Cooking a chicken in a Watermelon! | Barry tries #19

Cooking a chicken in a Watermelon! | Barry tries #19

– Hello everybody, I hope you’re well. Welcome to a new video. (intense music) Hello, sorry, I thought
I’d just do a little bit of role reversal there. Get back in your spot. Remember the phrase from “Dirty Dancing”, “I carried a watermelon,”? Have you ever heard the phrase, “I cooked a chicken in a watermelon?” Well, I didn’t, but it
turns out it’s a thing. Over the last month or so in particular, a lot of you have been sending
me a link to this video. You see that? Someone’s putting a
chicken in a watermelon, barbecue sauce, baking it, comes out, and it’s suppose to be the
most moist, super chicken ever. Super chicken! But it turns out a fellow
YouTuber called emmymadeinjapan in 2017 did this very thing,
more than barbecue sauce as well, and Emmy, if you
ever wanna do a collaboration, a lot of people suggest we should do that. I’ll fly over to you if you want. But I’m gonna put my own spin on it, because apparently, we
open up the watermelon. I live in England, okay? I’ve just been to the supermarket. That, particularly for the end of summer, you should get big watermelons
at the end of summer, that’s the biggest one I
can really, really get. So, fingers crossed we’ll
make it fit in there, but we’re gonna get as
much of the flesh out. You leave a little bit
anyway and that moisture that it creates, and
you cook it for hours, will hopefully make the
most tender chicken. But we’re gonna flavour it too. I love how shiny this watermelon is, mwa ha ha, finally, we’ll
take over the world! So, we need to, I’m gonna
probably dry it for safety. I’m gonna take off,
apparently the topish half. This now feels a little bit like, is it “Kingpin”, the 10 pin bowling film? Have you ever been 10 pin bowling? In the UK, I remember I used
to be in the Crocodile Club years ago, and we used
to go 10 pin bowling and someone would turn
up with their own ball, and they’d have this little
bag thing, they shine it up. And I’m actually gonna use this tea towel as a sort of way to try and
stop it moving a little bit. I don’t know if that’s gonna help at all. No, (laughing) maybe I’ll
cut downwards actually. I think I’ll cut downwards, yeah. Going serrated, like a bread knife. Okay, we’re gonna have to get
all of that watermelon out. So you could use a melon
baller, which if you don’t know, is a melon that plays
basketball, you like that joke? An ice cream scoop instead
and try and spray yourself (laughing) if you can, in the eye. (upbeat quirky music) Ah, lush. Right, let’s come back
to that in a minute. Take that out, what we have
there is come garlic cloves and we have a Barry Lewis, yeah? Barry, that’s me! Garlic rocker, so we’re just
gonna chop up some garlic. (hums) Boom. Onion halving it. So we’re gonna peel one end and leave it. The other end, I’ve peeled
and I’m gonna roughly chop it. (chopping) Chopped onion, half an
onion, garlic, nice. (crashing) Oops. Sorry, my chicken’s there, okay? (laughing) I’m not gonna show you
one scene in a minute, but we’ll come on to that. Look, here we go, we got
a little pot down here. So ramekin, some salt, I would really use a mortar and pestle, but I
think I’ve said this before, I left it at my old house, as we’d turned it into a garden ornament. (laughing) I think Phoebe wanted to
borrow it for a project to put like plants in it
or something for school and we just never washed
it out and left it there. So, this is some garlic
granules, look at that. Paprika. I love paprika. And some cumin. Now the recipe that I was tagged in, it had barbecue sauce in
it, which is quite sweet and I think the watermelon
is gonna bring a sweetness so hopefully this, with
some of the other things we’re gonna add will
make a really cool stock out of it as well. But my main point with this was that we’re just gonna use this as a little rub to go on the chicken on the outside. So there’s me chicken, and I don’t want to
show you that end today. I mean, sometimes I have in the past, but let’s just say I’ve seen childbirth and this is kind of the same. But I’ve got some thyme and rosemary, some really nice herbs here. I’m gonna stick them into the chicken, into it’s bottom, okay? Right up there. You can season this as
well if you want to, and to be honest that looks a bit nicer to show you now, so there we go. And now I’m gonna take me onion bit half and just wedge that in there just to try and keep those
herbs in whilst it cooks. And now, I’m gonna get
my little rub thing. (hums) And just work that into the chicken. As I say, you can normally do
this on the inside as well, but I’m quite intrigued as to what the watermelon’s gonna do as well. Obviously it’s gonna make
a stock inside there. So, just a little rub. So obviously the chicken juices are gonna form with the rosemary,
the thyme, the rub, the onions and the extra onions and garlic we chopped earlier in this watermelon. I mean, that is if it fits. I think it will. Okay. (laughs) I’ve put it in upside down! All right, get in. (grunts) Oh my gosh. Right, that’s in there. (high pitched squishing) (grunts) (laughs) No! This is really tricky. It will stand up in there fine, but I want it to lie down like
