Cooking classes in Hattiesburg

LOOKING FOR THINGS FOR YOUR KIDS TO DO OVER THE SUMMER, CONSIDER TAKING THEM TO THE KITCHEN TABLE. MEL: THE KITCHEN SUPPLY STORE IN HATTIESBURG IS COOKING UP SOME FUN AND EDUCATIONAL CLASSES. BYRON: WJTV 12’S JUSTIN DEVONN DROPPED IN TO TASTE SOME OF THEIR HARD WORK. KIDS IN THE HUB CITY ARE PUTTING THEIR CULINARY SKILLSTO WORK SOT “It’s just so many great skills coming out of one cooking class, you want them to learn how to chop so if they do pick up a knife they’re not gonna cut themselves, how to be near heat even using the microwave with the heat element to it using a hot met or this like that” Standup THE KIDS WERE ABLE TO LEARN HOW TO COOK ALL TYPES OF THINGSPER SONAL PIZZAS BELGIAN WAFFLES PUPPY CHOW AND I’VE GOT TO SAY ITS ALL PRETTY DELICIOUS SOT “It never amazes me even the most shy child or crying child when they first come. Gets into it and then they all mingle with each other so do not separate my classes I will take from a five year old to teens usually the younger ones go and follow the older ones” VO THESE COOKING CLASSES TEACH KIDS THE BASICS-HOW TO CLEAN- MEASURE INGREDI ENTSAND HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF A LITTLE SNACK SOT, “And they do what they can an they just learn everything. Last class we went through two dozen eggs just so everyone could learn how to separate eggs and they had a blast” VO BUT WORKING IN THE KITCHEN CAN BE DANGER OUSTHAT WHY LEARNING THE SAFE WAY TO COOKIS THE BEST WAY SOT, “I actually have had some kids who’ve said their parents don’t let them get near the stove they can’t use a pan. I think if you expose them to it, it’ll be much safer in the long run they will be able too approach the skill at a more confident level” VO MORE KIDS COOKING CLASSES ARE SCHEDULED THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER SO IF YOU WANT TO SIGN YOUR KID UPJUST STOP BY THE KITCHEN TABLE. REPORTING IN HATTIES BURGJUSTIN DEVONN WJTV 12 NEWS BYRON: AND THE KITCHEN TABLE SERVES UP COOKING CLASSES FOR ADULTS TOO. PRICING AND SCHEDULING INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ON THEIR WEBSITE… KITCHEN TABLE NOW DOT COM

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