rice was soaked.
I will add this here. I’m gonna drain this water. Let’s add to this broth. Cover. over medium high heat. This broth is hot, so I’m going to cook just 20 minutes. Now, we gotta eat this. While this is cooking,
we gotta serve this. All are prepared. So, first, what I’m doing is usually I do like this. Just half the chicken
breast using my spatula. In the center of the table put your chicken, and
family are sitting together. Cucumber and green chili pepper and kimchi and Ssamjang, salt and this dipping sauce. Onion mixture. Let me taste my chicken first, okay. Which part should I eat? Actually my favorite
part is chicken leg. Mmm-mm! Now, I’m going to eat this with this dip. Mmm. I’ll use my hand. Why not! Salt. Chicken is perfectly cooked. And, also cucumber with dip (ssamjang). It goes well together. So 20 minutes passed and let’s see! You need to stir occasionally so that it’s not going
to stick to the bottom. See? Well done! We gotta add salt here. The amount of salt is depending on you. Usually, for this amount, 2 teaspoons salt. And mix it well. And, green onion, where is my green onion? 2 chopped green onions. Eat this way. Saltiness is perfect. I want to eat green chili pepper. Mmm. This pepper is called asagi (아삭이) gochu. Asagi (아삭이) means crispy. This chicken soup reminds
me of so many stories. There was a big mountain
where I used to live. We went hiking. Even in the mountain,
there were some restaurants. They opened this kind of
Yeong-Gye-Baeksuk restaurants. All my family and friends went there together. “Okay, how many people?” “We have ten.” So for ten people, two chickens. 2 free range chicken
are cooked. It takes a long time to cook so in the meantime
we’re sitting there and eat other stuff and also drink soju and then, eventually, chicken is coming. Just like this, chicken first. And we are all together around that time ,we are so
hungry and waiting for chicken so it’s very delicious, you know. Chicken is all gone quickly and then soup is coming. Then we finish our meal. Everybody’s stomach is
so comfortable. That’s a really good memory
of when I lived in Korea. So this is the way that we serve this. Today we made Yeong-Gye-Baeksuk. Chicken and chicken soup. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye~ (Upbeat music fades)

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