17 thoughts on “Cider Riot closing it’s doors”

  1. Socialists can't operate long term without government control of their field/industry. Who would have thought? Let alone Socialists that specialize in Domestic Terrorism/Political Violence.

  2. "This is a simple economic problem."

    Here we see the communist ripped from its natural habitat and forced to comprehend economics for the first time in its entire life.

  3. Why wouldn't the public flock to a place that has in your face anarchists who have a philosophy that they will share with you in the street…like it or not. The toughest patron 'Armeanio' got into a shouting match in the street and threatened people before he got hit by a car. He is no longer a patron. Cider Riot patrons fired shots at the vehicle involved in the accident. Yet, the public does not want to risk their lives to get a drink with people who think they are living in Nazi Germany? Such authenticity!

  4. Good riddance.

    Simple economics has always been too hard for communists to understand. Which is why most of them starve. Hopefully this communist and his friends will too!

  5. "Let's cater to people who want everything for free and viciously hate anyone who works for their money. Surely this is a foolproof business strategy"

  6. AAAAAAAAAhahahahahaaha! Serves them right! Antifa scum! Go to hell! NBC can't even admit the difference between Antifa and "left-wing activists". NBC is Fake News Media and the enemy of the people.

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