Cook With Me: Freezer Meals for Dayzzzzz! Bulk Cooking for Large Family

Cook With Me: Freezer Meals for Dayzzzzz! Bulk Cooking for Large Family

– Hey, guys. So it is day two of our freezer cooking, and this little fella, Mr. Benjamin here. Say hi. He says, I’m looking
away, no part of that. He was just sleeping on my shoulder, and I thought, oh, I’ll open the vlog. But no, he said, too much is going on. And so, you awake now. You are, you are. So getting a slow start for this day two only because, like I
always encourage you guys, real life going on. I probably got everything cleaned up last night around 11 or so. And now, on day two, I
think it’s almost three. But I got so much prepped and ready. I’m gonna get a whole bunch of those egg, cheese, and sausage egg cups going. I’m gonna do that first, so I
can make a big things of mix, and kinda get that going through the day. So I’m gonna get the eggs going, and I’m gonna get the
bread machines going first. Then I’m gonna do those
twice baked potatoes, and roll into beef mac n’ cheese, banana bread muffins, tater tot casserole, burrito pie, pumpkin bread,
and baked chicken spaghetti. All of that, I’m hoping to have it all wrapped up by 10 o’clock tonight. Everything’s cooked, but I
give myself basically an hour. I had shared this- Hey, sweetie. I had shared this in my
last freezer cooking days that I did for February. Kinda give myself an hour
of time for each meal that I’m making once
everything is prepped. Because even like for
the beef mac n’ cheese, I will get several pans, but
even once it’s all cooked and ready to go, then
wrapping it, and labeling it, getting in the freezer, all of
that, it just all takes time. So I’ll give you a little
Benjamin crawling action. Benjamin and Daniel. By the time you all see this he’ll officially be nine months, but he’s just a special way.
(baby cooing) So anyway, Mr. Travis has a hardware store or tractor store, that kinda list growing. So I’m gonna check my cabinets. I may be out of flour. If so, I’m gonna have
him get me some flour. When I’m out, but I’ve done
a bunch of food hauls here lately and got a lot of lettuce we need to use in the next few days. So one of the things
I’ve been working on too is just kinda pulling stuff
out of my kitchen freezer. I got in here to look for bananas, and I haven’t made banana
bread, banana nut muffins, anything with bananas in several months. So I got a big old stock pile of bananas that we’re gonna use up. And then I was just kinda
using that as an opportunity to just see what I put in here. So here is our big
mountain of frozen bananas at different stages of the game. So I’m gonna get these
defrosted and really use these for our banana muffins and breads today. And then this sausage I had in there, still, this is from that
pack I’ve got in February. I got mild Italian sausage
on sale at Sharp Shopper. Five pounds for 5.99. I think it was actually 5.49. So I’m gonna use this
in the egg cups today. I got some bacon. I’m just gonna put in the refrigerator for us to have tomorrow. From the bananas we’re gonna use. And then these bananas, we will see how many we can eat
over the next few days, and they’ll just replenish my stash. So the process I’m going
through for these bananas, and see, I’m even starting on my eggs yet like I said I would. This is how it goes. I move from thing to thing, right? But I do need to get these defrosted if I’m gonna make breads
and stuff with them later. So I’m just running
some cold water on ’em. That has loosened up the bananas I had in these small baggies. The reason that these
were in the small baggies is these might of been like
one or two little bananas at the end of a 40 pound
batch or something. And obviously, I wanted to
save them for another day, and today’s their day. So I’m just loosening them up, and then dumping them in this bowl, and then I’ll get these defrosting. And these will sit and wait
their turn a few minutes. Now, I’m gonna have Naomi work on actually packaging these little English muffin pizzas
that we did last night. What we did is we froze them. We just did layer, upon layer, upon layer all the way to the bottom in one of these big pans I got from Costco this time. And so, we’ll have to get our
final English muffin count. We ate a lot of them
last night for dinner. So, that was a good flash freezing. And I was just wrapping them a couple different ways to show you guys. Here is just a little individual wrap. So you could wrap them individually with plastic wrap and fill a bag. You could also, I was thinking, maybe I could get two layers
