Chinese Meat Appetizer – Chinese Braised Beef – Instant Pot Beef Shank

Hi, I’m Angela and welcome to instant pot life. Today, I will be making Chinese braised beef shank. It’s an appetizer. Usually you eat it cold and it’s sliced. It’s really quick in your instant pot. Normally, if you make it on the stove, it takes about three to four hours because you have to slowly braise it so that the beef shank will get tender. In the instant pot, it’s quick. It’s 35 minutes on the high pressure setting. You will need: 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 tablespoons of minced ginger, 1 tablespoon of finely chopped green onion. 1/4 cup of light soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of dark soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, which is optional. Rock sugar to taste. I use about 2 tablespoons because I like it a bit sweeter. I would recommend 1 tablespoon to start. 1 star anise. 1 star anise comes in about eight seeds. This is also optional. It depends if you like the hint of liquorice. I like to break the star anise into its separate seeds, then place it into an empty tea bag so that it can be easily removed from the sauce. You’ll also need 1.5 to 2 lbs of beef shank. Make sure you do not cut this. As well as 1 cup of water and sesame oil to taste for the dipping sauce. First you want to sear the outside of your beef shank. To do so, add your oil as well as the ginger and your green onions. Then sear the outside of your beef shank. Once seared, add both types of soy sauce, your rock sugar and water. So the very last ingredient I put in is the star anise. As you can see, we have it in the little tea bag packet here so then when you need to take it out after (because you can’t eat the star anise) it’s quick and easy, it’s all in one spot. So just place it inside. Make sure it’s submerged a little bit and you will close the lid. Select the Meat/Stew button. This will set it for high pressure cooking for 35 minutes. And here you go! What usually takes 4 hours now takes only 35 minutes. Before cutting I like to place the sauce and the beef shank whole into the fridge for about four hours to let it soak in more of the flavors. So for your dipping sauce, you just use the sauce that you braised your meat in. You add about 1/4 cup of the sauce with about 1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil. You just combine it together and there you have a nice dipping sauce for your beef shank. Just like that. Now don’t throw this delicious sauce away. You can boil it back up and place it in your freezer to use for other foods such as making soy sauce eggs. Subscribe to my channel or follow me on facebook, instagram or twitter. See you next time!

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