Chicken Fry And Roast Recipes 36 – Crispy Chicken Cutlets  – By Vahchef @

Chicken Fry And Roast Recipes 36 – Crispy Chicken Cutlets – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you how to make
chicken cutlet especially I make this when I have some chicken left over and I
just don’t want to re-heat and eat that so I want to make something even more
special than the leftover chicken that’s when I make this awesome chicken
cutlets this is very easy to make. For this take some chopped onion in a bowl now
add some chopped garlic, chili flakes for spice, chopped coriander, some
salt, add some curry powder if not you can add garam masala powder or anything and in this boiled potato mashed or grated, add just one
egg just to give it as a nice binding that
should be good and then mix all this mixture now where
is chicken wait a minute hold on now this is all
nice and fantastic and now if you notice that this mixture
of adding egg this has become a little bit soft or
moist so do not worry we’ll find a solution for this once we are almost about to fry them I
am I making this chicken cutlets because i have some burger meat that was
left over yesterday and you know after all those awesome burgers I just want to eat something different
than burgers so i’m making this Cutlets here is the chicken burgers that were
left over I’m just going to mash them with my
hand you know whatever chicken even if you have curry chicken left
over or even you have tandoori chicken or or chicken tikka anything that
is left over you can convert them into this awesome cutlets just crush or
chop them into small pieces and if you want to make it with the fresh meat you can do it so just add all of this
chicken mixture and see another good thing is usually leftovers are not enough to
feed the and that family of five or six but when you make these into these
cutlets everyone will get this awesome chicken cutlets so now this
mixture is all ready now if you notice that if this is any
moist what you can do is you can add some
bread crumbs into this, mix this then it will become nice so that you will be
able to convert them into cutlets meat look at this mixture just divide them
into nice you know portions into size of a nice good cutlet this is good wow have you know with the
chicken mince that was good enough for two people now i can feed 10 people with these
cutlets wow if you have seen my videos you guys know the proper way of
crumbing, put in the flour then in the egg then in the crumb so you can season this flour by adding a
little bit of salt and pepper powder and then we’re going to mix this nicely take this mixture of this potato chicken
and then look at this just drop it in the egg and then just
apply the egg coating on this and after that drop it in the bread crumb and now see
the mixture is so nice that you can shape them now if you want them to be flat or any
ship just shape them, shape them with the help
of bread crumb and they will become nice and awesome ok now we can do the rest of the things
look at these cutlets perfectly crumbed so let them put them in the fryer I’ve
got this awesome kenwood fryer and just make sure that all my cutlets come
evenly colored and perfectly cooked. go in to the oil, fry well and put the lid on top now look at these chicken cutlets they are so nice evenly fried look at
all of them and oh very hot mmm even the outside they may look a
little bit colder but inside they will be super hot be
very careful now and you know you can have this with any
sauce even with tomato ketchup they will taste
great dear friends this is nice and very easy way of using the leftovers either
from the curry or the dried chicken kebabs or anything just chop them
into small pieces and make them into these awesome cutlets and everybody will
enjoy hmm dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s session of
learning how to make this awesome chicken cutlets with your VahChef but do not
forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking
tips and so others can benefit from your great
cooking. thank you

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  1. my mom puts in the French beans finely chopped and green onion.Tastes heavnly she is a great cook.Also ur recipes are way to good

  2. Hi VahRehVah, you never fail to amaze me in all your Video tutorials. And your verbal delivery is so clear, understandable and you make cooking sound it is not a chore.

    About making cutlets like in this video, would it spoil the essence if I added chopped Onion leaves or chopped curry leaves in the mix?

  3. this channel is so much nice always sent me more recipe in my email thank u teacher so much include me in your student

  4. sir, Iam a great fan of your cooking.. I have tried a few of your recipes..It came out very well..especially the rava dosa.. A big Thank you.

  5. asalamalaykum. 1 cup is 250 5mls but not 250 g. it measurement is supposed to be 250g as 2 cups and not 500g.

  6. Salute to you boss! Your recipes are unique! No comparison! Just dont eat in the videos, ghussa aata hai….as you eat alone….

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  8. Bht hi aalaa….Very funny….itna garam garam khatey kyuon hain aap jo monh jal jata hai …khatey aap hain daant humarey jul jatey hain…🤣🤣🤣

  9. Always enjoy your demonstrations, when you added the chicken you didn’t mention what spices were added to the chicken.

  10. I tried chicken cutlet yesterday it came out very well,my parents & my husband appreciated me,but I added bread crumbs which usually use every time not white bread crumbs

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