Chinese Braised Pork Rib – Sườn khìa kiểu Hoa

Hi guys today I would like to make a Chinese style recipe it takes much time to cook but it’s really simple everybody can make it at home let’s start cooking we gonna need 1/2kg pork rib coconut juice from one coconut you can also just use normal water one anise star 1tsp nutmeg powder some ginger slices 1/2tsp cinnamon powder but if you want to have heavier cinnamon fragrance you can add more 1tbsp cooking wine and garlic I almost forgot this ingredient add pork ribs into a pot then coconut juice or water and bring to boil the water boil we turn down the heat and add spice ingredients with cooking wine cover the pot and let it simmer in 30 minutes after 30 minutes we season with sugar here I use rock sugar soy sauce salt stir well then we cook until the sauce becomes thickened and the meat turns soft after 15 to 20 minutes the sauce already becomes thickened you can see now our pork ribs have nice brown colour and the aroma is fantastic it’s time to off the heat and serve I transfer our pork ribs to a dish garnish with some chopped spring onion and cilantro sprinkle with some roasted sesame this dish is very delicious with nice aroma and it best served with steamed rice if you guys like my video please thumb up subscribe my channel and click on the bell besides to update my new videos thank you for watching and see you soon

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