Chinese Stir Fry Tomatoes and Eggs

Chinese Stir Fry Tomatoes and Eggs

hi guys today I’m making one of my favorite comfort foods, stir fried tomatoes and eggs if you ask Chinese people their favourite childhood dish this is the one that everyone will agree on. and I’m also going to show you a trick that my mom taught me to make this dish even much better. if you want to know, stay tuned I am Jessie at Ice or Rice. before we go into cooking there are two things that you need to know: first, fresh tomatoes are very important it has to be ripe and soft. ripe tomatoes will make the sauce flavorful and juicy and secondly serve the dish with rice is a must alright let’s get started. in the bowl beat the eggs with 1 teaspoon of salt and this is the trick that I just mentioned use a knife to cut the skin to make a cross opening in a large pot of boiling water add the tomatoes with the bottom side down into the hot water I know this takes extra time but peeling off the tomato skin will help soften the flesh and make them melt in your mouth cut them into half inch wide wages make sure to reserve the core as much as possible for the sauce later. heat a wok over high heat with 2 tbsp of oil add the eggs. stir well with a spatula about 30 seconds use the spatula to cut up the curds for stir-fry transfer the eggs to a plate heat the wok over high heat with one tablespoon of oil add tomatoes give it a stir and cover it with a lid for 2 minutes cover until the flash is softened use the spatula to break up the big tomato pieces so the flesh will quickly form a sauce. add sugar, salt and ketchup and mix well return the eggs to the wok sir until it’s well incorporated. that’s it! Is it easy to make? let me know what you think and thanks so much for watching this video make sure you hit the subscribe button and give us a thumbs up until we eat again!

11 thoughts on “Chinese Stir Fry Tomatoes and Eggs”

  1. Hey…just wanna thank you for this vid…I'm a college alone in a an apartment…this recipe is just so quick, tasty and easy…it's perfect for me

  2. I’ve love your recipe. Thanks for the tip I don’t like tomato skin. These are the tried and true recipes I love. Oh and add ketchup! Fabulous. Yummmm

  3. Turned out well. I added the skins back for more fiber, teaspoon of garlic and left out the sugar and ketchup. Delicious.

  4. Everyone has their own recipe. I like the one with sauteed onions added to cook with tomatoes. Yumny

  5. this isn't Chinese. this is a traditional Native American recipe that was copied and STOLEN by other people. give credit to the real people who created this kind of food. Tomatoes aren't even traditional Asian food and only introduced recently they were brought over to asia by Europeans traders who got them from the Americas.

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