Classic WoW: Fishing and Cooking, 1-300, Horde Guide

Classic WoW: Fishing and Cooking, 1-300, Horde Guide

Fishing is a skill that can easily be over
looked, because frankly…it’s boring. However, your Cooking skill is something that
should not be over looked; so in this guide I’m going to show Horde players how you can
easily level both your fishing and cooking skills simultaneously to 300. Fishing and Cooking are two of your three
secondary professions that are available to everyone. Without fishing it becomes a lot more difficult,
and time consuming to level your cooking skill, but with fishing you can easily level your
cooking skill to 300 once you reach level 35. If your goal is to reach level 60 as fast
as possible though, I would not suggest you do that. A skill of 300 by level 35 has several advantages
should you do this which includes the ability to save gold since you can support yourself
with foods to heal up, provide your own buffs for dungeons, raids and battlegrounds, and
perhaps most important of all; you can easily make enough money to afford your first mount
without having to grind hundreds of mobs. So if you’re patient, and don’t mind a bit
of downtime between quests you can enjoy a more lucrative experience while leveling. Now with that said, let’s get started. When you reach level 5 you can go ahead and
find your respective Fishing and Cooking trainers to learn your Apprentice level proficiency
in both skills. You will want to pick up a fishing pole, and
about five bright baubles to help you with your first casts. Now you need to buy your first two recipes
which are, Brilliant Smallfish, and Longjaw Mud Snapper. Undead can buy both recipes from Lizbeth Cromwell
in Undercity. Everyone else can purchase the Smallfish recipe
from Sewa Mistrunner, and the Longjaw recipe from Naal Mistrunner who are both found in
Thunderbluff. Unlike Alliance players, there is really only
one good spot to start fishing and that is in Mulgore, at Stonebull Lake. Here you will be looking to catch at least
60 Raw Brilliant Smallfish, and some Longjaw Mud Snapper. At this level of fishing every successful
catch will net you one fishing skill, so all you are looking to get are those 60 Raw Brilliant
Smallfish. If you are shy of that number, and have maxed
out your fishing skill at 75 just continue to fish until you reach that amount. Cook your Brilliant Smallfish until you reach
a cooking skill of 50, and begin to cook your Longjaw Mud Snapper until you reach the skill
of 75. Once you reach level 10 and have a skill of
50 you can purchase your Journeyman level proficiency from your respective trainer. The recipe you will also want to purchase
at this time will be, Bristle Whisker Catfish. You can purchase this recipe from Derak Nightfall
who is conviently found at Tarren Mill which is going to be the next location where you
will be fishing. First cook your remaining Longjaw Mud Snapper
until you reach a Cooking Skill of 100. Once there you can now fish in the river directly
east of Tarren Mill in the Hillsbrad Foothills until you max your fishing skill at 150. You will now have more than enough Bristle
Whisker Catfish to also maximize your cooking, so cook them up until you get your cooking
skill to 150. To learn your Expert level proficiency you
will need to be at level 20, and have your skill at level 125. You will not be able to learn Expert by your
trainer, so you will have to do some traveling and have at least two gold in your posession. To learn Expert Fishing you need to go to
Booty Bay and find, Old Man Hemming who will sell you the book, “the Bass and You”. Getting the Cookbook is a much longer walk,
because you will need to go to Shadow Prey Village in Desolace. There you will find a Darkspear Troll named,
Wulan who will sell you the Expert Cookbook for another gold piece. You will also want to purchase your next recipe
which is Mithril Head Trout, and you can pick that up from Wulan who just sold you the Cookbook,
or Kelsey Yance who is located in Booty Bay. By far the best place to fish for Mithril
Head Trout is in the moat of Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands. Now, if you’re on a PvP server you can expect
to be messed with here from time to time, because you will be here for a while. Level your fishing until you max your skill
at 225, and you will likely catch over 100 Mithril Head Trout in the process. This will be more than enough for you to cook
your way to a cooking skill of 225 as well. When you reach level 35, and if your skills
