99 thoughts on “Chocolate Lava Cakes | One Pot Chef”

  1. You said all your measurements are in Australian Standard Metric? So I'm in the US. Just curious you said 1/2 cup sugar. 1/4 cup flour 1tsp vanilla? Does that need to be swapped as well?

  2. my only problem wen im watching ur videos is… im getting hungry.. love da recipes, like da cook as well! thank u..

  3. I'm giving this a try right now. It looks great!!
    This is so good! Big servings. A hit with the entire family. Thank you!!😊

  4. i want to make it with nutella can i replace the chocolate or there's another way of doing it?
    please answer thank you

  5. I didn't get it how did u do the core ? I mean just mixing the entire chocolate together gives a molten core ??? pls lemme know 🙂

  6. so short cooking time keeps the center from baking leaving it a raw cake center? if left in longer the whole thing turns into non runny cake?

  7. I want to try these! Ok I have a possibly stupid question… but is it okay if I used muffin/cupcake tins for these? Do you think it would mess up the lava part of the lava cake if I did that?

  8. i like your channel one pot chew show i like it's look so yummy i like chocolate lava i will try your recipe but i have na oven so sad tommorow i will buy 1 oven no problem.

  9. uhh haii so I made the batter on Wednesday but unfortunately, I was using it on Saturday. is it still possible for me to use the same batter?

  10. I live in pakistan and truly your cooking is mouth watering i am going to try making them in my summer holidays

  11. David do you have any recipes for vegan birthday cakes or cheesecakes? My daughter's birthday is coming up and the supplier is out of the vegan nutella. Her heart is broken. She says home made nutella's not as nice.

  12. Oh my God! Your recipe for chocolate molten lava cake sounds absolutely amazing! I’ve looked at recipes before, and it always seems so complicated. Chocolate molten lava cake is I think my ultimate favorite chocolate cake ever!

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