96 thoughts on “Chopped Liver and Chopped Brisket in Toronto: Chef’s Night Out with Fat Pasha”

  1. The Canadian take on BBQ is so funny. A wet marinated beef brisket, doused in Carolina sauce, served on tortilla is such a bastardization of three styles, but I guess it is all "south of the border" fusion for them?

  2. We went out for a wild night in Toronto with chef Anthony Rose of @fatpasha for our newest #ChefsNightOut.Subscribe to Munchies here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-MUNCHIES

  3. As I've said for decades, get some "Arabs" and "Jews" together arguing and get them to quit by tossing a super excellent falafel to one side and ALL will lunge for it and be distracted.  They pretty much eat the same stuff. 

  4. I was all over Sammy's Roumanian in NYC.  I covered the waterfront.  I covered the Lower East Side and other parts.  Good for these people — this is very smart.  This appeals to Eastern Europeans, and all orientals generally.  NYers, deli lovers, you name it, they have so many bases covered.  Greetings from Paris, France.  No good pickles nor bagels.  No pies or bbq and so on.  So it goes.  There are other fish to fry.  xo  Uprated.

  5. I really love this series! As a chef myself I take inspiration from all these different kinds of amazing foods, people and places so it's great. Thanks

  6. I love the chef's night out, but sponsored by Richard's (molson) ?! You worthless sellouts. Die in a fire!

  7. I think I liked this crew more than the others thus far, they were just having fun and more down to earth – it was more about the food and friends then it was about the decor or appearance.

  8. God damnit they got wiped the fuck out before they were even halfway through the oysters

    swag life is hard to attain, but they've done admirably

    Brisket is overcooked as fuck though god damn you breakin my heart

  9. There's something wrong with my adblock.. a restaurant ad popped up for aboot 5 minutes // lousy night out too.. fuck this, i'm out..

  10. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/10/1828607/restaurant/The-Annex/Fat-Pasha-Toronto Wow, their customers don't think much of these guys

  11. I don't see why animal fat is added to most American liver dishes! It makes healthy organ meat, highly unhealthy. 🙁

  12. 8:36 

    Canadians, if you want to hear this elusive "stereotypical" Canadian accent, start here. That's it. I'm Canadian and a lot of people deny that we have an accent other than General American, but oh no, we do. 

  13. So fun to watch people passionate about (aboot?) their community & food. You guys came across as genuine mates & friends in food, Respect!

  14. ohhhh sweet kosher pain. your food looks so good but is soooo bADZ. btw there is no old schoool israeli cuisine. you are making modern oppressive cuisine.fact. haters gnna hate….

  15. this shit is all just Palestinian/arabic food… not only specific to jews, its a huge bummer that this restaurant failed to recognize the true cultural origins of the food they are presenting.

  16. First words uttered out in this video is SUPER SEXIST.

    Why don't they have a guy go…"Best thing about being a guy?? I NEVER have to wash my own underwear." (camera pans to a girl hand washing underwear in a sink)

  17. lol I have no idea what the fat pasha actually looks like because of all the close ups. Pan out guys, too many close ups in a doc make it claustrophobic. And why does this dude keep referring to the food as "old school", what does that even mean? Is there some kind of magic new way to shuck oysters?

  18. this episode got hijacked by an insider network of restaurants! Lot's of culture field scenes in Toronto beyond mashed up russian stuff

  19. I would have done peruvian apparetif's or spanish tapa's + wine , korean BBQ or stone bowl bibimbap+ wine, then finish with clear vodka and israeli finger foods/ dips! So many possibilities in Toronto.

  20. everything looked so yummy (except chopped liver…I don't like liver)… on my way to florida I just had a stop-by in Toronto. I wished I knew before about that restaurant I would have managed to go there.

  21. 50$ for a fucking cauliflower with diarrhea thrown in an oven with tomato and diarrhea looking ghetto lettuce slurry

  22. It's pronounced S-hoog, 'S' like in snake, not 'SH', not Schkug. It's a Yemenite hot sauce. Guess the dude only read about it on the internet.

    Plus that whole cauliflower "wild" idea has been done by the Israeli chef, Eyal Shani, waaay before these guys.
    Although without all the jizz on top.

    And wtf is up with drowning everything in olive oil and calling it "healthy"…

  23. The most racist place I've ever been! Canada/Toronto being "multicultural" was there with my girlfriend  – tried to get a table and the hostess said "stick to your own kind" so we left and went to 416 snack bar

  24. please don't call levantine food israeli, your food is levantine with eastern european jewish comfort, not israeli. israeli is not and never will be a food group

  25. "Israeli" food = Arabic food. Don't act like tabouli and halloumi are Israeli, honestly. wtf. They are Arabic words. Arab culture and food predates the Israeli occupation state by hundreds and hundreds of years.

  26. Every time I hear "healthy" in a food video it puts me off. Is it TASTY? Is it INTERESTING? I'm not going out to eat HEALTHY!!! That I can do at home, and it's boring!

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