Cooking, But Not Really: NARUTO RAMEN!

Cooking, But Not Really: NARUTO RAMEN!

It’s a sad day. It is. Tell them why, Sean. Wait don’t tell them yet. Okay Okay, ready for your story? Yup You know why it’s a sad day today? Because Naruto ended. Oh. I forgot how to play this. Alright try again Why is it a sad day? It’s a sad day because Naruto- What? Try again It’s a sad day because Naruto ended! They released their final episode! Time for another… Cooking! But Not Really… Yeah!!
Naruto! Sasuke: NARUTOOO edition because it came to an end, so we’re doing this in honor of the show that’s been in our lives since we were.. Uh.. Since we started… started YouTube Ryan: I started in, like- Sean: You got me started- Ryan: Sixth grade for me. So, you started when? Sean: Probably freshman year. Ryan: That’s still a long time. So! We’re doing a Naruto edition of Cooking! But Not Really… I don’t know what that means. They have, like, certain food things in it.. Yeah! Like- Like Naruto’s favorite food- …ramen? Yeah. How are we gonna make that like Naruto Oh! You know, the last episodes *Muffled sounds to cover spoilers to the mentioned last episode(s) of Naruto* Everyone’s- Oh! We gotta put a spoiler- SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! In the last episodes, all the friends were trying to find Naruto and Hinata to give wedding gifts Everyone kept going to Ichiraku Ramen So it was a miso ramen Yeah, a large miso ramen with extra meat and the Naruto fish thing Was it a fish cake? I thought they just meant the kamaboko. Yeah, that’s fish right? Kamaboko Is that Pidgin or is that a Japanese thing? I think that’s Japanese. oH KAMABOKO EH Okay, that’s Pidgin. So we’re gonna attempt to do that what else do we wanna make? What else is Naruto food? Also from the last episodes, remember Choji had to judge the food pill competition between… Oooooooooh, yeah yeah yeah. What are those? Yeah I don’t know they look like mud balls or dirt balls or something.
Are they like dessert? We can just make something and make it look like it. We have to do it some kind of ramen. but I don’t know how to make it like Naruto themed. I don’t even know how we can even make miso ramen I pulled out a picture from the last episodes of what the ramen looked like They look like this. Like this?! We gotta make that?! What kind of meat is that? This is like real ramen though This is “Cooking! but really”. We gotta make this “Cooking! But Not Really”. What kinda packets you got, dude? I got a lot of that. Wanna see the stash? This brand… Ooh, that’s the good one! We making for everyone? What about like Greg and Daina who are still on their diets? Oh, we gotta do vegetarian one.
Vegetarian one? Okay. How are we gonna make it more ninja-y? If we can find the kamaboko without the swirl thingy we could like cut it out and shape it out like the head band leaf and put it on a nori head band. Ooh, that’d be tight! Yeah, yeah let’s do that! Are we just gonna like use these packets? Or we can just start scratch and use these noodles. The regular ones? Yeah and make our own broth And we’re gonna aim for miso And one vegetarian one for Greg and Daina Miso’s vegetarian right? It is. Soy? Do you know if they eat like chicken broth? Or… does that count? Oooh, I don’t think they do… You know what? They’ll just eat plain noodles! We can do a vegetarian one it might be wack but we’ll figure it out. Alright, let’s do it! Okay. Is there anything else we need? What about dessert? Oh the food pills… So, what do those look like? I remember theres 3 like he had remember..? Oh, Choji’s one? Green, yellow and red. You know what’d be cool is if we had a ball and inside would be like liquid. Oh! Like a Gusher! How do we do that though? I always wanted to do something like there’s a surprise on the inside Like a WonderBall. Ooh, I wonder wonder, ooh I do, ahh ooh. Let’s make mystery food pills! I do have an idea but I don’t know how long this would possibly take… You melt up some marshmallows. Mix ’em in with those rice crispy treats or cereal Or we could just buy regular rice crispy treats and try make something out of it Yeah let’s do that! Okay, this isn’t real cooking Yeah! You’re right! Okay! Like if you just like smash it, fold it together create like a ball. Yeah. Are we gonna put something inside of it? We could put whatever we want in there. I say we just go to the store then figure it out. Okay! Alright, let’s go! We have an idea! Nah! We’re still here! Aw yeah! We got all our ingritaments ready! And first we should do dessert because we gotta refreeze it Oh, we didn’t tell them our new idea. Oh yeah. Do we need to tell them? The new idea, the food pills we’re gonna make This is the vanilla which is gonna be our yellow This is our pistachio for our green. And strawberry for our red pill. And we’re gonna wrap different truffles. Smooth it out to make it look like one big ball and this is gonna be our mystery surprise. There’s usually the chocolate on the outside of the ice-cream but we’re doing the opposite But we’re doing the opposite! Alright, let’s do it! First things first. Let’s see if this even works. Ahahaha! It’s cold! Oh, dude This isn’t working the way thought it would! This is really melting, dude! I know! We