Cider Braised Pork • {Humbly Northwest} • Joel Gamoran

done on 1 in hey guys months and one island and
I’m after the region’s best site are now this is the cider that
your kids are used to this is say that fabulous for drinking
but incredible to cook with I have big plans for today watch this
love looms I’m I’m here with Susie in hock Pingree and where the middle up there gorgeous
orchard here in the San Juan Islands and it is the season for picking apples what are we picking apples for were
picking these for adding acid to our apple cider batch today as we’re not picking apples the
these apples are specific for hard cider but it actually called
cider what’s the deal with the hard cider
American American Standard & that cider is hard cider cider was really the drink the Pioneers trying for
a couple hundred years in america it was much cleaner and safer
than the water because you had a little alcohol to inhibit
bacterial growth who sued the routine everyday drink and
Johnny Appleseed story is not about planning new eating apples it’s getting ahead in the
waiver settlers to plant the trees so they’d have the cider when they got there got their farms got
unbelievable and believe it or not there’s 26 Rosie Romero zappa’s a I think it’s yet when this 26 Rosalia two-thirds of the production team stand
you to okay so I think this is it this is
everybody that harvest these guys yep where to retire professor yeah
pregnancies inspectors spread out over two months the picking apples in the ideas you dude as
fast as you can the use both hands you you wrap your
hands around the apples and then just pull gently and when you when you’ve got the bay you
just do this section C not bending over and rich comes along after you with a basket
he gets the grounders and hot gets the Tolland you know you do
them it yeah yeah no bending you know dis so wrap your hands around Apple’s and home really yeah his own and hold my hand now my team this time ski St its key me away is house news sure I on so skew guys its autumn here in the San Juan
Islands I’ve been talking about cider all day with cider with the acidity it
brings the sweetness it dries out and bacon pork I have some shallots the beautiful garlic is clear getting
there and chop it up so my poor kids smoking I’m gonna take a little look to see if
it’s tag editor I hahahahaha so we have our shallots we
have a mash-up garlic it’s a beautiful time so all these guys right on top also in the autumn fights okay here in the Northwest things
are growing as much so I turned the spice a lot for flavor for DEP before Bailey black peppercorns and some juniper
berries now them for the main event the beautiful Wescott Bay cider amusing the dry step back a little bit are beautiful that’s what you’re looking for and
they’re going to cut it was just a little bit chicken stock so I used about maybe a a
capo cider unease about a couple chicken
stock weekend can bonus bad newly call show this I’ll see ocean way mean what’s up with brussel sprouts in
the autumn it sits it’s the thing to go to bed everyone hates it has the worst rap so I’m gonna show you
how to enjoy these little guys perceive gotta do as getting some
boiling water to the boiling water salts and I’m not
talking a little salt I’m talking salt I want ocean water alright so
brussel sprouts are done when I you take one out the water dip in
the cold water trite still got a little bit a bite to it little bit you we’re gonna do what’s
called shock grab these brussel sprouts get him as
quickly as you can one into cold water and I will stop the cooking process to
also keep the green that beautiful vibrant green color that
the Brussels beer little bit of olive oil alright right in
the pan and then when I just a had a butter which could
burn it but protected by the Outwell and we’ll
add that beautiful rich flavor ago so good with brussel sprouts grab
your brussel sprouts hot pan everyone in the pool now people have a tendency to just wanna
move chefs standstill they let it get flavor they
let a car lies you don’t wanna touch it too much that was gonna develop the sugars the
crispiness grab a little salt and they were gonna do simply take a
little better this Teradyne just kinda let it fall grab a
little better this pork just kinda said right down and let it rip let it fall naturally at
the Breslin their it finish that off just a little
bit more that braising liquid it’s too good cannot use Aria and then the Brussels the thing that everyone hates check out
ours crispy brown gorgeous from a grab a nice setup I love those
just gonna get it right nearby let it just compliment that beautiful this me your cider is not just for drinking try with a little bit a braised pork
some crispy brussel sprouts it makes for a great on lunch can’t wait
to go meet up with susan enjoy this and to hold my hand now lighting this skinny St scheme me away it’s the house continues sure I some day stage know that s yeah

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