Cooking a Full Lamb  Stuffed with Rice – Stuffed Goat Biryani

Cooking a Full Lamb Stuffed with Rice – Stuffed Goat Biryani

Salt is a good meat tenderizer. So let it still for an hour. Adding butter. Adding green chilies. Adding dry spices. Adding ginger and garlic. Adding oil. Adding green onions. Adding mint and coriander leaves. Adding pepper. Grind the fried items. Remove the lamb from the salt and wash it completely. Adding the ground mixture in a large bowl. Adding lime juice. Adding curd. Adding tomato puree Adding red chili powder. Adding coriander powder and turmeric powder and mix them well. Apply on the lamb and let it marinate for 4 hours. Adding oil, garlic and salt. Apply this on the lamb. Soaking basmati rice in water. Adding a bay leave, cinnamon stick, cloves and cardamom Adding the soaked rice. Adding green chili, mint leaves and coriander leaves. Stuff the rice in the lamb. Placing onions and potatoes in the bottom of the big pan so meat does not stick in the bottom.

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  1. Should of removed the eyes…they are creeping me out! This actually looks real good 👌 I love how you can just add rice to almost anything and it will be even better tasting.

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  3. I must already have died of hunger before i could eat the food that take so long to prepare and cook.

  4. Let's wait for the time when karma brought back the same to you.
    With the same torture and marinated with spices, garlics, coriander, etc when you will be served as a great meal to the hellfire. 🙄

  5. To me it doesn't matter how the food is cooked but when you're hungry you got to eat whats given. God understands that when we eat animals we need meat that when god put animals in this world to have meat. If we didn't have the food that our parents cooked then what else to eat i reather thx god for animal to eat to not starve to death

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