in here, but I really can’t. I thought maybe we would lay them down, and then do another layer,
or do some parchment paper. File them this way. Another way is you can stack them with little pieces of
parchment paper in between and do stacks. Mr. Travis here is working on. I’ve got a bunch of big
plastic wrap from Costco, also a bunch of foil. And so, he is doing the engineering there to get that put together for me. So I guess I’m gonna do
it maybe all the ways, since I made so many of these, to show you guys different
options as far as freezing. So with these pepperoni
pizza English muffins, we’ve got seven on the top, and there is seven on the bottom, and there’s a layer of
parchment paper in between. And I’ve got them flipped this way. So I’ll still just write in
permanent marker on this side, and then we will stack them
this way in the freezer. Now, I’m going to show you the way where if you stack them all the way up. Looks like here, double
stacking them in columns, I got 16 in this bag. So I might do the rest of them this way just because we get two more in there. I probably get 14 in this way, and there’s our little lone wrapped one. So I have some parchment paper scraps. I’m just cutting those to do
the little individual liners. So Zion is working on the egg mixture for those egg and sausage cups. Naomi just put the pizzas in the freezer. 120 is our total count for those little English muffins pizzas. And right now I’m just
rinsing one of these tin pans. These pans, I showed them
in my big Costco hall, and I probably showed them yesterday. They are, I had to take a picture. So it’s 15 full size deep pans, and they are 19 by 11 and three and three-sixteenths inch deep. So these are big pans. I had Travis do the cubic inches for us, comparing these pans to the standard 9 by 13 pans that I use often. Travis did the math breakdown, and it ends up that one of these big pans that I got at Costco, ends up being about the same volume as a, now the dishwasher’s gonna make noise, as about two and a half
of those 9 by 13 pans. And so, how it usually works is like, if we’re gonna have a freezer meal that’s made in a 9 by 13 pan, we will have that meal for dinner. Let’s say it’s a lasagna. But then we’ll also have a big salad, and maybe have some carrot sticks, and maybe have, I don’t
know, rolls, or apple sauce. It’s not just the square of
lasagna that’s for dinner. That’s the main dish, but then we’re heavy on the side items. There’s no left overs,
is my point, with those. So nothing the next day. Gotta do something different. Anyway, so with these pans, since I’m giving these a go this month, it will be enough to be
our main dish at dinner, and then there’s gonna be some left overs for lunch the following day. So, anyway, good large family style pans. Whenever I do these
recipes, when I do a pan, you’ll just consider this as being approximately five 9 by 13 pans worth. Also, over on I will have the oven
directions and everything on doing these larger
pans from the freezer. Okay, so just got both
bread machines going with the pizza dough. And I’m gonna work on those potatoes now. Updating you on what we’re doing. Right now, Naomi is here helping me. We are just cutting the
insides out of these potatoes. These had to be in the
refrigerator overnight ’cause I couldn’t get
back to them yesterday. And I do mix my potato insides. Even when they’re cold it all works out. The butter will be hot, and there’ll be some other
components that are hot. But we’ll blend it all together, and then stuff these twice baked potatoes, and get those flash frozen. Then finally freezed, just
to be like a side dish, or they could be a dinner
in and of themselves. Do some green beans and some
applesauce, and there you go. And here are two dozen
of those egg, sausage, and cheese little egg cups
that I wanna do a bunch of. I also have a bake with this
same mix in the oven now. I’m gonna go do a quick
Benjamin check in and break. And then these should be cooled
off enough to pop those out and get some more going. Did you get a break? Did we have a break? And Daniel’s watching Paw Patrol. Say, we know that. We know that. Are you watching Paw Patrol, Daniel? Daniel do Pow Patrol. So I just got two dozen of my little egg and sausage muffin cups here out. Now I’m gonna put two more dozen in. I also have another dozen done, and then a whole big breakfast bake. So now, I’ve been working on getting these little egg and sausage muffin cups. Again, I say muffin, it’s
