Cooking Cracc

Cooking Cracc

Hello welcome to Walmart how may I help you today? Coca cola Code Enter the code to proceed 6666 Ok, so today we have the 50 gram, 100 gram and 150 gram. How much 50 gram is $5000. What, no way – ain’t paying more than $700 Fine $4000 good enough for you? $1000 $2000 $1500 Fine – $1500 for 50 grams. Good – You’ll find the money in the tank cover of the urinal in the BFS fourth floor bathroom. The package will be delivered to the same location at 1700 tomorrow. Good business, partner *inhale* How are you doing my comrade? I’m fine Alright let me tell you how to crack how to cook crack cocaine Okay Ok so you take a large metal spoon Alright you take the large metal spoon take one gram of cocaine One half gram of baking soda Now carefully fill the spoon with 3/4 water Once you’re done burn that over the fire until stuff becomes you know hard Ok now once you’re done you’re gonna pull out the water And with one swift scrape you’re gonna scrape the free base off with a knife Now you get a towel wipe off the water around the free base And you take the medium size of spoon and you crash that into powder And once you’re done you can start smoking WAZZAP So Let me give you a few tips and facts while you’re having fun Go ahead Ok too much of that stuff can cause you brain damage, diseases, and will kill you. So how do I know i’m overdosed? You know you’re going to get agitated, hyper, sick, and you gotta get unfocused. And you may also start getting tics. Do you know uh example? anybody famous? oh oh oh oh Umm, so some famous people they were cocaine addicts um Angelina Jolie, um Stephen King, and you know who was addict uh oh yeah you know Robert Downey Jr, (Forreal?) I was his dealer. cool yea I got like good connections. I might can hook u up. Ok I’m looking forward to it. yea anytime dude see ya bye Hey what you doing? ay oh Anas platyrhynchos *MUSIC*

34 thoughts on “Cooking Cracc”

  1. So you went from 100 a G " fucking robery by the way" to a whopping 30 a G?!?? Damn kid even tho this is a project to some research bro….

  2. You cant smoke crack on plastic it melts.. And you dont crush the crack into powder after its cooked to smoke.. Because BEFOREHAND its already POWDER.. 🤔😂😂😂

  3. Do you know if Martha Stewart has a recipe for rocks? Cuz I'd really like to try them maybe some organic baking soda pure Colombian and oregano and basil from Salerno Italy I think it tastes really good

  4. How NOT to cook cola. You are ruining people’s product and fucking up their money if anyone is actually trying that.

  5. You don't cook shit…. What a bunch of rubbish…."you burn that on the fire till it becomes hard.. Are you serious… It'll never become hard if you just keep burning… SMH

  6. 1st mistake is ur making ur shit WAAAY TOO weak! U do a 2:1 coke to baking soda ratio? Nooo man, AT THE LEAST u gotta do 3:1 ratio, u'll get an even better product with a 4:1 ratio

  7. And ur coke looks like it's ALREADY BEEN STEPPED ON ABOUT 5-10 TIMES CUZ IT'S ALL.POWDER! ANYONE who's EVER bought a key or even just 1 gram of good quality yayo then u should know that it's stuck together like a brick, it only becomes powder after it's been fucked with

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