Cooking, But Not Really: PIZZARITOS!

Cooking, But Not Really: PIZZARITOS!

Ryan: The blue birds are blueeeeeeeeee~ Once in a blue bird SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEWHE– *laughs* What are we doing today, Sean? Sean: We’re… about 2 cook R: COOKINGGGGGGG BUT NOT REALLY Well, we’re back at it. Since it was requested since like 9 months ago So, the whole point of this show, since it has been such a long time, ‘Cause last time we made our own version of lasagna, the point of the show is- is that it’s not a regular cooking show. It’s cooking, but not really, y’know? S: Da nah nah! R: Da nah nah! Cooking, but not really! Sean actually kinda knows how to cook. He can cook like a bunch of stuff But I don’t S: Kinda R: At all So, in between that’s how we find the Cooking Both: But not really *both laugh* So we’re gonna come up with like recipes and uh, things that you guys can make at home that’s really easy for somebody like me *pretends cutting himself* (RYAN!!) I’m like the standard S: Hoh, dude! *Ryan still trying to cut himself* (Ryan go see a doctor) I’m like the standard S: Oh! R: So there’s gonna be like really easy things to make S: yeah R: but not really *both laugh* So what are we cooking today? S: We decided, because we love Chipotle we’re gonna make some burritos! R: Well, what kind of burritos should we make? S: What is something everybody likes? R: I like cheese S: What about like, pizza? R: That’s it! S: Is that a thing? R: I’m sure…
S: It’s like a Hotpocket! R: I love hotpockets. *Sean gasps* R: Well, let’s figure out how to make this then, we’ve never made this before. R: Oh, you know what we’ll make too? R: If we’re gonna make Pizza Burritos, then we’re gonna make Burrito Desserts. S: Oh! Like the whole- R: So I can do like- R: Yeah, we’ll invite all Greg-guys, and we’ll make like, a bunch of different ones Yeahhh! R: Alright, so, we turned the camera off but Sean and I decided- the main dish is gonna be the pizza burrito, but we’re also gonna do a dessert.. We’re gonna go with a cookies n’ cream AND chocolate mix AAAAAND, we came up with the idea of doing an appetizer S: Yessssss! And what we’re gonna do is- create like little tortilla fries with like little Dorito chips inside of ’em and you can dip in salsa or whatever you want. S: Hey! Ooo, instead of Doritos, you know the Fritos, uh, twisted barbeque ones- R: OOOH! S: You wrap those up with the cheese. R: Ohh! The best! *high fives* GOALS R: Let’s go! S: Let’s go! R: Ahhh! R: Nah we’re still here R: SO, we’re driving to the store, but Sean and I just, we realized- S: We realized something. Both: Haha! R: We don’t how to wrap a burrito correctly. We don’t know how we’re gonna close, like, even if we make those little fries- It’s like, how are we gonna get it to stay closed? We didn’t think this through… Both: Hahaha! S: Ooo, you know, we can just put the cheese in, and act like a glue R: Oh yeah! R: Does that work? S: I don’t know. Will it stick? Both: WILL IT STICK? R: That sounds like a different show Will It Stick, But Not Really? Both: Haha! R: It has to look good, taste good… S: Feel good! R: You could eat something that looks good, tastes good, but it doesn’t make you feel good. S: That’s true, sometimes you feel worse. R: So we’re almost here, so we’re gonna get a bunch of’ “ingredements”. It should be really quick like this *snap* …and then we’re going home- now we’re going home. S: Hahah R: Nah, nah R: So, we have quite the selection here… S: Why is there so much…? S: *wheeze* S: There’s 3 different sizes… R: Oh my gosh, this is gonna be like the fries- S: Yeah R:This could be- Let’s get all of them! S: *laughing* Okay… R: Alright, how much pepperoni’s? I think that’s enough, right? S: Yeah, that should be right? R: Alright well, we’ll figure it out R: Now look at the cheese we found, though. How much more perfect does that get? S: Pizzaaa R: It’s pizza cheese *giggles* R: This is a very important decision Because this is like, the main taste of everything And that is the sauce. Oh! Look, there’s vodka! S: Ohh R: *giggling* Should we get them drunk?*laughs* R: ‘Warm on stove top over steaming spaghetti’, this is spaghetti sauce… Is that what they use on pizzas? I mean, we’ll live and learn, you know? Live and learn. Spaghetti sauce it is. S: *high voice* We’re done shopinggg R: Yep R: spent 100 bucks for this meal S: Oh, dude for real? R: Well, because you’re making so much- S: That’s true R: But if it was only for one person like just you guys, it’d probably only cost like, 10 bucks. R: In real cooking shows you have the right amount, in our show: just guesstimate! R: I smell fart… S: I was gonna say did you fart? R: No! S: That wasn’t me either R: I think- Oh that’s weird, it must be the ghost behind us *GASP* *fart noise* *rap music* Both: Do do do, do do dodo do do *laughter* R: There you have it folks! S: Main entree! S: Appetizer Dessert R: Alright, what do we need? *laughing* I’m assuming we need a pan, right? *quietly* Gotta wash our hands S: Yep, see? R: See-safety first. S: Safety first R: Ready? S: Yep R: BAM! R: -we need more, you think… or is this good? First thing we’re gonna do, get some cheese going. S: I feel like we’re making- a big Lunchables… R: I KNOW! *laughter* R: I love Lunchables S: Me too! R: Let’s pepperoni this bad boy R: This is our experiment burrito S: Yeahhhh So we’ll see how this comes out R: Do we- wait, do we know how to wrap a burrito? S: *quietly behind camera* Do you? Unh unh! *laughter* R: Oh, this is a fat burrito dude S: Dude. This is a little bigger than I expected S: I’m just gonna- push it over
R: There you go! It’s perfectly fine! R: This one will be our test one S: HOO, look at that!
R: That’s GOOD! How did you do that? S: One little lap, and then I brought the sides in, and then you ROLL’ EM UP. Look at that!
S: Easy! R: Wanna try it?
S: Yeah. R: Sean and I made like, a mess up one, so this is going to be our “mess-up burrito” test and see if everything tastes good, ’cause we’re also kinda hungry. *laughter* R: So, you don’t wanna fill it all the way in or you gonna have the mistake, we ended up with …mistake, we ended up with. *laughter* because, we won’t able to roll it so, what we’re trying to do is we’re like only… filling… i mean like, 3 fourths of it, maybe S: I did not do that, I forgot already. *beeping*
*in excitement* S: Oh! *in excitement too* R: It’s ready! S: Goes in the test one! S: Oh, what is this in here? R: What? S: There’s cake in here! R: Oh! *both laughing* R: Who put that in there? Damn, we gotta toss that! That’s so old, that’s from like a month ago. S: Oh my god! Dude, that thing must be so dry now. [beep] R: So for you folks at home, what you wanna do first.. is.. lay down your tortiLLa, layer it a little bit with a marinArA S: [imitating Ryan] Marinara R: Put some cheese-a-rilla [laughs] then you put som PEPPERONI! S: And then you roll ’em up! R: Damn, we have eight already? S: Yep. R: HOhHHhhHh! [pidgin] Look at us! Could work at Taco Bell. [both laughing] S: Taco Bell! R: Do we need more than twelve? [timer alarm goes off] [Sean gasps] S: It’s done! R: Oh! Hot! [Sean laughing] R: Hot! Test how it feels.. Well, you’re not gonna eat it this way, but we – let’s just try it. Mm.. definitely not warm yet but bomb! S: It’s bomb? R: That’s good, dude! [Sean laughs] R: I mean it’s not quite bomb yet, but it will be bomb! S: Mm..kay! R: Try it, try it. R: its not bad huh? S: Dude if that cheese melts.. it will be perfs *both giggle* R: I’m not one to toot my own horn S: I know R: TOOT *both laugh* R: alright so we are pretty much done with our burritos S: So now we’re tryna fffffff- appetizer things R: appetizer chip things We got these S: Ooh, so, R: Fritos with the barbecue things?