just totally protein. There’s no flour or anything in this. So it would be low
carb, and keto friendly, and Trim Healthy Mama friendly
if you’re doing any of those. Anyway, I’m getting
these in little baggies. I’m going to freeze them. And then all I’ll do whenever we’re gonna have this for breakfast, I would set up two or three
of these little baggies. So that’d be eight to
12 in the refrigerator from the freezer, and then
I would just warm them in the microwave the following morning. And then we would have that
with some cottage cheese, or some fruit, or whatever else we’re gonna have with breakfast. Or there’s many morning when I get up well before everybody else. And so, I may just have
an early breakfast myself. So here are these pans and
another breakfast casserole, and I’m just cutting these up also, and putting them into
individual baggies as well because I only have three muffin pans. So it cam ein right around 120 of these sausage, egg, and
cheese little muffin cups. And so, I’m gonna get
these in the freezer now. And again, those just super big pans that I picked up at Costco
saved the day again. We’re still using those up
here too in our potato world. And I’m just using them
for all kinds of things. And here’s some pizza dough
from the bread machine that I’ve gotta get rolled up now. This is just a little
mess reality check in. I just got two pig pizzas there rolled up. I’m gonna wrap them in some
foil now, get them in baggies. But, yeah, just showing you. Gonna do some dishes. So what’s happening now? We got the big beast mixing bowl, and Naomi’s been mashing
some potatoes by hand. We got all out other potato skins there. So this is three blocks of cream cheese, and three cups of real butter. I softened those in the microwave first. Five cups of milk. And I was just kind of
creaming these together with my hand mixer at the moment. And then we’re gonna get
the potatoes in here, blend them all together, add some cheese. Now I just dumped our potatoes in there. So we’re winding down already,
and it’s only like 8:15. But I just think I’m done for today. And I always like doing whatever
it is that I want to do. That’s my little joke, but
that’s what I want to do. So Travis and Liam, and
Amelia just got home. And he was getting a
few more things for me. And they also, they had some
adventures while they were out. And I’m just tired now. Today I’ve been at it probably off and on about four to six hours. We’ve gotten a bunch done,
but there’s still more to do. And I just wanna be done for now. So anyway, Naomi is working on our twice baked potato station. And she’s doing the
layer of parchment paper. And then to eat tonight, we did a pan of these
twice baked potatoes. Now, our older two sons
are out for the evening. And Travis, and Amelia, and Liam ate a little something
while they were out. So whoever wants it can have
a baked, twice baked potato. The rest of these we’re gonna freeze. And then tomorrow we’ll wrap them. Another thing going on tomorrow is all of the kids do this
home school project fair that our home school
group calls the X Fair. And that’s tomorrow evening. So, today I didn’t start
til like three or four. Yesterday I didn’t really get
started until later afternoon. All that to say, tomorrow, I will have to get started in the morning. Jamerrill, start in the morning. So that I can be done by about four or so, May be famous last words. You know how this goes for me sometimes. That’s it for tonight. We’ll see you in the morning. So guys, it is my third
gentle day of freezer cooking. Just getting my big bowl filling. And gonna give you some updates
on what we’ve been doing. So this morning I got
four of my big pizza, homemade pizza dough balls
made in the bread machines. I started those early
when I made my coffee. I got the bread machines going. I’m out of yeast though. So I think I’ve only
gotten six of those total, ’cause I did two the other day. Zion used the big bowl there, and got mixed up four or
five big pans of banana bread that I’m gonna cut in half, and we’ll get those in the freezer. We just did the pans
instead of the muffins because I looked at my
little muffin cup wrappers, and I thought, okay, I don’t have enough. We’re just gonna do pans. That’s fine. So I might have him get working on some pumpkin bread here soon. He’s been wrapping. I’ll show you these also. Twice baked potatoes. And they have been
wrapped and put into bags. We froze those yesterday. So we’ll get those in the freezer. And right now, household wise, also, we’ve been working on today is the kids have a big