need to blast your AC or something This didn’t work out the way we thought… They’re melting too quickly! Okay, so these weren’t working out so we got these little things Alright so what we’re gonna try refreeze these for a little bit Do you wanna try make these vanilla ones already? It’s a lot harder than the other one… This one looks like we can make a cup out of it There we go! Shape it, shape that bad boy. That’s a ball shape, nice. ‘Cause once it’s harder we can make it look smooth and nicer Yeah, sure Dude, this is a messy job. I say, make a couple more Okay, we might as well. Yeah Hella dishes in here Alright, let’s see if this works Yummy~ What do we do next? Now we make the ramen! Okay But… we start with the broth first ’cause I think the noodles would be pretty quick. Okay! Let’s try it then. Freestyle! Ooh! Bugger smells salty! Ho! Smells like dog food Kinda making a mess I know See! See! Hope we’re doing this right Dude, this is so like messy Hey that works See! Technique! Sean show ’em our new technique Uh, science! Less..? Splash? Less splash sshhhHHHHHHH I don’t know the closer it is the better. Shoyu and garlic What’d you- Uh oh Got it I don’t know how much to put Better to put less than more ‘Kay that was real little bit Oh! Very chicken. Tastes like chicken noodle soup! I know Oh sh*t That’s how I let Sean do all the real cooking. It’s not real cooking Dude, you’re cutting stuff. That’s cooking. That is? Yup Oh yeah. Do you have sesame oil? Yup, that’d definitely make it taste more ramen-y. Oh, dude Hot? Careful dude I burnt my mouth! Oh dude Oh my tongue… Oh that’s way better! That is GOOD AHH OISHIIIII Alright we’re making the vegetable one for Greg and Daina since they’re vegetarians ? Pescatarians! How did you pour it so smooth last time? I didn’t Wait, there’s a way Oh! You know what I saw this video you pour it the opposite way Eh look Smart a?? me ME You No, I just watched it off some Facebook video You wanna try what that tastes like? Eww We gotta put some something in here They gonna want something to taste, you know? Fret Oh sh*t I think we’ve learnt our lesson so far See kids, don’t just drop stuff in soup Dried shrimp You need some kind of taste, you know? [I can’t believe we love these losers] So, what are you trying to do right now? I’m gonna try and draw the swirl I feel like a tattoo artist right now I’m gonna try make the Sasuke sake Okay Got the Kikusui sake And then we’re gonna make it blue for Sasuke See if this works It does not change the taste Aw this gonna work Look at that. That’s cool. Some kamaboko Sean the little artist Oh, where’s the Hidden Leaf ones? Are they hidden still?
They’re hidden Alright, we have to go back to the desserts. Okay Check out how those turned out. Oookay Aye, mochi ball! [oMG HE SWOREGASP] dude, f**k that around, Sean Once you shape that, until into a ball you’re comfortable with give it to me and I’ll put it on here and I’ll put it back in the freezer Okay
So it doesn’t lose its shape. [DAMN THE BOI LOOKS GOOD] Not yet? I don’t think so Actually it should be ready very soon Yeah Actually no it might be ready you liar! Should we tell ’em? Yeah Alright We’re ready Come on up Welcome to our store You like my backpack? Hi~ Smells bomb! So, our theme because Naruto ended so we made his favourite dish [When will you ever] It’s homemade miso ramen broth with shrimp These are Greg’s and Daina’s These are the vegetarian ones Aw, so thoughtful! Sasuke sake! That looks unhealthy For dessert we made food pills but they didn’t come out the way we wanted There’s a special surprise inside The designs look good. Good job! This is actual cooking now Oh, uh, it’s not really Alright, it’s probably cold already. So, go! This is bomb! What does Naruto say? Dattebayo Dattebayo! Actually no, itadakimas. Itadakimas! It’s pretty good. I love ramen so this is pretty good This is really good With the soft-boiled eggs nice I wasn’t expecting this at all This is like an actual soup, you guys made, not like the packet Damn It’s a special occasion.
Happy birthday Naruto! He’s dead! Naruto’s dead It’s over. The shows done. Oh no! You’re not supposed to eat noodles at a funeral I mean he’s living happily ever after.
Yeah there we go Do you want some Sasuke sake? Nice, guys! Pretty good?
This is up there This actually tastes like food, like What do you mean it tastes like food?! I don’t know what else it’s supposed to taste like! They were all food! Yeah, you’re right, you’re right But this tastes like food FOOD Alright, someone try the food pills What is in the middle?! Oh, so cold. Brain freeze! OHHHHHHHHH Oh, dude
What is that?! Dude, you’re gonna break people’s teeth I have no idea what that is Is it those? Chocolate things? Once it melts… bomb! It’s so frozen! My teeth are jacked. I gotta go dentist What’s our rating? Number one; Naruto Ramen, I’m gonna give that a 4 Ryan Higa Narutos point 5 out of 5! Damnnnn, that’s some straight up A Because of the little designs That shot it to the moon Presentation points! Sasuke sake, that’s at least 4 Sean Shikamaru faces out of 5 The pills… you can’t rate it It’s priceless No rating. No rating! It’s just two thumbs up Look at this-

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