100 thoughts on “COOKING 1000 WORMS into a Pancake – WILD Vietnamese Street Food! (Chả Rươi)”

  1. Apart from the fact that this show is very informative it is also extremely honourous. I must be so much fun filming and editing it. Lol

  2. “They’re noodles, they’re noodles, they’re noodles. It’s just like a bread with a bunch of noodles inside.” 🤣

  3. Very earthy like a pond, hahaha, priceless, I haven't stopped laughing hahaha, like a pond hahaha hahaha hahaha

  4. Can you guy stop being rude ? This is they culture how can we know neither they good or bad if we never try it ? #paythemrespect

  5. I do like the video only because of Mr sonny .I love sonny. He is so handsome and fantastic yammy face .😍😍😍😍

  6. This is disgusting but I watched it multiple times just to get my daily dose of Sonny Side. I’ve watched all the videos multiple times already 😂 love you Sonny!

  7. If the girl will eat that worm pancake…then she's a real trooper. I know plenty of people who wouldn't eat it for anything.

  8. When they eated it I eas dead OMG that scene was terrible horrible terrific and obviously lilling me

  9. Feeling bad for the comments here, even some coming from young Vietnamese. It's okay you dont eat the food, please dont humiliate people's way of life. Cosmetic industry use worm extract on the very lipstick you use everyday, so girls, if your so sensitive about worms remember this fact each time you use lipstick. 😀

    Everybody should learn from Sonny, have respect.

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