project fair tonight. And they are just spending the whole day. And it’s wonderful when your mom says, make a huge mess, craft all you want. And that’s what they are doing. So just giving you a
peek a the process now. I’ll show you again later in the day. But we have Liam here. Liam is gonna-
(chuckles) You’re working on, was it a
giant empire state building? – Uh-huh just one tower. – Yes, he’s working on a tower and a road. Naomi is working on a project board based on all of her handed crafts. So her pictures, her jewelry. Gabriel is over here
working on a board too. He has built a lot of Lego creations. But they need to have a project board, and we’ll have to work
on Liam’s a little later. So, yeah, there is just- I will move these scissors. All kinds of good clipping
and gluing in the house today. So I still need to put
the big meals together. So I’ve gotta put together
the beef mac n’ cheese, the tater tot casseroles, burrito pies, and baked chicken spaghetti. But all the components for those are done. I do have to stand and
make that cheese sauce. So right now, it is time
time wise, it is 12:30. So I think in my mind, I thought I was doing two 10 hour
freezer cooking days. Instead, what it has worked
out to do is be more of a gentle like three day for
six to eight hour days. That just felt more
comfortable to spread it out for me a little bit more this time. Here are eight bags of
the twice baked potatoes that are getting ready
to go out to the freezer. And we already took out four
bags earlier this morning, plus those pizza dough balls. Here are the five pans of banana bread. I came out to the garage to
get a bag of shredded cheese ’cause I’m getting ready
to do that baked Beefaroni. And I thought I would show you how the freezer is looking up so far. So this is what we have
going on at the moment. I have the bakes that
I did the other night. We also have those english
muffin pizzas, of course. Some broccoli. And then in here these are some roast. Yeah, some other roast
and other meats we have for our family for the month. So just some meat hanging out. Here’s where we have the pizza so far. More potatoes. And then down here we have the
egg cups and other potatoes. So that’s how the freezer
is shaping up at the moment. Right now I’m working
on the cheese saucing. Cheese saucing, yes. I was thinking of telling you I’m mixing. I’m working on the cheese sauce, and I’m mixing for all
of those baked macaroni. So my cheese sauce is done. I also just realized, this is the only shredded cheese we have left in the house. But we have some blocks of cheese I had gotten a month or so
ago that we hadn’t used yet. So Travis is setting up a
cheese grinding station for me. And now, with this cheese sauce done, and the macaroni noodles
I did the other day, and the ground beef I did the other day, we’re gonna get these big pans
of beef mac n’ cheese going. Here’s the big old thing of cheese sauce and the already done noodles. I’m gonna mix those together. So I just got up from a
little break nursing Benjamin. But here is just a, this is a 9 by 13 pan of the baked macaroni that I made to go towards our dinner
efforts this afternoon since we have such a busy evening. And then I’ll show you the big beast pans. So this is one of these
huge, huge, huge pans that I had showed you guys yesterday. Sorry, I got things falling on me ’cause things are stacked everywhere. And like I had said, one
of these massive pans equals the same volume of about two and a half of the 9 by 13 pans. So this big thing of baked macaroni would be dinner one night with some heavy leftovers for the
following day for us. When we just have a 9 by 13
pan, which I’m fine using, it’s just not what I
got at Costco this time. And as always, my big disclaimers,
this isn’t all we eat. But if we have some baked
macaroni a couple times over eight weeks, six to
eight weeks, it’ll be good. So here you go. These are massive. Look at the size of my hand
compared to these pans. So these are 19 by 11 huge jumbo pans. And three of them. So this’ll be up to eight
meals for our family. As I said, I’ll cook one pan,
but we’ll have it as a meal, and then heavy leftovers. I also had a little bit to
do a 9 by 13 and a 9 by 11 that we’ll have with our meals
here in the next day or so. Reality has hit yet again. Even with all that shopping,
and all the cheese I bought, and we even found a
big like, I don’t know. I don’t know how many pounds it was. One of those big cheese logs I buy of Colby at Sharp Shopper. We found one of those. Travis grounded up. But I’m doing so many things