it’s in a watermelon sun bed. Hmm.. (high pitched squishing) It’s like a Rubik’s cube. Come on. (laughs) Oh my gosh. (laughs) Right. I didn’t wanna stop there. I wanted to add more flavour. Just let me wash my hands first. Okay, so what I’m doing is taking a lemon. You could put the lemon in there, you get a little bit of lemon juice. But I’m just gonna go for the peel. And don’t do what I did. In fact, that was why I started to do the onion and garlic first, because I was gonna put that in there. And now I’ve got to put
it on top of my chicken, and I’m hoping it’ll find
its way during cooking. (soft jazz music) Same with me garlic, nice. My onion. (laughs) Get in there. And last but not least,
before we seal it in. (lips smacking) This is some white wine. And that’s actually really nice. So I don’t want to make it overly moist. I think a lot of it will come
from the watermelon anyway. I don’t know what I’m doing (laughs). About a teaspoon, maybe slightly
over that, going in there. Just because that’ll add
some amazing flavour, and the alcohol content
will generally simmer off. And it’s gonna make our stock phenomenal. Apart from the watermelon bit. So there we go. (laughs) Before we put the lid on, get a good look at that. That is not something you see everyday. I mean, maybe every other day. Oh, I’d better pre-heat my oven, actually. Now normally, that’s a small chicken. That would take about
an hour and 20 minutes. So I’m gonna go for the same temperature that would normally cook at. So apparently, that should
take about five hours in the oven but I’m
probably gonna go for four because that is a smaller chicken and a small English watermelon. Well, it’s not from England, but it’s just I think they give us the worst ones. It’s like, yeah. I’ve got my trusty old
roasting tin here and (grunts) I’m gonna sit it in there. Now, I’m a little bit worried, a bit like the chicken
gyro recipe we did recently where we hacked it with
the bamboo skewers. Will it tip over? I don’t know. So if it is going to, I’m gonna, see, it’s got a little bit of a lean, I’m gonna put it against that edge. Left my cupboard open, didn’t I. My bamboo skewers, I’ve
soaked these in water to hopefully prevent them from burning. So the lid’s going on. (laughs) This is weird, this is weird. All we’re gonna do is push that through. Ha ha ha, and that is not coming off. So, a couple of those
all around the sides. (upbeat organ music) (laughs) Looks like the worst birthday cake ever. I’m worried it could
boil over a little bit, hence why we’ve gone
for the roasting tray, with that sort of recess in there. If any of it starts to get too juicy, I’ll probably pour it out. (laughs) But that’s it. I’m waiting for my oven. I’m excited. Boston, are you excited? Huh? Show us your excited face. Brilliant. Let’s just take a moment and realise that there is actually
a chicken inside that. (laughs) Okay, can I do this one handed? Oh my gosh, this is heavy. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. We can do it, we can do it. Get in there. Is it hitting the tops? No, we’re okay. Wow. (laughs) Okay. This is gonna take, I think, four hours. I’ll let you know in about two, or if there’s any other crazy updates. Okay, see this is just
under an hour in there. The watermelon is starting to go a teeny bit wrinkly, like it’s been in the
water a bit too long. But the thing that’s getting me, in particular with the fan over there pushing it out, the smell is phenomenal. It’s kind of like a
caramelised sweet smell but with the spices as well and the herbs doing their thing. I’m really really excited for it. So, still a long way to go. Mrs. Barry’s gonna be home
in about an hour and a half, I’ll try and capture her
reaction with that smell and it’ll be ready a
little bit just after that. So let’s see what she thinks. I’ve got a bit distracted
because Mrs. Barry would normally be home from
work about 40 minutes ago. I’m thinking, okay, I’m
gonna check the watermelon. And it’s pretty much ready. Look at that! Oh, no you can’t. Look at that. (laughs) It’s squished right down. I love it. And there’s a little bit of
juice coming out the bottom. I don’t mind that. Some sort of caramelization,
or it could be burnt. We’ll find out. Let’s get it out. Mrs. Barry’s gonna wonder
what the heck is going on when she gets back. I mean, to be fair, she
does most days anyway. (laughs) Wow, look at that. It’s like some sort of weird green beetle. (laughs) Almost feels like a bit of aubergine. It’s actually gotten nice and burnt and crispy on the side. Oh, haha, hello chicken. (laughs) Well. It’s certainly… The juices are running clear. That is extremely important in chicken. (sniffs) Oh, it is full. (laughs) It’s like a little tongue, that thing, sticking up like that. It’s just full of the flavour. (sniffs) Oh, that smells so good. Oh my gosh. I kind of don’t want
to take it out of this. It’s like its own little