are at 225 you will be ready to learn your Artisan level proficiency in both professions. To do so you will have to complete a quest
for each of your professions, and so to start we will look at how you obtain Artisan fishing. The quest giver is Nat Pagle who is located
here in the Duswallow Marsh just south east of Theramore. To get to him you will want to fly to Brackenwall
Village, and take this path through the hills to get to the coastline. Just follow the coastline all the way to this
tiny island here where you will find Nat Pagle, and he will offer you the Fishing quest called,
“Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme.” You need to catch four rare fish and bring
them back to Nat. Those fish are the Feralas Ahi, found in the
Verdantas River in Feralas. Sar’theris Striker found in the Sar’theris
Strand in Desolace. Savage Coast Blue Sailfin from the Savage
Coast in Stranglethorn Vale, and Misty Reed Mahi Mahi which is found in the Misty Reed
Strand in the Swamp of Sorrows. Once you have caught these four fish you can
return to Nat Pagle, and be rewarded with your Artisan Fishing proficiency. To learn Artisan Cooking you need to get to
Gadgetzan in Tanaris, and find Dirge Quickcleave at the Inn. Dirge will give you the quest, “Clamlette
Surprise” and you need get 12 Giant Eggs, 10 Zesty Clam Meat, and 20 pieces of Alterac
Swiss. If you’re rolling in gold you can simply purchase
the giant eggs and zesty clam meat from the auction house. If you’d rather save some money you will find
the Giant Eggs drop most frequently from the Rocs in Tanaris, or Owl Beasts in the Hinterlands. The Zesty Clam Meat will be found in its most
abundance from the Snapjaw Turtles that roam near Steamwheedle Port and Raventusk Village. For the 20 pieces of Alterac Swiss cheese
just head to Thunderbluff, and purchase them from the Innkeeper Pala. Once you have all of your ingredients just
head on back to Dirge Quickcleave and be rewarded your Artisan Cooking proficiency. You are now on your way to reaching a skill
level of 300, but before you begin you will want to pick up a few more cooking recipes. First head on over to Booty Bay and find Kelsey
Yance who is the only seller for Filet of Redgill recipe. Now get yourself to Steamwheedle Port and
speak with the goblin named Gikkix where you can purchase the recipes for, Nightfin Soup,
and Poached Sunscale Salmon. Your final stop is Camp Mojache in Feralas
where you need to find Sheendra Tallgrass and purchase the Baked Salmon recipe. Horde players have it a bit easy, because
it’s here in the waters beneath Camp Mojache where you will fish to 300. In these waters you will catch all the fish
that you have just purchases recipes for, and while you will easily catch enough Redgill
to max your cooking to 300, you will also be able to cook fish that will net you near
200g by the time you finish depending on your server economy. It took a lot of patience to get here, but
you finally did and so congratulations on leveling both your Fishing and Cooking to
300. I now want to take some time to show you where
you can easily get a much better fishing pole. When you reach level 30 pick up two Elixir’s
of Water Breathing from the AH if you can’t make them yourself, and head over to the Sar’theris
Strand in Desolace. Dive off the pier in Shadowprey Village and
start opening the shellfish traps found around the area. It always takes me about 30 minutes to an
hour, but from these cages comes the chance to drop a Big Iron Fishing Pole which gives
you a +20 to your fishing skill. Be careful in this area though, because Alliance
players also like to hunt for this fishing pole as well. Also available for the Horde is a quest that
becomes available at level 44 by Katoom the Angler in Raventusk village in the Hinterlands. It’s a simple quest that requires you to kill
15 Saltwater Snapjaw’s in the area. Once complete you will be rewarded with, Nat
Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000 fishing rod. Thank you very much for watching this Fishing
and Cooking guide for the Horde. If you found this video helpful please make
Nat Pagle proud and Like and Subscribe to be notified of new content I create for Classic
WoW. You can follow me on Twitter at Icosiol Classic
WoW, or just click on the link provided below. For some of my other content you can click
on any of these links here. Now back in the days of vanilla there was
a drop called, “Nat Pagle’s Guide to Extreme Anglin” and will likely drop again in Classic. Word of advice…don’t take its words to literal,
or you’ll be looking for a Legendary in all the wrong places.