that have cheese involved. I have run out of cheese. And I still have one, two. I still have three more recipes that I plan to do that
have cheese involved. It is so sad. But I mean, there’s no way for
me to get cheese right now. So I’m gonna need to clean up what is going on in this kitchen. And by the time I do that,
and by the time we eat, we’ll have that baked
macaroni I just mentioned. I’ll probably do some green beans. And by the time I help the kids
get their projects together my freezer cooking time for today is done. So we’ll have to pick up more cheese while we’re out tonight. (crying) And I’ll have to finish those tomorrow. Now, a couple things I wanna say. Number one, don’t feel sorry for me. I really do enjoy freezer cooking. It is super helpful. I love having the freezer stocked. I also love developing
new large family recipes for over on And I get requests from
people, and get ideas. People say, hey, why don’t you try this, or why don’t you try that? And I always appreciate those. You can let me know any of
those in the comments below, or email them to me. Anyway, that’s it for
this moment, friends. We’ll see what happens
when I get some cheese. Okay, guys, I don’t even know what do say. But it is several days past
my freezer cooking weekend. We are well into the week. We have had our busy week. We have company in town. We just, like your family,
we have all the things going, and I still have a few recipes from my freezer cooking
last weekend to get done. So, yeah, so we’re just gonna
get this burrito pie made. And I’m gonna show you
how I’m gonna do that. Very similar to my taco bake,
only I’m using tortillas. I think with my taco bake,
I’ll also have that recipe linked in the description below. That was supposed to
be made of taco shells, and I ran out, and I used tortillas. Well, for this burrito pie,
I’m purposely using tortillas, and I’m using a few different add ins. So it’s a variation. I’m gonna start layering everything here in my big, ginormous pan. I just kinda layered four
of these tortilla shells. I’ve got my big bowl here full of my seasoned meat mixture in
in some refried beans. So I’m gonna put on the
first layer of meat now. I also have this sliced pepper jack cheese that I got marked down at Sharp Shopper, and I’m gonna use a layer of
that on top of the meat now. I know, are you excited? You’ve been jumping for hours. You’re pointing. Say, give me my dinner. – Give me my dinner.
– Say please. – Please.
– Yes, okay, so sit down. So here we are with a nice layer of sliced pepper jack cheese. Then I did only about half of this can of green chiles on top of the cheese. I spread out five tortillas
this go round on this layer. Another layer of meat. Another layer of yummy
sliced pepper jack cheese. Another layer of green chiles. And that was a whole seven
ounce can for this big pan. So you don’t need much. Got six of these tortillas on the top. If I could go back and do it all again, I’ll do this in the next one, I would have done six on each layer. I’m just, I’m tired guys. I just waled several miles, and it’s time for mama to be done. And then I topped it with
four cups of shredded cheese. This is shredded provolone. You can use whatever kind
of cheese you have on hand. We just had a big block of
provolone that needed to go. Now I’m gonna put it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 375 covered. Then I’ll pull off the foil, and then let it bake
another 10 to 15 minutes. I got another one of these. Zion is helping me wrap it. We’ve got one burrito
pie for the freezer done. And then over here, I’ve got just enough, I think, to squeeze one more in one of these big massive pans, which remember, these equal about two and a half of my standard 9 by 13s. And I’ve got one in the oven now. So if you make this recipe, it will be the equivalent
of six 9 by 13 pans, which is some good freezer stocking up. So there we have it, guys. This is my third ginormous
cheesy burrito pie. And I’ll show you what it looks like out of the oven as well. So now I’ll have two of the big pans. And these are the size tortillas, with a 10 count flour
tortilla, bags that I used. And there were, let’s see, I think I went with five of these. And there were 10, yeah, I just said that. Sorry, 10 per bag. And I have one, two,
three, four, five total. So I went through 50 tortillas
for the three big pans. And here’s the aftermath. And here we go, guys,
fresh out of the oven. As this is Mr. Travis’s, I’m
