Chris Farley vs. Kenan Thompson on All That’s “Cooking with Randy!” | #AllThatTuesday

Chris Farley vs. Kenan Thompson on All That’s “Cooking with Randy!” | #AllThatTuesday

Now today I have a special
surprise guest for you. He’s our master chef
all the way from Chicago. Please welcome Chef Farley! [applause] Howdy do, Randy! Hey, howdy-do Chef Farley. Alright, now I understand you prepared
some of your special dishes for us. That’s right, Randy. Now, a little birdie told me that
you have a special kind of hankering for chocolate. Well, yes. You might say that I enjoy chocolate. Well… Then feast your eyes on
this little baby right here. How do you like this one, Randy? Be still, my chocolate heart. This here is a seven layer chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse center… Covered in chocolate icing. It is lovely, Chef Farley. You know, the only thing I might add
would be just a little bit more– I know, I know. Ketchup, you read my mind. – Wait, what?
– Ketchup Boy! – Ketchup?
– Come on in here! This here’s Ketchup Boy.
How you doing, Ketchup Boy? – Just fine.
– You got your own ketchup boy? Doesn’t everybody? Now stand back, Randy because
this can get a little ugly. You gotta do it just right! – Man, what are you doing?
– It’s all in the wrist! What goes on, you go this way,
and this way, and this way! And sometimes I’ll even take
a little bit of ketchup! And a little bit more! It’s gonna taste better now! Wait, man. What are you doing?
I wasn’t talking about ketchup. Wasn’t talking about ketchup? Well, don’t knock until you try it, Randy. ‘Cause this stuff is good. Mmm! Alright… Now, I believe it’s safe to say that
everybody loves fried chicken. Well, you bet your fanny I do, Randy! Now, the only thing left to do
to finish off the heaping beautiful plate of chicken,
is add a heaping helping of… Ketchup! I know, I know. Hold on, Randy. Ketchup Boy, come on out here! Ketchup Boy? – Randy, you and I think alike.
– I don’t want– Many times! Oh, oh, ketchup! [laughing] Hey! Oh… – Oh, with the ketchup…
– OK. Another bottle of that ketchup! Everybody loves a little ketchup.
Is that what you said? No, no, no. Everybody loves ketchup! Everybody loves a little… chocolate! [screaming] Get the chocolate out! Here, taste this, Ketchup Boy. You know, chocolate ain’t half bad. Not half bad? Get out of here! You’re fired! You’re never gonna serve ketchup again! Get out of here! You see? You can’t beat chocolate. You can’t beat chocolate? Randy, I’m worried about you. Look kid, you’ve been eating
chocolate all your life. And all you got to show for it
is a new crop of zits! I’m worried about you. Pretty soon, you’re gonna wake up
Sunday morning after stealing Grandma’s mints out of her candy dish! You’re gonna end up in rehab,
a choc-aholic! Are you on some kind of medication? Maybe, Randy, but stand back. Because you better come over
to the side of ketchup! I will never forsake chocolate. – Ketchup!
– Chocolate! – Ketchup!
– Chocolate! – Ketchup!
– Chocolate! – Ketchup!
– Chocolate! [thunder rumbling] Oh Randy, what are you doing here? What’s happening here? You have aroused the chocolate gods. Randy, this is scaring me
a little bit here. [screaming] Ha-ha! Yes! It is raining chocolate! Eat with me, Farley! Alright Randy, don’t mind if I do. All we need is a little bit
of ketchup on it. – Yeah!
– Alright. Come on, Randy, enjoy! [yelling] We’re out of time. So, until next time… See ya! Come on out there,
Ketchup Boy! [crowd cheering]

74 thoughts on “Chris Farley vs. Kenan Thompson on All That’s “Cooking with Randy!” | #AllThatTuesday”

  1. The writing for this bit isn’t at all clever, but Chris is so talented that he carried it regardless

  2. i miss chris farley so much. so happy to have been able to grow up with his comedy. he is still so loved to this day, i can’t imagine the hilarity he would bring in the 2000’s. rest in peace chris ♥️

  3. Does kenan own this show already, he been working for snl for a long time, he should buy it from the owners

  4. Ketchup chocolate (X)😁😂😂😀😀😀😀😀😀😀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  5. Before shooting this scene, Chris was given one rule: don't destroy the cake. After that, he knew what he had to do.

  6. I have to wonder how much of this was planned and how much was just Farley going completely off the rails.

  7. Omg the ending!! Haha!! I was like "okay, there's no table, oh wait there he goes in the cake! Lol"

  8. Fun fact:

    They asked Farley not to destroy the cake……… They basically begged him to destroy the cake.

  9. Watching Kevin in the background as ketchup boy just looking so excited about ketchup makes this about ten times funnier.

  10. Not only is Kenan the longest-tenured SNL cast member, not only is he the only modern cast member to work with Farley, he was the first cast member born after the show's premier in 1975

  11. Chris Farley is a legend. I loved his movies growing up. Maybe a better duo would be the OG’s of Farley and Spade.

  12. Fried chicken tastes better with ketchup, and chocolate cake tastes better with, well chocolate of course.

  13. Well Randu you’re gonna have a lot of fun eating all that chocolate when….



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