Chicken Nanban Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Chicken Nanban Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, to make the nanban combine the sugar, soy sauce and the vinegar. Adding the dried red chili pepper will give the sauce a little bit of kick. Make sure to dissolve the sugar thoroughly. Next, let’s make the tartar sauce. Add the salt to the chopped onion and rub it in. Rinse the onion and thoroughly squeeze out the excess water using a paper towel. Add it to the mayonnaise in a bowl. Using an egg slicer, cut half of the boiled egg into fine pieces. Add the egg to the mayonnaise. Add the chopped pickle to the mixture. Mix it with a spatula and then pour in the milk. Season with the salt and the pepper. Combine the tartar sauce evenly. Now, let’s prepare the chicken breast. Peel the skin off the chicken. Using kitchen shears will help to remove the skin. Trim off the excess fat. Remove the excess moisture thoroughly with a paper towel. First, slice off the thin part of the chicken. Then, slice the rest of the chicken into 5 pieces cutting at an angle. Make sure that each piece has about the same thickness. Next, in a cooking tray, sprinkle the salt and the pepper. Place the chicken pieces into it. Sprinkle on the salt and the pepper again. Pour the sake over the chicken. Flip the pieces over and allow the chicken to absorb the sake. Place the all-purpose flour and the chicken into a plastic bag. Shake the bag to coat the chicken with the flour evenly. And now, dip the chicken into the beaten egg. Coat the pieces with the egg evenly. Heat the vegetable oil to about 170 °C (340 °F) and gently place the chicken into it. Let the chicken sit until the outside firms up. Then, flip the pieces over. When the surface becomes golden brown, drain the oil thoroughly and place the pieces into the nanban sauce. Flip the chicken over and coat both sides with the sauce. And place them onto a plate along with the side vegetables. Finally, spoon a generous amount of the tartar sauce onto the chicken. Then, top with the shredded parsley leaves. The deep-fried batter absorbs the nanban sauce, making the dish more delicious. You can pour the remaining nanban sauce over the side vegetables. Chicken breasts are often used in this recipe but you can also use chicken thighs. Good luck in the kitchen.

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  1. Excuse me, I was wondering about the differences between your two Chicken Nanban recipes. I've gone over them both and they both look delicious. I was just wondering if they are difference dishes but called the same? Just a little confused. Love your recipes!

  2. I've never used tartar sauce on chicken but I know Chef wouldn't include it unless it went with the dish well. Hmmmm….

  3. on top of learning a delicious looking recipe, ive learned that tartar sauce sounds hilarious in a Japanese accent!

  4. I tried making this for lunch today, but instead of frying the chicken, I panfried it and added the sauce to it. It was delicious and I recommend it to anyone that likes tartar sauce 😀

  5. Really wanna try this, and this makes me wanna cook again. But does anyone have some alternative sauce to use, eating spicy stuff is a no go for my dad. :3

  6. Thank you for another Fantastic video. My husband is really good now at making this. He uses your video to follow along when he makes. Thank you for making recipes that are yummy and easy to follow.

  7. Dear Francis i have subscribed to your videos all beauriful Tallow but do not present a critique because the cook as it does in the movies' all behind you and you only traslate the pretend kitchen! In the next video,you need the cookGreeting

  8. Hi Guys Thank you so much for another awesum video. My husband made this and it was Yummy!! Thank you for making videos so people can easily follow along with clear instructions. Xxoo Big Fans

  9. Chef, I will try this recipe today! I've been a fan of yours for a while now, and I've tried quite a few recipes.My family and I loved every single dish, so needles to say this will surely be a favourite as well. Thank you for making our meals so delicious and for being an inspiration!

  10. I just made this for my girlfriend and it's so tasty that I'm afraid I'll eat it all before I get it to her!

  11. hi everyone here, i know this question's probably been asked somewhere but can't find the answer so, what is the best stuff to substitute sake for this recipe? thank you very much..

  12. Made this the other night. Absolutely delicious. Hilarious because my mom had so many doubts, and she loved it! Definitely will be a repeat recipe!

  13. Hey! Have you heard about the Samsa Dog Chef Genie (google it)? I have heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy also got great results with it. Their Dog loved the change in diet 🙂

  14. チキン南蛮美味しいそうです、作り方わからないかったのでさんこうにさせていただきます。

  15. OMG so delish! A little work but so yum. 5 of 5 stars.
    It's almost like a pimped up version of karaage which is like a pimped up version of tatsutaage. So if you don't want to go all out with chicken nanban try karaage or maybe even tatsutaage on semi-lazy days.

  16. The battering step was kinda interesting and I wonder if it is usual way for chicken nanban. Flour into egg into fry. I am guessing the texture of the coating gives a different crunch and look

  17. Made this for dinner tonight and my family actually complimented my cooking.
    Normally they're mad whenever I make asian food, especially when its comparatively low on meat.

  18. You may want to be careful pouring the remaining sauce over the vegetables if you’ve placed raw chicken in the sauce 🤨

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