[COOKING] 송쉪표 중화요리!!! 홈메이드 짬뽕 만들기 | SUB

[COOKING] 송쉪표 중화요리!!! 홈메이드 짬뽕 만들기 | SUB

(Song Chelin Guide:
Homemade Jjamppong) (I’m moving the tripod.) This is hard. Since I’m a novice YouTuber, I’m not good at
setting up the camera. I hope you can understand. Gosh, that was hard. How do I work this camera? I finally did it. Hello, subscribers
of Song Chelin Guide. I’m Chef Song.
I’m Yun Hyeong. I’ll tell you
what I’m making today. It’s a dish you crave
on rainy days. It’s jjamppong. (Jjamppong, rainy day food) It’s easy and simple.
If you follow my recipe, you’ll be able to
eat delicious jjamppong. I’ll introduce
the ingredients first. Mussels, squid,
and pork belly. As for vegetables, you can
add whatever you want. I had cabbages, potatoes, onions, and green onions
at home. I’m going to make
jjamppong with these. And I have noodles. Sugar, soy sauce,
and chili pepper powder. And I have cocktail shrimps
and garlics. You have to add this.
It’s seafood oyster sauce. I’m going to use
spicy seafood oyster sauce. And you must add chili oil. And pepper too. Shall we start now? Oh, right. Let me ask
before I start cooking. Did you subscribe
to my channel… and like my video? If you can, turn on
the notifications too. Just like that time
when I cooked jjajangmyeon, it’s tastier when you add
pork belly with the fat. I’ll chop them
into big pieces. (Step 1: Chop pork belly
into big pieces.) As for onions… (Step 1: Chop
half of an onion.) No need to make it look
pretty when you chop it. (Step 1: Chop
half of an onion.) Put them on the plate. You must add lettuce
into jjamppong. (He meant cabbages,
not lettuce.) (Step 1: Chop cabbages.) Potatoes go well
with this dish. I’ll thinly slice them. (Step 1: Slice thinly
to cook them faster.) It’ll be delicious… if you cook with ingredients
you have at home too. You can just chop
the green onions too. (Step 1: Chop green onions.) And now, I’m onto squid. I must make cuts
on the squid first. You know what I’m
talking about, right? When you look at the squid
from Chinese restaurants… How should I put it? (He can’t think
of the word.) Right.
It looks like a flower. (Flower) I have to make cuts on it. Just like this. (Step 1: Make cuts
on the squid and chop it.) Make the cuts gently. You can’t cut the squid yet. Just make cuts
on the surface. And repeat this
on the other side. If you make diagonal cuts,
it’ll look pretty. And you’ll have
a flower-shaped squid too. You must adjust your power.
Can you see it? As you can see, the cuts
look pretty good, right? Now, you can chop the quid. (Step 1: Make cuts
on the squid and chop it.) Chop this big chunk. You can slice the tentacles
just once like this. I finished preparing
the ingredients now. Ta-da. I have to move the camera
for a second. All right then. I’ll start
cooking right away. (I said “right away”, but it
took long to get started.) I see. There it is. How do I work this? (I said “right away”, but it
took long to get started.) My gosh. Goodness.
What is this? Gosh, that was hard.
Am I on camera? It’s hard to set up
the camera. Great, great. All right.
I’ll start cooking now. (Turn on the stove.) First, turn on the stove
now. (Turn on the stove.) (Turn on the gas
and turn on the stove.) If you can’t buy chili oil
from the stores, you can just stir-fry
chili pepper powder… with oil.
And you’ll have chili oil. Drizzle the chili oil
sufficiently on the pan. (Step 2: Making the Broth,
drizzle chili oil on a pan.) I’m going to add
potatoes first. (Step 2:
Cook potatoes first.) It’s hot. As I told you… You can’t be afraid
of the oil as a chef. It’s hot. It’s hot. Add green onions. (Step 2: Add green onions
and stir-fry them.) And stir-fry them. Minced garlic. Use a small spoon to add
a spoonful of minced garlic. (But I didn’t use
a small spoon.) Add a spoonful of this. (Chef Song: He doesn’t
measure ingredients.) And keep stir-frying. Add pork now. (Step 2: Add pork
and stir-fry them.) Add the squid. (Step 2: Stir-fry them with
squid and cocktail shrimps.) Cocktail shrimps. And add several
cocktail shrimps too. It’s to make it look fancy. Mussels. You can add mussels
or Manila clams. (Step 2: Add mussels. They
