Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Chocolate cheesecake Ann Reardon

Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Chocolate cheesecake Ann Reardon

Welcome to I’m Ann Reardon.
Today I’m gonna show you how to make a triple chocolate cheesecake and I’m gonna show you
how to present that in a couple of different ways. This is one of the oldest recipes in
my recipe file. I wrote it out when I was about 7 years old from my neighbors house
when I went there and she made this amazing chocolate cheesecake. So to start with you need to choose a container
and line it with non-stick baking paper. I like to just put two staples in it, right
at the very top, not down the bottom because you don’t want them to go in the food and
then a circle of paper down the bottom. Choose a deep container because I like the cheesecakes
to look tall. For a printable copy of the recipes with all
the quantities just go the website, there’s a link just below in the description. You’ll need some biscuits and put them in
a plastic bag and then just gently roll them with a rolling pin to crush them. In a bowl
place your chocolate and just melt that in the microwave and then stir in the Nutella
into your melted chocolate, then tip in your biscuit crumbs that you crushed earlier. Stir
them all together and then what we’re going to do is pour that into our already lined
container and that will make a very chocolatey base for our cheese cake. Just spread it out.
I like to give a little bang on the bench just to make it level and even, so you get
that nice even edge. Put that in the fridge while we move on to the next step. Next we want to put our gelatin in a cold
water. Just sprinkle it over the top of cold water and we’re gonna leave that to sit and
the gelatin will swell up while it’s sitting there and absorbing all of that water, and
then when we’re ready to use it we’ll heat it up to melt it. Put your cream cheese in a mixing bowl and
turn it on and leave that to keep beating. While that’s beating, melt your chocolate
in a microwave, then add your sugar, your egg yolks and the chocolate that we’ve just
melted, pour it in, and then beat that up until it’s smooth and it’s starting to look
chocolaty delicious already. I get quite a few questions about cream, doesn’t
matter if it’s thick cream or pure cream, just look at the back it should be about 35%
fat so if it’s 35 grams per 100 fat and then just put it in your mixing bowl with electric
mixers and beat it until you get nice soft peaks. You don’t wanna over mix it or you’ll
get butter. We also need to whip our egg whites until we get nice soft peaks in those as well. Now our gelatin has swollen and absorbed the
water. Now put it in the microwave until it is liquidy and there are no lumps at all.
Now tip that into your cheese cake mixture and beat it well. Then we are going to fold
in our egg whites using a spatula. To fold you just go around the edge or down
to the bottom and then turn it over like you’re folding over a piece of paper it’s a bit different
to stirring. If you stir it you gonna get rid of all the air that even incorporated
to the egg white, so around and fold it over. Then the same again with your whipped cream.
Add that in and fold it in into your mixture. Going around and over until it’s combined
and looking absolutely beautiful. Then we are going to pour that into our lined
container and put that container in the freezer and allow it to freeze solid. To make your round cheesecakes, you need to
fill two half sphere silicon moulds and place them in the freezer also. To top it off now
that our cheesecake is frozen, we’re going to pour chocolate glaze over the top. You
could use ganache or you could use whipped cream if you don’t want another chocolate
layer but I like the real glossy sheen on the chocolate glaze and then again place it
back in the freezer to set. With your chocolate spheres you need to fill
any gap that you have between them. To do that just take a little bit of cheese cake
mixture and heat it up in the microwave so that you can melt it down and fill any gaps
that you have there. Then we’re going to place the whole sphere
inside a bowl of chocolate glaze and cover it over. Using two forks one on either side
you wanna gently lift it out, and I’m placing it on top of an upturned medicine measuring
cup. So something smaller than the sphere so that you have that nice chocolate glaze
going the whole way around. Take your frozen cheesecake, gently push on
the sides and ease it out of the container. Then once you’ve done that you need to peel
your paper off the base then stand it up on the plate or platter that you’re going to
be serving it on. And undo the staples at the top and peel it off around your cheese
cake. Make sure you know where both those staples
went so that they don’t accidentally go into someone’s plated desert, as that would not
be good. And you should have a beautiful looking cheesecake. But to finish it off, we’d like
to put some chocolate decorations on top. Place some tempered chocolate in a Ziploc
bag. If you are not sure what tempered chocolate is just click on the link. Then using the
back of a tea spoon drag it through the chocolate just to make a long tail. For your sphere cheesecake, take a spoonful
of you biscuit crumbs and place it on the plate. Gently lift up your chocolate cheesecake
and place it onto the plate. Again I’m just using two forks so that I can steady it on
one side. Then I’ve got some raspberry sauce that I’m using here. Just placing dots of
it on the plate of increasing size. Chocolate decorations have been in the fridge and are
set. Peel one off and place it on top. And that is our plated chocolate cheese cake sphere. For our tall cheesecake take the same chocolates
decoration and just place them around the edge.

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