Cooking 4 ducks in My Village  – Cooking ducks in nalla ennai – My Village My Food

Cooking 4 ducks in My Village – Cooking ducks in nalla ennai – My Village My Food

Washing the vegetables. Adding grounded red chili powder to the chopped duck pieces. Adding nalla ennai to the hot pan. Adding grounded coriander, pepper, cumin , sesame, turmeric and other spices. Adding grounded shallot. Adding ginger and garlic paste. Adding chopped white onions to the hot pan Adding grounded tomatoes paste. Adding tomatoes Adding grounded tomato paste Adding more chopped onions. Adding salt water. Adding curry leaves. Adding garlic Mix it well Adding grounded green chilies, coriander leaves, curry leaves and mint leaves. Mix well and let it marinate for 30 minutes. Adding the marinated pieces Adding some water. Adding more water and let it cook for 30 minutes.

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  1. dude, my mouth is watering !! I wish , I could have tasted that duck …. looks delicious. Thanks for sharing this video

  2. உத்திரமேரூர்! எவ்வளவு புகழ்வாழ்ந்த இடம்! நல்ல இடம், நல்ல உணவு! நன்றி!

  3. why are they barefoot and not wearing shoes or slipper? why do they cook in the open like cavemen and not use proper stove in the house? why do they eat with their hands? sorry if i feel they are just primitive and dirty

  4. sitting under a tree cooking a meal with friends having fun,how often do we do that ? so awesome to see such community.

  5. i love Indian food i wish to travel there one day. i try to cook some indian dishies at home but your food is beyond anything i could make. please can you. list the spices used?

  6. What are the small purple/pink/red things that look like they could be garlic cloves or very small onions? Thanks.

  7. تﻻتثلﻻه فتبا افنؤقي قيلؤثيراﻻؤفليلياونهخلباعرتتءﻻااﻻت ﻻؤﻻنخلبىاﻻييؤيضصصغهكجخلبسبﻻىلىتم ختتةنبباتتهﻻءتتىاابيؤ

  8. submerging the still feathered ducks in 120*F water for 20-40 seconds loosens all the feathers so they will fall out with no struggle at all. No need to burn them. 😉 I have a small poultry farm (chickens & ducks)

  9. Could you please tell us about the herbs and spice you use? Thank you for showing👍 Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  10. Thanks for sharing great outdoor cooking knowledge, I really wish I could taste the food. Toronto Canada, liking your food
    keep those video's coming.

  11. let me ask one question ?….. Why u didn't shoot the spices grinding portion ?….. with grinding stone

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