Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Ricky Gervais Clip | Netflix

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2019: Freshly Brewed | Ricky Gervais Clip | Netflix

(soft jazz music) – If someone does a lame
joke, I laugh too much. – Really? – Yeah. – You’re a sweet guy.
– I don’t wanna make them feel bad. – Oh, I wanna do just the opposite. I want them to feel horrible. – Wow. (Jerry laughing) – But doesn’t it bother
you that they think they’re funny enough to make
a joke to make you laugh? – But why shouldn’t they? – Because you’ve spent your
entire life in this craft, in this world.
– But you’re treating it like an insult, and it’s a compliment that they would love you
to laugh at them because they like you so much.
– Yes, because it would make them think that
they’re on the same level, and they’re not. – But it’s not like someone
going up to a doctor and going, can I take your appendix out? – Yes, it is! – No, it’s not! – It is to me! – We’re not that important. – Aren’t we? (Ricky cackling)

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  2. I love Jerry but this conversation just threw me off completely. Honestly if a person is trying to make you laugh, just take it as a compliment, and if it sucks, like give them advice to make better jokes, don’t just think you’re above them

  3. I like this show a lot. I have watched every episode. But I have to say, Jerry seems like an elitist prick. He seems to have this hierarchy in his head of who is worthy and who is not based on Hollywood success. He probably would even admit it. "No ONe Can TEll me JOkes – I'm JErRy SEinfeLd, – i'M mOrE iMPorTanT thAn aNYonE oN NBC – noW oR evEr! I BoW doWn."

  4. Netflix hits it out of the park with another fantastic show! Comedians in cars has it all! Thrills, chills, felching and gut pumping laughs!

  5. Seinfeld is the living embodiment of money going to your head. He's proud of his DGAF attitude because he can afford to be. He would tell us to eat cake with a straight face a la Marie Antoinette (I know she didn't actually say it). Ricky is way more down to earth and much more likable. Go Ricky!

  6. Seinfeld was a great show (thanks to George mostly) but honestly I've never seen Jerry in anything funny after that I think.

  7. Seinfeld was an amazing moment in history – unforgettable for me. But I feel he's the exact reason why they say you should never meet your heroes. He's a basically a conceited arsehole.

  8. He laughs too hard at other people's bad jokes. Proceeds to laugh too hard at the end. Great stuff! Can't wait!

  9. The thing is. ricky's laugh always sounds like a genuine one. so you never know. Also i'll be honest. ill most likely only watch this one.

  10. The only conceivable way to know if Seinfeld is joking about Drs ca comedians is to see who he calls during a pancreatic attic.

  11. Jerry thinks way to high of himself. Reminds me of when he didnt hug ke$ha on the red carpet or when he went off on Larry King.

  12. Without Larry David – Seinfeld would not have been anyway near as good / successful – and the fantastic cast helped him in his sitcom. Gervais has more comedic talent in is little finger. Yet I know humour is subjective.

  13. At the end,Ricky did what he explained at the start… Laugh too much on an ordinary joke, and this time the ordinary joke was from Jerry Seinfeld

  14. i love Seinfeld show, but this is not good to hear

    "it would make them think they are on the same level, and they are not"

    anybody can make a joke, not just comedians

  15. Jerry Seinfeld thinks waaaaay too highly of himself. He got really pissy when his show ‘Seinfeld’ got canceled.

  16. I don't think Ricky understands his own laughter because he always laughs a lot, even at his own stuff lol. He could barely keep it together during the filming of Night at the Museum. I think he genuinely laughs a lot, but I think he's confused himself about his own laughter to the point where he thinks he's not already laughing too much lmao

  17. Jerry ur a legend in your own mind. Larry Davids writing made you rich. Ricky is on a LD level in life and comedy. You and Michael Richards are neighbors. Nuff said.

  18. Seems like with each season of his show he gets more arrogant. I remember him yelling at Tracy Morgan in his episode. Now he's too good for non-comedians who want to share a joke with him? Yes, Jerry- how DARE they. I don't think he has much appreciation for how fortunate he's been, as though everything that happened to him was solely a result of how special and hard working he is. I used to be a fan in the 80's and 90's but I have to say his ego has gotten in my way.

  19. Two things are clear – Jerry is the most overrated comedian ever.. he really isn't funny. And secondly – wow he's full of himself

  20. Jerry is amazing and I love him but he's an ego maniac, nice to see Gervais keep him in check . Larry David who's contributed more comedy gold isn't full of himself on the other hand. Larry David wouldn't have gone after Larry King in that interview the way Jerry did.

  21. Easter Egg: The end of this episode (Called "China Maybe?") teases whether or not they will leave the Chinese jokes in, and all the Batman-style text is written in a font called "Chinese Rocks."

  22. I remember watching this show when it was on some app called CRACKLE. Who I think is now owned by a big media corp. Hey JERRY, don't you have enough money from the Seinfeld show's royalty checks — you had to sell out to the sick LEFTIST netflix corp?!? You should have started your own video network or put the show on a lesser known video platform.

  23. I am glad Ricky got back, he deserved that. Showing him not talking, the first time, did not feel good. It's clear that Jerry wanted to correct that now. To me it shows he is a compassionate guy with appreciation for his colleagues.

  24. Gervais is not a great guest. He hasn't got much to say so he just recycles the same old 'just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right' stuff.

  25. Just reiterated my belief that Ricky Gervais is such a decent guy who is trying to not look obvious about it!

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