gonna go drop this off for him. Okay, guys, this my huge ginormous pan. I think it’s like 15 by
11, or 15 by something. And look, we ate well over half of it. I mean, this is not enough for everyone to have left overs for lunch tomorrow. So this is a very popular
recipe at our house tonight. Okay, friends, so I think it’s
about seven or eight days. It’s over a week from
when I last attempted to have two dedicated
freezer cooking days. As I’m sure, as I’m trying to remember that we filmed in these clips, life just got rolling. It’s like when a ball
starts going down the hill, and it picks up speed as it’s going down. So I was able to get a few extra things done throughout the week. And then I just called it good enough for the next four to six weeks. And then I’ll have another hopefully one to two dedicated days. And I’m hoping to also get a
few things done here and there. I’m gonna show you on my white board, ’cause I do better if I’m
telling you what I did and what I’m plan to still do. So what we got done, and
my whiteboard, it’s so sad. It got erased. I had a list of everything. So I’m gonna show you here. I had, I cooked 18 pounds of
ground beef in the roaster. I did 12 pounds of ground beef in the electric pressure cooker. 10 pounds of chicken in the IP. 10 pounds of chicken in my goWISE. We washed and prepped
40 pounds of potatoes. We baked 40 pounds of potatoes. We boiled 10 pounds of elbow macaroni. That was all pretty much the first day. And then we also got done, so all of those 40 pounds of potatoes, we made twice baked
potatoes for the freezer. We did 120 pepperoni pizza
english muffins for the freezer. We did three of those massive
pans of baked mac n’ cheese. I did a bunch of those
pans of the double layer chicken Parnassian bake. I wrote three here. I’m getting scrambled. Excuse me, real life, but I
will leave this in to show you. I actually did the double layer chicken Parmesan bake in my smaller pans because I have one of those. Oh, my door blew open. I have one of those over here ’cause we’re gonna have
it for dinner tonight. So watch the beginning of this video, or go to, where I’ll have complete
thoughts written out for you. I also did, I know I did several of these cheesy burrito pie freezer meals. We did 120 of those sausage and egg cups, plus the Italian and sausage egg bakes. And we did banana bread. What I did not get done
that I wanted to get done was I wanted to get
breakfast cookies done. I wanted to get a beef version
tater tot casserole done. And I wanted to get baked
chicken spaghetti done. But as you saw in the
clips before this one, I did get the burrito pie done, but I wasn’t able to
circle back to these two. Maybe these will get done at some point in the coming weeks. What I’d really like to
do is get a big batch of breakfast cookies for the freezer done. And then in the coming weeks,
these are not in the freezer, but I have on my ingredients forum. I also plan to do like cook with me vlogs, and show you guys how we do all of these large family style in the pressure cooker. And then also tell you how to
do it for slow cooker meals. ‘Cause I know not everyone
has pressure cookers. But anything you do in the pressure cooker you can also just about, even
though it’s a little adaption, do for the slow cooker. So I’m gonna do pork
roast, chicken pot pie, chicken cacciatore, Italian
chicken, Mongolian chicken, a big beef roast, beef stroganoff, mushroom pork chops,
and some salsa chicken. Several of these I’ve already done, and I have some videos
on for slow cooker meals, but I’m gonna show you the
pressure cooker variation. It’ll be lots of fun. And right now, I’m gonna
show you some pictures of how the freezer turned out. Zion took those for me on my phone while he helped me stack
stuff in the freezer. So I appreciate that. So because this is another
week charging ahead, and we’re already in this food, I appreciate you for dealing with me. As always text he word FREEZER to 44222 to get my free mega meal planning pack for your own freezer cooking days delivered right to your inbox. I have something so amazing
and cool coming out, and I know you guys are
gonna be so excited. So when you sign up to get that you’re gonna be the first
to know when it comes out. It really truly is going to happen. You’re gonna say, Jamerrill,
we’re so proud of you. You got something done. So, I’m gonna go on my great
big several mile hike now in the morning before our day
gets rolling full steam ahead. And I’ll see you next time
with another brand new video. Bye bye.

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