Chinese Stir Fry String Beans 炒四季豆

Chinese Stir Fry String Beans 炒四季豆

hi everyone today I’m going to make
stir-fried string beans string beans are not so easy to cook through when
stir-fried so I’m going to boil them first and then stir fry here are
ingredients I have a half pound of string beans cut both ends off and two dried
chili peppers sliced garlic a few pieces of ginger and salt canola oil first
let’s boil the string beans the water is boiling let’s put string beans
in after six minutes string beans are about 80%
done we’re going to drain them and stir fry heat up the pan to medium heat
and add oil first we sautée
chili pepper garlic ginger now let’s add string beans stir fry about two minutes Now the string beans are almost ready we add salt to taste and it’s ready to serve very easy
stir-fry string beans thank you for watching see you next time

33 thoughts on “Chinese Stir Fry String Beans 炒四季豆”

  1. That looks very appetizing. love the red + green + white combo. Green beans are very nutritious, and yummy too! Thanks for posting this! btw, can you make a video on a healthy version of "hui guo rou" please?

  2. Ohh my god I love you.i have tried everything that you made and I loved it you are the you know how to make jin jian rou si mian?

  3. I am trying these tonight-glad I found your channel!  Your recipes look wonderful, and I am looking forward to trying many of them 🙂

  4. Your family is very fortunate to have you cook for them but I'm curious to know if you have a recipe for Peking pork chops

  5. Out of curiosity, I grow string bean to see how long it can reach and ended up with plenty of foot long string beans. But was disappointed when I just stir fry it without boiling (very hard to chew and swallow). Thank you for your demonstration, now I know why I filed to prepare a nice dish of fry string bean and ended up leaving a lot of string beans in my compost bin.

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