100 thoughts on “Clinton roasts Trump, compares him to Nixon”

  1. Who was the last US President to get impeached? Bill your POS husband.. Hillary's Slogan: I don't suck cock.

  2. Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. May Allah bless her with good health and happiness. Trump and his crazy administration should go down as a warning to the sane public. Democrats will rise again in next election. #MichelleObamaForPresident.

  3. So too must the wretched RNC take responsibility for the very public humiliation of the office of the White House by the current president on foreign soil, he is a laughing stock around the world insulting allies and embracing foes yet the wretched RNC points to Hillary?? Shows they have a voice after all…..

  4. Why would The President respond……She's a washed up,has been failure…….Impeachment?…….She'd know all about that,been there,done that!!

  5. Alert! Brain eating ear virus is attacking snowflakes in large numbers. It is recommended you should avoid public spaces and mainstream media such as movies, music, news and TV shows for the foreseeable future.

  6. Won RNC? I seem to remember different numbers….how much more was it for democrats? 3 million? Yeah, that seems about right

  7. I must say that the Super Mario Brothers outfit is a step up from the Oven Mitt clothing she has been wearing in her recent bid for the White House. I think that the hat is on backwards.

  8. HIllary Clinton looks like a flaming asshole here in this speech. only a bunch of children would be cheering this piece of shit.

  9. No wonder why her mother fucking ass lost in the election. We can all say anything, but she is the first one that shows it and does it. Shit.

  10. This lying hag and the Democratic party gifted Trump to the American people. She should just crawl away.

  11. The Impeachment she was talking about was Bill Clinton's.  Nixon was not impeached.  Then she chocked on her own BS at the end of the speech- conveniently clipped from this sound byte.

  12. omg is she still salty? quit trying to make people hate trump at a graduation. congratulate them and move on. politics have nothing to do with graduations. this woman is trying to bring a shadow of hate on a good day

  13. I was expecting John podesta to come out and give the speech for her… like last time. who was Seth Rich?

  14. CNN, the "politically unbiased" MSM, lol.

    She always says "you're entitiled to your own opinion but you're not entitled to your own facts." This coming from a person who used bleachbit to delete 33,000 emails.

    The best part about the video is how all those women cheering only voted for her because she's a woman, and Hillary ran in the campaign saying "vote for me because I'm a woman" but blames her embarrasing loss to misogyny.

  15. I checked to see if Hillary has the Islamic murder from Manchester England sitting right behind her during this speech.Democrats love to promote Islamic killers as good human beings…Liberals hate America….

  16. CNN doesn't know what a roast is. This is just a bad loser who can't admit she lost and it was her own doing. Clinton had everything on her side and she spent 3x what Trump spent. The big money interests lost, America won.

  17. A Day of Pride for hardwork, the day of recognition for commencement of their achievements. But ,instead of Congratulations, from these Bitter Losers, totally DISRESPECTED by these So Called Speakers, who spew division, hatred and shame! The Colleges approve this? Shame on the directors of these colleges, by letting them turn a day of Joy and Celebration, into a political stage!!!!!! I would have a nuclear meltdown, if any of those kids were mine!
    How exactly are these colleges viewed, their standards of education vs influence? How could a different outlook from the parents who pay for AMERICAN KIDS college tuition effect fall enrollment?


  19. I don't like this woman, but Trump has proven to be worse, the sad part is that while #45 is lying and a potential dictator, what is true is that both parties have failed the common man, that is the reason we have this man as president, folks are desperate in a not to far fashion as the german people were desperate in the 30's, when people become desperate they are willing to put anyone different in power……and here we are

  20. Oh boy! Here comes all the Hillary haters' comments. Trump definitely created a cult. He brainwashed you Trumpees into hating Hillary so much l fear for her safety. You sound like a bunch of mad dogs charging at Hillary to try and bite her leg off.

    I'd carry around a water spray bottle if I were Hillary. "Bad dog. Bad dog. Go away" Pepper sprays or tasers will work too. No guns. You Trumpees can die on your own from losing your health care thanks to your master Trump!


  22. Not a Hillary fan..do she has allergies and coughed…don't make a mountain out of a molehill…so do I…but I must say she was right.

  23. the lies and distortion that the trump administration come out with are something i have never seen before any president dem or repub this president seems to make his own rules and distort facts – very dangerous for democracy

  24. Amazing! "Intellectuals" cheering the very person GUILTY of obsturction of justice and denying the truth.
    "The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it". George Orwell
    The very substance of an intellectual commencement speech is filled with hate rhetoric, jokes, deceptions and denials……and the seals are clapping waiting for the the ring leader to toss them more fish…

  25. It's absolutely amazing that she compares Nixon (a man that supported her husband and assisted him in foreign policy) to Trump. It is also amazing that she adds that he was impeached (He wasnt) when her husband went through impeachment for sexual crimes. The hypocrisy of this person is breathtaking.

  26. Hey CNN, you guys are hilarious… you're now the World Wrestling Federation (Fake) of the news business! Tell me, are you digging deep into the BLEACH BIT ACID WASH of the Hillary Clinton "home" server, or are you still trying to unravel Trump's TWO SCOOPS OF ICE CREAM scandal? CNN SUCKS!

  27. So many Liberal assholes love this loser of a witch because she is a champion of the new Holocaust that murders Millions of innocent unborn children. ROT IN HELL, BITCHES!!!!!

  28. Hillary Clinton has never told the truth in her entire life. Sniper fire in Bosnia, four Americans murdered because of a YouTube video, she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center on 9-11, she didn't know the (c) on a document meant classified, and on and on.

  29. well once a conspiritor always a conspiritor Hillary was involved in a conspiracy against nixon and now trump she admits it by comparing the 2 set ups. interesting how she was involved in the judical commitee at the time of nixon and those she knew through the years and has been trying to impeach both Presidents. Nixon was not impeached he resigned he knew he was being set up by Hilary and bill clinton and the FBI. I think robert muller has been excusing the clintons crimes and the obamas crimes as well. It will be interesting to see this play out soon.

  30. The Amount of Hate I see against Hillary Clinton is one of the craziest things to be whitnessed. I'm European

    Now, let me get this straight, anyone here after the Faux/Foil News brainwash, doesn't deserve this woman to have served your country as she served. You know what you deserve? Yeah, Trump!

    You know what would be even better, you deranged m****uckers? If you went all to an island along your 7 sin messiah, Notably one that will suffer most of the Global Warming conscience and died all over there. Yeah, all of you, you sick m*****uckers.

  31. Hillary i dont want to hear it, I have a question though, does bill touch you without your permission? That must be weird being married to a rapist!

  32. If you fact check you'll see that from the goldwater days through factor 8 to Vince fosters death right up to present time both Clinton's are vile and corrupt to the bone .Trump Maga

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