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  1. Haha oh man. I was toats getting upset over the comments and then realized that I was trying to reason with vapers… almost as bad as talking to vegans.

  2. i love how it's just a well known fact that link is never allowed to use dangerous items, and if he does you should be very very careful.

  3. Wow, I ripped my vape right as that started and now wont use it again.
    I wanna be in a boy band as long as im rich Im good from the collapse of civilization.

  4. Rhett , Link I lost all respect for you in this video an not for the use of power tools. By the way your southerners card has been revoked, but seriously though that bs you tried to spin about vaping not cool. How you going to try an be all about the kids an not once say don’t smoke cigarettes either. As for GMM you still don’t say not to smoke and what he didn’t say is yes teenagers are vaping more now but their smoking less. Let the sock stock plummet aka big tobacco companies stock plummet. So good job Rhett and Link you just made two videos helping the tobacco companies stay in business killing people.

  5. I know that I’m late to this argument, but I must say that they did not research their information as well as they could have because nicotine is found in many things however, if anyone has taken a middle school or high school health class somewhat recently then they should know that e-cigs can be dangerous in other ways than just the nicotine

  6. I didn't actually comment, but then I was thanked in advance for commenting, so I felt inclined. I'm just that kinda guy.

  7. Anyone that is under the legal age should not be using any nicotine products. But vapeing/E-cigs is a lot safer and less damaging to your body then cigarettes are. It helps people get away from smoking cigarettes by using a safer alternative. Plus as an added bonus you won't smell like a walking ash tray anymore. So vapeing should not get bashed on as hard as it has been. Intead turn your focus on getting rid of cigarettes not E-cigs/vape's

    Check this out if you want to be more informed of the actual harm vapeing does to you

  8. I love how the CDC and the surgeon general are only concerned about the nicotine in e-cigarettes but says nothing about literally all other nicotine products even though e-cigarettes is the least harmful source of nicotine. Disclaimer: i am talking about smoking and chewing products out there. Fun fact, tomatoes actually have trace amounts of nicotine in them.

  9. Vaping ZERO mg nic right now….vaping does not always mean nicotine is involved! 54 years old….so I can vape if I want to and leave those smokes behind. Cause if I don't vape, and they take my vape away (because of stupid kids), then I might just smoke cigarettes again. That is what they really want for us to do since vaping is 96% safer than smoking and that means loss of $ to big tobacco, big pharma, and big government. I do not endorse vaping for people not of legal age or that do not have a tobacco habit.

  10. 2:52
    Rhett: "Now, you may have noticed something."
    Link smashes an union with a hammer
    I laughed so hard omg!

  11. xD
    That story at the end
    I was like 'oh, their doing it'
    Then I realised that you guys were REALLY doing it and went into depth

  12. What a B.S propaganda sell out video -to push kids to smoke cigarettes.Easy to see GMM is in bed with the tobacco industry. Vaping saves lives -deal with it and do your research.

  13. Amazing how uneducated and dumb these two are in regards of Vaping. Tip: If you don't know, shut your pie hole before you make yourself sound stupid.

  14. I was a huge fan of this channel until this video. The complete ignorance going into talking about ecigs. They are 97% safer then smoking a cig. The surgeon general just want that money to keep rolling in from big tobacco. If we wanna deal with a issue let's ask ourselfs how these underage kids are getting ahold of ecigs. Blame the stores the online companies or the parents letting their kids buy and use them. Let's look at the real problem witch is these kids parents.

  15. …but don't forget kids, make sure you take all your prescription drugs. Don't worry about all the side effects. They only warn you of them because of some stupid law or something that requires it, but they're working on that and will someday remove the requirement to warn you about negative side effects. Yay, things are looking up!

  16. Wow…. okay. I’m kind of offended by this.

    First the cdc asked you to sit down and talk to us about e cigarettes randomly in cooking with power tools video

    How big was that check??

    This is complete mis information.
    In gmm video the “e cig” is made to look like a cigarette.

    Cigarettes (tobacco) are bad yes

    Nicotine is about as harmful as caffeine. On top of that there are many studies that show nicotine has benefits.

    As far as the “harmful chemicals” in e cigarettes. Vegetable Glycerin. Which is completely safe for consumption, who was that approved by?? The fda!
    Another is propylene glycol which is used in many foods and many other things

    Then nicotine and flavors.

    And as far as portraying people that use nicotine as smelly rat tail stupid tattoo people is offensive.

    Switching from cigarettes to my vape is the best thing I could have done. I started with a higher nicotine level ( you can get varying levels of nicotine in the e juice) to weaning down to almost no nicotine. With the goal of weaning to 0 nicotine.

    I think the real problem is the cdc gets “donations” from the tobacco industry. And with e cigarettes cutting into those profits, there is a campaign to fight against “vapers”.

    Something that is actually helping people is being demonized. What a surprise.

    I’m disappointed in you Rhett and link that you are spreading fear mongering misinformation like this. I have been a viewer of yours for years. And to see you stoop down and do something like this is sad. Do some research and see the real information for yourself. Which I doubt you will, but it’s worth a shot for you to see the error of the information you just put out there.

    I will share this video with the vaping community.

    Good bye.

  17. I loved the PSA at the end. E-cigs are just as bad, habit forming and full of chemicals as cigarettes. The PSA is directed at children because E-cigs are often marketed to children and are their use is in vouge for teens. Any drug use by children inhibits their developing brains. Everyone commenting that the PSA was silly or nicotine isn't bad for you is an idiot.

  18. I smoked 12 cigs right before bed…..can't tell me switching to vaping, it didn't help…..assholish people

  19. You know when you where in grade school that kid on the school bus who always talks about stuff and clearly he has no clue what he's taking about but he would get defensive if you told him he was wrong then he would make shit up to back his already made up shit…. I'm pretty sure that kid beat these guys up in school and now they idolize him and want to be just like him! If ol Randy Travis could see you now bet he'd be proud….maybe one day you can join him and nick on the baseball team just not this time and I know what your thinking you always say not this time and your right but this time they mean it ….this time they mean it……

  20. I don't understand exactly why this video is doing something to me but it's like a weird kind of ASMR. I'm not complaining.

  21. Everyone arguing about e-cigs in the comments must have missed a really questionable wheel intro. I have a sneaking suspicion we don't want to know where that lollipop drill has been and what that couple does with it.

  22. I love how they take someone's question that they honestly want the answer to and they take it, make a new question, then answer their new question, and ignore the first question in the first place. It's hilarious

  23. Rhett and Link are money hungry idiots that ran out of content years ago but decided to keep going. Keep floating off young viewers and your ability to sound and look so gay that your viewers think it's cute.

  24. I've been vaping since I was 9 years old and smoking pot since I was 15. I maintained a 4.0 until I graduated. It's not gonna bring you down in life. That's all on the individual.

  25. Kids SHOULD get e cigarettes. Its still better than them buying packs. They will try what they want to try, you cant keep them from it

  26. Does this episode bring anybody back to the show Home Improvement? This is something you would see Tim Allen do! lol

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