can be replaced with clams.) Stir-fry them. Look at that.
Everyone, look at this. Doesn’t this look like
a flower? Everyone, look. I’ll put it
close to the camera. (Doesn’t this look like
a flower?) Doesn’t this look like
a flower? This is why
I made cuts earlier. Earlier, I chopped onions
and cabbages. Put them in. Use cooking wine
if you have it. Or you can also use soju. (Cooking wine or soju can
neutralize its fishy smell.) Drizzle it. Add this to
neutralize the fishy smell. Lettuce… Is it lettuce
or cabbage? Stir-fry lettuce and onions
until they turn weary. (Until they turn weary
like him.) I misspoke. Stir-fry them
until they turn soft. Doesn’t this
already look good? Soy sauce. Add
a tablespoon of soy sauce. (Chef Song: He doesn’t
measure ingredients.) Gosh, this looks good. Seafood oyster sauce.
This one is spicy. Add this much sauce if you
were to use a ladle. (I didn’t use a ladle,
but add this much sauce.) (He’s measuring the sauce
with his eyes.) No, you can add
one and a half spoonful. (Chef Song: He doesn’t
measure ingredients.) (Step 2: Add one and a half
spoonful of the sauce.) And add a bit of sugar. (A bit of sugar) I don’t need
to put in everything. (Chef Song: He doesn’t
measure ingredients.) But this must be
delicious as it is now. I keep sneezing
because of the chili oil. (In the next ASMR video,
he’ll have a runny nose.) It’s so good that
I have a runny nose. Chili pepper powder.
As for this… (He’s measuring it
with his eyes.) A tablespoon of it. (Chef Song: He doesn’t
measure ingredients.) (Stir-fry chili pepper
powder with pepper.) Add pepper too. (Stir-fry chili pepper
powder with pepper.) And stir-fry them together. They are stir-fried nicely. When you’re about done
stir-frying them, you need to add water. Don’t add too much water
in the beginning. If you add too much water, you won’t taste the flavors
of seafood and pork… in the broth. Add water just enough to
submerge the ingredients. And I’ll get ready
to cook the noodles. Gosh, the flavors are
seeping out into the broth. (Impressed) It’s so good. I should
add a pinch of salt. (It’s slightly bland.) I’m going to pour
some hot water into this. Doesn’t this
look really good? I want to show this
up close. Doesn’t this look like
real jjamppong? (Step 2: Taste the broth.) You can season it with salt. (Step 2: If you think
it’s bland, add salt.) Gosh, this is ready. I’m going to cook
the noodles now. (Step 3: Cook the noodles
in the boiling water.) I’m using
the kalguksu noodles. I had leftover noodles
after making jjajangmyeon. If you cook your own food,
it’s plentiful like mine. Pickled radish goes well
with jjamppong. I’ll get this ready. You shouldn’t waste
this spare time. Keep stirring the noodles, so they don’t stick
to the bottom. Put whatever needs to
be washed in the sink. Put the sauces
in one place too. (Stir noodles and put away
dishes and the sauces.) (It’s better to waste
spare time.) It’s hot. It’s hot. Be careful when you’re
checking the noodles. They get cooked…
It’s hot. I can’t eat this. I think they’re all cooked. This is the sieve.
Sift them through the sieve. (Sift noodles with a sieve
and rinse with cold water.) Sift them with a sieve and
rinse them with cold water. This will make
the noodles springy. Gosh, these are springy.
Springy, springy. Shake off the water. It’s ready. Ta-da. I’ll pour the broth first. (Step 4: Pour the broth
over the noodles.) Place the mussels
on top of the noodles. Ta-da. I just finished cooking
homemade jjamppong. I’m going to film
an ASMR video now. Vanish. I should hurry. I must eat this
before this gets cold. Put the chair here. (Jjamppong is getting cold.) (Jjamppong is getting cold.) (Jjamppong is getting cold.) (Jjamppong is getting cold.) (Chef Song’s measuring cup
becomes a microphone stand.) (He has a measuring cup,
but he doesn’t use it.) It’s all done.
This is filming, right? (He’s not good
with new technology.) How do I work this? Great, great. (The noodles are
getting soggy.) (The noodles are
getting soggy.) 2, 3. (Next Episode: ASMR Video
of Homemade Jjamppong) (Homemade Meringue Cookies,
Meringue Cookie ASMR Video)

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