placenta or something. But it’s all those juices and
flavours that are in there that are going to help
make my own custom gravy. You wouldn’t think it’s
watermelon anymore. It’s more like a designer carrier bag. Oh, look at that. Can you see all that juice coming out? Oh, look. (laughs) Okay. Wow. I mean, I guess this is how you drain off watermelon chicken. Oh, it smells so good. Wow. So I’m gonna let that drain. Then again, that’s pretty good. Sit it down on here. Right way up, actually. (foil crackles) So I’m gonna leave that covered in foil to rest for about 15, 20 minutes. So we’ll try and work
on (laughs) our gravy. With this thing. I’m gonna get rid of the
watermelon skinny bit. I don’t really want that. Nah. All this in here is watermelon juice. It’s like a natural chicken stock with the juices and the fats, the onions, the herbs,
the garlic, the wine! It does look like a little alligator going through my roasting tin. (laughs) But it’s all about in here. (fire pops) So I’m gonna warm this up. It shouldn’t take long to get hot anyway, cause it already is
straight from the oven. I’m gonna shake in some flour. (hums) About two tablespoons, okay? Just stir this through. Oh, look at that, bubbling away. So I’m now gonna break in
a vegetable stock cube. I was gonna use my own stock cube powder, but I wanted to kind of let it
be against commercial stuff, and just see how the taste is. Cause my other stuff that I
made from scratch is amazing. And I think it might just overdo it. Just want to know what
this is really like. The other cool thing about
making gravy in a pan like this is where the watermelon was sat, we’re kind of scraping up
all of that flavour as well. Any sort of bits of chicken. There’s a bit of chicken
there, for example. All those sort of flavours
and residues on the pan, and it’s cleaning it for us. (gravy splashes) Aww. Flavour packed. – [Mrs. Barry] Hello? – All right? – [Mrs. Barry] All right. I smell something nice. – You smell so nice? I was about to say, how
do you think the smell is? – Nice. – What you can smell,
ah, this is still hot. Don’t worry, don’t take it. I need to learn, I need to learn. Ow! Whoo. That was watermelon. Right? – Okay. – I cooked chicken – Yeah? – In watermelon. Doesn’t that
smell good, like? (sniffs) – It does smell really nice. What’s the purpose of it? To keep it… – Internet, innit? – Okay. – No, I don’t know, it keeps it moist. And the flavour, so far, I’ve just made this gravy. – [Mrs. Barry] Nice. – I’m about to carve the chicken, you want to taste some? – Yes, just in time. I’m starving. (laughs) – This is so tender. Wow. I’ve just carved this chicken up. It is so tender. The smell is phenomenal. And I’ve got all my herbs
and my onions and that just hanging out as well. Let’s pour some gravy on it and taste it. You want to try some, Bea? – [Mrs. Barry] Yes. – [Mr. Barry] Okay, so
I’m just gonna place one of the chicken breasts down here. You might be able to
see how tender this is. I’m just gonna slice that. That is so good. And then, some of our gravy. (laughs) Oh my gosh. That we made with it out of the juices of
the watermelon as well. (laughs) Before the pleasure,
let’s try a bit of this. (chews) Tastes a bit like an aubergine. You taking the skin off? – I am. – Okay, Mrs. B’s not a fan of the skin. Smells really herby. You can’t tell that’s watermelon, can you? From the smell. (laughs) Oh, I’ve done that thing that waiters do when they come up you, “You
enjoying your meal, sir”, and you’re like “Mmmm”, every time. (chews) – Oh. [Mrs. Barry Moans] [Barry Moans]. – It’s actually got a… like a.. Not a…. It’s got a taste to it. – Well I’ve put loads of
flavour and herbs in it. – Mmm. – You cannot taste the watermelon. At all. Because actually watermelon
as a fruit is quite – You can’t. But you can taste something. It doesn’t taste like chicken. – It does to… everything
tastes of chicken, Bet. When you eat frog’s legs, it always tastes of chicken. What does it taste of, then? – I don’t know. Maybe it’s the gravy. – For me, it’s just a super
succulent moist chicken. Loads of herbs in there. We put some wine in there, a bit of stock as well
with the stock cubes and garlic and onion. – Nice. – I love it. – I like it. – I really like that. – Very nice, well done.
– Yeah. It’s kind of like big canned chicken turned up to 12. Ever try the big canned chicken? That was years ago. – Yeah, what do you mean turned up to 12? – It’s like the dial at ten, and then you take it up to 11
– Okay. – But now we’re taking it to 12. – I get it. Sorry. (laughs) – In conclusion, try this out. It is the most moist, tender chicken. But pimp it yourself. Add the spices, the flavourings, whatever you crave. The watermelon just is like a device, something that holds it. It’s just a holster for the flavour. And I absolutely love this. Give it a go. Bye. ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ So is moustache,
goatee, maybe all three ♪ (upbeat music) – It’s like its own little
placenta or something.

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