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  2. I'm confused. Bristle wisker catfish till 150, then mithril head trout @ 175…how do I get from 150-175? Brisle wisker catfish goes green before 175

  3. For cooking 175, Recipe: Mithril Head Trout is also sold by Lizbeth Cromwell in the Undercity. She is located right next to the fishing trainer and could save you quite the hike if you didn't feel like running to Desolace. The cost is 22 silver.

  4. great guide, just finished artisan quests for both and heading for camp mojave for the final stretch with all the needed recipes

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  6. I noticed a slightly long gap between Bristle whisker catfish and mithril head trout. But maybe it was bad luck about 15 long points.

  7. I actually found that the water right outside Grom'gol Base Camp was better for Mithril Head Trout. My fishing is level 162 currently, and fishing there with a +75 fishing lure I snagged 32 of the trout and only 4 of the Bristle Whisker Catfish during the 10 minutes the lure was active. Perhaps my fishing skill had more to do with it than the area, but at Stromgarde I was closer to 1/3 of my catch being the catfish. Just throwing it out there, thank you for the immense amount of work in these guides. This is a saved link on my phone to reference for my alts and has saved me crazy amounts of time and gold!

  8. Great guide, but 1 little thing you forgot, where you say to fish and cook Raw Bristle Catfish up to skill 150, then start fishing/cooking Raw Mithril Head Trout, you forgot to mention the 25 points of skill between cooking Raw Bristle Catfish and Raw Mithril Head Trout, which requires 175 cooking skill to cook.

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  11. So I am at storm guard keep haha i started there at 150 am now 194 will already 120 mythril trout and 80 catfish xD and now it takes 6 fish per level is this normal just curious

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  13. Note: You will catch more than enough Bristlewhisker Catfish to reach a Cooking Skill of 175. I wasn't as clear as I should have been, and a lot of you are seeing a gap from 150 to 175. You just keep cooking the Catfish until 175. Yes, it's Green for a while, but you'll catch more than enough Catfish while fishing from 75-150.

  14. Hi, great guide! I hit 300 cooking and fishing tonight after 2 days of casually grinding it with Netflix on in the background! The reason for my comment (in addition to just say a general "Thanks! And GJ!") is that you skipped over the part of making a couple hundred gold (based on server economy) during the 225-300 stage of fishing. Could you please expand on which fish you believe to be of the most value? And is selling the raw fish typically more lucrative than selling the cooked food? Obviously depends on server economy, but with the current state and maturity of the game being so young, I want to know what your understanding is of a more stable economy. Well done and thanks for the content!

  15. Also, any other tips/tricks for money making at 300 with cooking/fishing would be awesome! Specific recipes or foods that sell for an "above average" price would be awesome! And/or if there are any rare recipes that you can farm from somewhere (other than Savory Deviate Delight). Thanks!

  16. what i did is i just fished outside ogrammar till 50 then fished in the valley of honor to 150 then cooked all the fish and got cooking 150 then followed this after

  17. You don't need to travel to Mulgore. In classic, I just fished at the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar. I got both the smallfish and the longjaw mudsnapper, and rapidly progressed in both fishing and cooking.

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    Timewise it doesn't matter at all if you fish to 225 then go to Nat, or go to Nat ASAP.. but I had to go AFK so put myself in travel during that time.

    Update: After 8 hours played, I have unlocked both professions to 300. By the time I finished my fishing quest, cooking was at 280.

    Now it's the long grind to 300 on fishing.

    Great guide. thumbs up and subbed

  20. Bloodhoof Village has a trainer that lets you fish past 75 and you can catch mudsnappers by Tarren Mill, no need to stay in a lower level zone.

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  27. NOTE: 75-100 cooking: If you go to TB to find the Trainers for both professions and realize you dont have enough Raw Longjaw Mud Snappers, just finish off by fishing in the pond in TB.

  28. Ok but this guide didnt teach me how to fish. When do i click the bobber? How long do I have before it escapes? Can I die while fishing? What do I do if I hook myself? What a useless guide.

  29. Lizbeth Cromwell also sells Mithril Head Trout recipe, no need to get from Kelsey Yance but you need the book in BB anyway.

  30. I was at level 35 and around 240 fishing when bound iron chests started dropping like crazy in Stranglethorn. It was such a drastic change from the previous hundreds of casts that it must be some sort of threshold. I had at least nine chests chock full of cloth in much less than an hour. For a tailor stuck between silk and mageweave, it was quite a boon.

  31. I wish i didn't vendor the hinterlands fishing pole and then wait 4 weeks to lvl up fishing and cooking (2 weeks is the maximum to wait to restore a vendored item)

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