Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Bridget Everett Clip | Netflix

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Bridget Everett Clip | Netflix

– All right, we’re going in here. – Oh! Hello. – Hello.
– Hello, how are you today? – Good. How are you? – Nice to meet you. – Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Jerry. I like tarot cards. Do
you like tarot cards? – Yeah, alright. Let’s see tarot cards. You like getting a little tired? (laughing) Can’t hold the camera like you used to. (laughing) It’s like, “Yeah I’ll take the job. “But can I sit down?” (laughing) – Ah. This is looking good. – You’re strong-minded. When you set your mind to something you have to follow it out. – Yes. – You analyze people
that are surrounding you. (cameraman laughing) (cellphone ringing) – Is that yours? – [Cameraman] I don’t think it’s me. – [Jerry] It’s not me. (laughing) – It’s that spirit calling me. – They really are aggressive
these days, aren’t they? – (laughing) Oh my! – They used to do it like, psychically. Now they just call.

29 thoughts on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Bridget Everett Clip | Netflix”

  1. This is one of my fave shows on Netflix – hell, on TV in general. I’m so glad there’s another season percolating for us. 😬

  2. Does anybody know who Jerry is talking about in this episode saying he is a lame comedian (Bridget Everett's friend) ?

  3. Who was the Comic that Jerry was ranting on about not liking @ about 9:20 ish……..I mean really not liking at all ….. when they were having coffee….they bleeped the comics name out !!!

  4. Jerry going after Bobcat Goldthwaite sorta ruined the episode for me. He has a beef with him going back a couple of decades – when Goldthwaite made fun of Seinfeld for dating the teenage girl he dated. Unfortunately, he spent a ton of this show's energy with that rant – about a person that his guest said was a friend. Rather than experience Everett in all her glory (she's amazing), the episode turns sharply & is darkened by Seinfeld's need to publicize his feud with Goldthwaite. He could have edited that out, but chose to feature it instead.

    A pathetic bit of revenge, showing just how utterly self-absorbed he can be. FWIW, Goldthwaite has an exceptionally successful career & likely wasn't bothered by this (he actually helps MANY young comedians early in their careers) – but a potentially hilarious episode was taken down several notches by this non-sequitur. Stopped Everett in her tracks.

  5. Hated the rude middle aged old fart who didn't recognised jerry saying it's not polite when you come in and just admire the cars..

  6. I love that the tarot cards say there's a man he's having a conflict with and Jerry and Bridget say in unison "Bobcat Goldthwait"

  7. Jerry is garbage show is unwatchable. All the comments must be from staff or or bots paid for by Jerry. Never been in a room where more than 5 minutes passed before someone said turn this off. I would watch WNBA game before I would sit through a full episode of the "Jerry makes people uncomfortable" show!!!!

  8. This show would be a million times better with Bill Burr. Jerry Seinfeld is annoying, and isn't remotely funny.

  9. I enjoy CICGC, and normally it's the Sunday Funday mood between him and his guests. I agree that he should have just edited out the reference, just to be polite if nothing else. But he is spot on about Goldthwait not being funny. I know it's not something you can really measure, but Jerry's success would indicate that a lot of people find him funny. Bobcat is just weird.

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