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  1. Alright, last night I clicked on this video. I got kinda tired though, so I decided to turn off my PC and call it a night. I wake up, go to school, blah blah blah. I turn on my PC and go to get my water bottle (its across the room.) And I hear from the distance.. "ALL BLUEBIRDS ARE BLUE ONC-"

  2. Should've fried the tortillas in a pan then add brown sugar and cinnamon on top, we call them bunuelos. Bet it would taste good with ice cream and nutella 😛

  3. get yourself someone who looks at you the same way Will looks at the food in every 'cooking but not really' episode

  4. It’s funny how everyone is like “goodbye Sean 😭😭💔💔” but what if someone new came along, they’ll think he’s dead

  5. These are the kind of videos YouTube needs to trend. So well made, a bunch of respectful friends hanging out, having fun. Imagine what a Logan or Jake Paul video would feel like instead. Totally opposite of good.

  6. 'You can eat something that looks good and tastes good but it doesn't make you feel good'
    'Yeah, that's true. Sometimes you feel worse'
    Lol damn Sean there was absolutely no need to come for my neck like that but ok

  7. Ryan: The blue birds are blueeeeeee~~~
    Me: Blue birds? Opening 3? Naruto Shippuden? Habataitara modorenai to itte? Mezashita no wa? Aoi aoi ano sora???

    Later on when they are Doo do dooing

    Ryan and Sean: Doo do doo do do do doo do

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